Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Week of Revision Hell

Yesterday I started my second week of Revision Hell.
I only took one day off last week, only because I revised 40 pages on Sunday.
I can't remember who many pages I had last week but I want to say it was near 150 pages.

Yesterday I revised 27 pages, and I'm up to Chapter 13. Not bad if I can say so myself. I'm hoping this puppy will be done at least by Sunday...... Then I'll send out my submissions as requested......(I already sent one, only because I know they will take a little while, shh..don't tell you are not supposed to do that, but no worries, I'll be ready!)

One more little note, Saturday I was appointed Co-Director of Sola RWA. (I'm just filling till the end of the year.) --- Now I best get busy........

Have a great week.
Dawn Chartier

Thursday, June 19, 2008

3rd Day of Revision Hell

Well my total for 3 days of revisions (drum roll..................) 78 pages!!

Tonight I'm aiming for 30 pages.......(just because I want to take Sunday off)...

I'll be able to get this novel out hopefully in two weeks.....yes!

Dawn Chartier
Voodoo On The Rocks!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Revision Hell

I joined a group of writer buddies and we are doing Candace Havens Fast Draft/Revision Hell.
Today was our first official count (this go round) and I revised 26 pages total. My goal was 20, so I'm happy with that.

You don't realize what you can do when you set a goal and other people keep you accountable for your pages. I know I want to do good, but having those other writers keeping track of your new or revised pages really pushes you that extra mile.

Tomorrow, lets see if I can beat my 26 pages from today. Hope my other writing buddies had a great day too.

Have a great day!
Dawn Chartier
Voodoo On The Rocks!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lawmakers rushing through a 200% pay increase!

(This blog is not for my writers life blog, this is more of a personal upset by politics blog, so please excuse the ranting. sorry)

Our lawmakers are pushing a 200 % pay raise for themselves. We did not get to vote on this. Not only that, their raise will be linked to congressional pay. If congress gets a pay raise, so do the lawmakers. (I'm shaking my head in shame over this sneaky trick these lawmakers are doing to the citizen's of Louisiana, shame on you! We will be watching the final vote.)

I voted for Bobby Jindal Gov., who I think is a very smart man, at least so far he has been. But, then I hear he has turned his cheek to this Senate Bill 672. Not good, Gov. Jindal, not good at all. Don't allow them to bully you. Do a great job for us, and stay true to yourself.

Do what is right.

So if you are in Louisiana and you want your voice to be heard email Gov. Jindal or your State Rep. Go to the website: http://www.gov.louisiana.gov/
or call 866-366-1121.

Us Louisiana people don't like being made a fool of. We will remember who voted to pass this and who voted against it.

'Do the right thing for the state, not yourself!"

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Quiet cause I'm busy (sigh)

Okay, I'm really busy trying to get my revisions completed for Voodoo Touch.
I've got my submissions almost ready. I'm anxious to get it out, but at the same time want it at it's best......(thank God, for my critique help!!)

So, if I'm too quiet you know why.... Plus it's fathers day weekend, and gotta spend some quality time with the hubby...(Fishing! Nuff, said.)

Voodoo On The Rocks!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pen to Press Writers Retreat

After a week at the Pen to Press writers retreat, I must say I was sad it ended.
I learned so much information from authors Sarah Langan and Hank Schewable (sp?) Sorry if I messed up Hank's last name. Other wonderful authors there were Scott Nicholson, Cherry Adair, Natalie Collins, Alex Sokoloff, Debra LeBlanc. All there to help other writers along the publishing way....

Anyway, the entire experience of the retreat was so helpful. I learned how to write a better query and synopsis. I also learned how to hook the reader with a meaningful first sentence. Not some spiced up hook, a real true meaning to the book "hook".

I did well pitching to agents and editors that attended. I was so happy when I heard they were interested in my story. But, at the same time, I'm thinking to myself, oh boy....
Now I learned some new tricks to writing, I need to fix a few things in my story and get it out to them soon... Cross your fingers or toes or whatever you can.......

So writers if you want a great writers bootcamp, Pen To Press is very small, which is what I liked, and they work with your story. I recommend it highly.

Dawn Chartier