Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Halloweenie, y'all!

I just checked the last time I posted a blog and discovered it was back in September.
Well...I'm not one of those who likes to blog. Sure you'll catch me every now and then on Twitter and more so on FB.  So if you're ever bored to death and want to know what the heck I'm doing - follow me on FB. ;-) (I can't promise much happens there either.)

Sooooo, what have I been doing you asked? (LOL)

I was invited to go to Colorado for a writers retreat with the awesome, Liz Pelletier (Entangled Publishing), and her local writers chapter, plus 3 of her authors. When I was waiting at the airport for Liz to pick us up - all I kept thinking was that I'm the only one she's picking up that is not one of her authors. Boo-hoo! I felt intimidated I guess you could say, but honored and super excited to the bone that she asked me to go... You see I'd submitted a short story to Liz back in July, and I knew she'd passed it on to her directorial editor, but that's all I knew.

I met 2 of her authors at the airport, (Cecily (next to me in pic below) & Tonya (not in this pic) and then I met (Cynthia - in white below) at Liz's house. Later I met (MK - with the scarf on right) and many other great ladies. And let me just say meeting these fabulous women was soooo worth the trip! We created a unique bond that will last forever! :-) (p.s. It snowed! Woot! I don't get snow in NOLA, and like a big kid - I couldn't help stare out the cabin's windows.

Anyway, on the drive back to Liz's house she had to stop for gas for her racecar. (I felt like I was riding in one, seriously. LOL) When she got back in the SUV she turned around and asked me to remind her to send me the novella bible for the anthology I wrote. A few seconds go by because my wheels are turning....Maybe I have to rewrite this story now that they have the bible done.  So I think I said something like, "Oh. Sure. Um. Why are you sending me the bible?" Please let her say she wants the story!

Liz said something like, "I told you - we are acquiring your story."

I think I said, "Um. You did?" I think that is something I would remember. LOL  But maybe she did weeks ago when she said "she really liked it and was sending it to her directorial editor." I hadn't a clue what that meant. I figured she was really saying it sucked and someone else would send me the rejection. Well, that's how I roll...Hehe...

So I'd gotten the "call" or rather a DM on Twitter and never even knew it. Ha!

Now what? Now I'm about to start another story for NANO and write for the entire month. (Book #2 in my Witch series.) I'm sure I'll get the edits for the novella during the crazy month of November, but maybe not. I can handle it! I'm ready! On top of all that I'm planning a baby shower for my daughter and I'm sooooooooo excited about the baby coming in Jan or Feb. Woot!...So between writing, working the day job and planning the baby shower, and the holidays my mind is soooo worked up at  night - its hard to fall asleep.

So if I'm gone the entire month of November and December you'll know why.

Happy Reading & Happy Halloweenie! (I have one Halloween picture of myself on FB, but I didn't want to scare you here. Ha.)