Friday, May 16, 2008

Moonlight - Mick St. John

Okay, I'm just sick that Moonlight was canceled.
What is CBS's problem? Give the show a chance people!
Argh! Am I upset? Well, yeah!

I hope the actors/actresses find a new home soon.
We will miss you.


Go Hornets!

Good luck Hornets!
Don't let cheap shots keep you down, you are better than them!
You are the team with real heart!

Dawn Chartier

Thursday, May 15, 2008

China's Earthquake

It's hard to write about this, but I feel I must.

My heart is bleeding for the quake victims in China.

It's a sad, sad day in China where most of the bodies were those of little children in school.

The parents sent their children to schools not realizing the buildings were not built properly to withstand an earthquake. What the hell is wrong with their government that this was allowed. What kind of contractor would build a school knowing that could happen?
How can he and the government sleep at night? This sortof gives me Daja vue all over again.

But one cannot compare the grief that these families are feeling when most of them only had one child, and now they don't.

And most importantly, the schools should have been the first resue effort. Many people are reporting that they weren't.

My prayers are with you China!
Dawn Chartier

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Moonlight --- CBS Do Not Cancel Please!!!

I'm not sure if it is true or not, but I heard that Moonlight could be cancelled tomorrow??
Please oh please tell me this is not true. I only watch a couple of shows and this show
happens to be one of them. ~ So CBS, if you are reading blogs (which I doubt), but in case,
do not cancel Moonlight. ~~~ You have no idea (or maybe you do) how many fans will be pissed off at you. I'll stop watching "all" of your shows if you do this! Really!

Ok, I vented. Now you can tell Mick St. John (character) to come and visit me anytime he's hungry. I live in the perfect vampire town "New Orleans", you'll fit right in...

Dawn Chartier
Fantasy on the Rocks!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Just chatting

I had to take a break at work, so here I am.
I'm really getting excited by going to Pen to Press Writers Conference at the end of this month.
I think it will really help (at least I hope it will) with my writing skills.
The classes will be tought by authors, and then we will get the chance to pitch our stories to a few agents/editors at the end of the conference.

Well, if I have a lot to learn from this conference and many changes from that, I'm not sure I'd like to pitch a story that needs work, if that makes any since at all??

I also wanted to ask writers out there is there a certain place you seem to get most of your ideas from. Say example: After I drop my daughter off at school and I'm driving to work, I turn on this side street I think it's called Central Ave. I always seem to get book ideas........then I forget this morning, I grabbed a pen and paper and jotted down one of the ideas...Does this happen to you?? I wonder why on Central Ave I get things that pop into my head?? Strange, huh.

On another note: Things I've read lately - Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer - Loved the book, but not liking where the ending led to...guess we have to wait for book #4 - Autumn Dawn...(p.s. This is a YA book along with the others in this series, first book was Twilight, it is a very clean book with all kinds of paranormal, it's great)

Till next time, good luck writing and reading....
Dawn Chartier

Friday, May 2, 2008

Writers Contest - 3rd Annual Dixe Kane Writers Contest

If you are a writer and want feedback on your writing
there is a contest you can enter just for that. If you win the contest your entry will go to Agent Pamela Ahern of Ahern Agency. --- This a terrific way to know what your skills are and maybe where you can improve them...
New Orleans RWA local chapter is full of talented authors/members who will judge this contest...

And if you are a local, why not come to our meetings in Metaire, the first two are free. Check out the website below for more info on our SOLA RWA group, and our contest.

You send 5 pages /1 page synop (synopsis is not judged) . (Deadline May 17th, I think?)
The information is at

Dawn Chartier