Monday, February 27, 2012

New Orleans Book Signing - March 4th 2012 (Loads of authors!)

I've been really bad with keeping up this blog, but I promise to get back on track after the FF&P (Fantasy On The Bayou) Writers Conference and Book Signing is over.

For those in the New Orleans/Gulf Coast region - check out this list of authors signing at the book signing on Sunday at 9am-11am at the Marriott -555 Canal Street - New Orleans, March 4, 2012.

Click this link from Octavia Books!

Just to name a few. Maggie Shaye, Bob Mayer, Kristen Painter, Claire Ashgrove, Diana Rowland, Farrah Rochon, Diana Avet, Leanna Renee Hieber, Kate Kaynak, Rebecca Zanetti, Angie Fox, Damon Stenz, and I could keep on going...but my brain is too tired...

Book signing is free to the public! Get there early, are you might miss out!


p.s. For the raffle winners of the Tavioli necklace, I will ship it next week. I didn't forget you. Sorry for the delay.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Diamonds excerpt tease for Naughty After Dark Blog Hop

Update: My paranormal romance, NOT AN ANGEL is FREE today over at Amazon. (Friday only)

Diamonds Excerpt for Naught After Dark Blog Hop...(see the blog hop list to the left) One commenter will win a ebook copy of DIAMONDS. Good luck.

------EXCERPT ---------

The rich, velvety voice from the next table pulled her from her
pity party, and she peered around the menu once more. The handsome
man spoke on his cell phone and laughed. The sound hypnotized her.
Their gazes locked, and the air in her lungs vaporized. He glanced
back at his iPad and continued his conversation as though nothing had
happened. A little stunned by him blowing her off, she sort of liked
the change.

Holly forced her gaze to Karen and whispered, “Don’t look now,
but do y’all know who that man is? The one in the dark-navy suit,
talking on the phone.”

At the same exact moment, all three women turned completely
around in their chairs.

Holly wanted to duck under the table. “Real subtle, ladies,” she
whispered, wishing she could vanish from the restaurant like a ghost.
Dammit. The hottie nodded once in their direction. His gaze turned on
her for a brief second and then moved his attention back to his iPad.
Her cheeks burned.

“Hot dog. He’s gorgeous,” Moe said. “Now I understand why
you’re distracted. It wasn’t work you had on your mind, now was it?”

She bounced her eyebrows.

Heat crawled up Holly’s neck and landed on her face. “Of course
it was.”

“Sure,” Staci said. She and Moe grinned like fools.

Karen smiled. “You’re blushing. Wow. It’s been a long time since
a man caught your attention.”

“He hasn’t, and I’m not. It’s hot in here. He looks familiar is all.”

Moe licked her lips. “Why don’t you go over there and introduce
yourself before he gets wind of the Ms. Frost rumor. You know how
fast this town spreads lies.”

“I don’t care what people think of me, Moe. If I’m labeled Ms.
Frost because of a few men in Destiny, then so be it.” Holly took a
deep breath. She hated the cold nickname a few bachelors in the area
had coined her because she wouldn’t keep dating them. She knew
what they wanted, and it wasn’t fair that she ended up the bad guy and
not them.

“You know I was kidding, right?” Moe asked.

Holly nodded. Yep. She knew. Maybe she needed to be a little
friendlier in public. She would give a try.

The waiter, Robert, approached their table, carrying a tray of
bottled water.

“Ms. Charleston, your usual today?” The tall, thin waiter tilted his

“Yes, but I’ll have the shrimp instead of grilled chicken.” She
raised her chin a notch. “I feel like a change today.”

Her friends regarded each other, and then Karen leaned over and
touched Holly’s forehead. “First, you size up that handsome man, and
now you want shrimp instead of chicken. You feeling okay? You
getting enough sleep? You do look a little pale.”

Enough sleep? She wished. That damn dream screwed with her
sleep again. She could never remember exactly what it was about, but
she had a clue. She always woke up naked. She squeezed her napkin.

--------End of Excerpt---------- (CHECK OUT THE LIST TO THE LEFT)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Update for FF&P Conference - New Keynote Speaker

It is with sad news, but Karen M. Moning's editor informed us that Karen will no longer be able to keynote for this year's Fantasy On The Bayou conference on March 2-4, 2012. I know, I was really looking forward to it too. But it is out of our hands.

As my conference co-chair says, all is not lost... (other than some hair and tears) lol

But just like magic, a wonderful woman who is an amazing author graciously stepped up, volunteering everything she can offer at a last minutes notice, and I will never forget the kindness of her heart!

MAGGIE SHAYNE! Yes, THE Maggie Shayne! Thank you, Maggie! You are a wonderful wonderful lady and I'm so excited to hear your keynote and hopefully I'll have time to attend your workshops. (yes, she offered to do 2).

So if you haven't signed up for the conference please do so now! We still have some room for workshops and pitches! And what better city to see Maggie Shayne in...really! Click Here. FANTASYONTHEBAYOU.BLOGSPOT.COM

See y'all in New Orleans,
Dawn Chartier

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Orleans Writers Conference coming to don't want to miss this one!

If you follow me on Twitter and FB you know I've been busy as heck working on the 1st FF&P "Fantasy On The Bayou" writers conference and book signing.

Where: Marriott 555 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA
When: March 2-4, 2012

Why you ask? Well, first it's because the New Orleans region doesn't get too many writers conferences coming into town. Normally we have Heather Graham's (which is wonderful by the way) for Labor Day weekend, and then the jubilee conference in Houma. Other than that, there is really nothing else that I know of. So, being a FF&P member,(no you don't need to be a member to come) I decided I would volunteer to help out. (that's what us southern girls do. lol) Well, somehow I'm now Co-Chair along with Staci McGlothlin who is amazing! And with the help of other FF&P members the moment has come. Woot! Can't wait!

And second, who doesn't want to come to New Oleans? This is the best place in the world to get inspired, eat the best food and the locals are just super friendly! Just don't stray into a dark alley with them...they might suck on your neck...

The conference starts off with workshops on Friday, a agent/editor panel Q&A and then for those who sign up a vampire/ghost tour. (I've been and loved it)

Saturday is filled with loads of things to do all included. Pitches/Workshops/Luncheon with keynote speaker, Karen Moning/Workshops/Dinner (cash bar not included) and then your on your own to party or write if you are inspired. (or just hand out with me) Sunday morning will be the book signing. Then back to the real world.

So if you want to join us, go sign up! There is still room available.

You never know. You might just meet your future agent or publisher!