Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mr. Bingle

Do you know who Mr. Bingle is? If you do you are probably from South Louisiana.

Mr. Bingle was created by a local New Orleanian, and was used for Maison Blanche Department Store as their own Christmas mascot. Now Dillards Dept Store has taken over the tradition since Maison Blanche is no longer open.

Here is how his story goes:

When Santa left his shop one day
He found a snowman near his sleigh.
"You'll be my helper now," he said,
and tapped the little fellow's head.

The snowman found that he could talk
"look Santa, I can even walk!"
And then he gave a little sigh....
"Oh, how I wish I could fly!"

So Santa gave him holly wings;
then looking through his Christmas things,
found ornaments the very size
to make a pair of shining eyes.

Then Santa said, "You need a hat;
an ice cream cone's just right for that.
And keep this candy cane with you;
you'll see what magic it can do!"

The snowman laughed and sang a jingle
so Santa named him "Mr. Bingle."

You can look up more information about the southern snowman Mr. Bingle at http://www.mrbingle.com/

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

Monday, December 17, 2007

What a week!

Did I get any writing done? Nope, not a single sentence. It's okay though. I took off writing till next year. (Unless I can squeeze some in during the holidays)

This past week was filled with graduations, office party, house party and then the Saints game. (The Saints won, can you believe it? They are doing so much better than when Bush was in. Take note Coach!)

Now we have the office dinner party this weekend, and I have to finish my shopping. I'm almost done. Then I'll try do some interviews for The Realm. If I haven't told you about the Realm it is a forum for new authors. We (Dawn McClure and Nikki Duncan and I) do interviews and reviews. We chat about everything (writing & reading) there. There is a link on the side if you want to check it out....HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

That's all for now.
Dawn Chartier

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Make It Right - Brad Pitt

I happened to stumble across a blog that stated tonight Brad Pitt will be on Larry King talking about this project he is helping in New Orleans. "Make It Right"... Being a New Orleanian myself I was curious.

I've seen many fund raisers where I have to scratch my head and wonder where all the money went, but this fund raiser you actually get to see the houses being built. (At least I will) Now this interests me because one I'm a contractor. (Didn't know that huh?)... And two, I love a good story when it comes to helping people. (I'm a writer, it is in my nature)....

So, I'm going to go on the "MakeitRightNOLA.com" site (I hope that is the correct site), and see what I can donate. I look forward to watching Larry King tonight. Thanks LK, BP and ET for shedding the light.

Fantasy on the rocks!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Not again, Saints! Go LSU Tigers!!!

I can't even talk about the Saints game yesterday, It was just sick!!!! Enough said......(I still love ya #55, you did good, but that one guy ate your lunch.)

Okay, now on to better coaches and players.....Gooooooooooo LSU Tigers!!!! National Championship all the way....woooo-hooooo......

Oh, I want to thank those that read my story on THE RAVEN. I got several personal emails which surprised me. So many people out there that love ghost stories.......(so I'm not alone? hehe) and a special thanks for Mandy Roth and Michelle Pillow for posting it on their blog site.......

Have a great day.........
Fantasy on The Rocks!!!