Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hurricane Gustav

Well, its that time of the year again. "Hurricane time" and we all know what that means.
Filling up the vehicles with gas, shopping for supplies, and getting a plan in gear.

We haven't had to evacuate since Katrina, and what a nightmare that was just trying to get out of town (14 hr. drive to Houston, normally 4 hours). If Gustav comes our way we will more than likely leave again. I live on the Westbank side of the Mississippi River and that is worse than being in New Orleans (well some parts). We are surrounded by water on most sides. Our levees on the Westbank are not complete. Still under construction, thats the worst part. My house sits a few hundred feet from those levees. So if you are wondering if I'm nervous, well of course I am.

I have kids, and they are always your main concern. You want them safe and not have to go through this again.

If you want to keep updated in New Orleans and the storm you can go to several places for our local news. and then there is another station where a news guy blogs. Go to

Someone asked me on a loop of all my books which ones do I take with me....
Well, I'm not really allowed to take too many because we need room for the kids (grin), but I'd have to say off the top of my head. Sherrilyn Kenyon, JR Ward, Karen Moning, Farrah Rochon, Stephenie Meyer, Christine Feehan, JD Robb, Kathy Love, Erin McCarthy, Heather Graham, Laura J Rowland,.....darn you can see I can't decide........I love them all....I might just have to buy all new books...

Good luck to all those on the Gulf Coast.....I wish you well........ I'll try and blog from where ever I am once I get settled. (if I have to leave)........

p.s. Heather Graham's writers conference is this weekend in New Orleans. I hope I still get to go and have fun with all the wonderful writers, authors & editors coming in town...I've been both of them before this and they were a blast.....

Dawn Chartier

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Starting the next Voodoo book

Wow. I can't believe I'm already starting the 2nd book in this series.
I've got a lot to flesh out though with my hero. He's going to have some serious issues.
His beliefs are just way out of wack. Time to throw in my heroine and get him into trouble.

Never had trouble with a title before, this one I am.

One shoe can change your life - Cinderella

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cruise Picture

My buddies asked why I didn't post a cruise pictures on my blog. (Didn't realize they read it).

Anywho, this is the group I went with, bunch of yahoo's. (grin) I believe we were missing two who already went aboard the ship. (30 grand total) You can barely see me. I'm sort of way in the back with a brown shirt. My hair was straight for this pic. which is normally pretty curly. We had a blast, though I won't do cruises no more. I'd rather fly, saves time....