Saturday, November 27, 2010

Blogging at Savvy Authors today...

Today I'm over at Savvy Authors blogging about something I've blogged about before, but this something is sooooooo important.....

Have a great weekend!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving and Nano goals

I sure hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving day. I held up pretty well, better than I thought I would. Most of you know my mom passed away in May this year so these holiday moments are tough. Really tough. But I found if I talk to her (in my mind) then I feel a little better. You know, I say things like how much I miss her, and how I wish she were still here. I'm guessing this is normal, I don't know, but if it makes me feel a little better then that's what I gotta' do.

My daughters are in Georgia this Thanksgiving with their dad and relatives, so it was a little lonely without them too. However, I did spend time with the hubbies family and then later that night with my sister and her kids, my aunt, cousins and my dad. Everyone seemed to be holding up pretty well under the circumstances.

Today has been a lazy day for me. Yes, I did write a lot of words, but not much else. Oh and to update you on my Nano count - I ran into a road block and ended up taking a detour on a short story just to keep my writing going. I'll detour back once I find the right fork in the road.

And to all of you Black Friday shoppers --- you can have it. I've seen the insane crowds crush people trying to get into those Target doors. No thank you! I'll shop in the safety of my home from the internet or early on week day mornings.

One last note - Sola-RWA will not have a meeting in December, (we have a party instead!!!) and our speaker for January is the very talented author, Shirley Jump. If you are learning how to write, you should attend the January meeting.

Have a great Thanksgiving week.
Hugs to you all,

Friday, November 19, 2010

NaNoWriMo ~ Can I do it?

Sure I can. Yesterday was the 18th and I hit the 1/2 way mark to 50,000. My total is actually a little over 26,000. Which means if I write about 2,000 words every day I can still manage my goal.

However, people always ask where do you find the time to write. Well, I don't just find it, I make time for it. Everyone can. Think of things you do all day long that isn't work related, and instead of doing that (watching tv, reading emails, surfing the internet, reading a book), write instead. Well, that's how I do it, plus I get up at 5:30am and write before I go to work. (yes, get up extra early) No, I'm not a morning person, (just ask the family)but I do what it takes to get it done.

If I set my mind on a goal, I do everything in my power to achieve it. I'm stubborn that way. Like right now, I'm using mind control to tell those editors to love my story submission and send me a contract. (haha) Just kidding. Wouldn't that be cool if we could do that? My current novel I'm writing now, the heroine, RAINE, she can do just that. Boy does it get her into trouble.

Listening to: Nothing but the pups snoring. (no that is not a song title)

Have a great weekend and if you don't hear from me on the blog it's because I'm buried in trying to meet my goal!

Dawn Chartier

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Investigating and Prosecuting Corrupt Public Officials

If you are in the New Orleans area on 11/20/10 - you don't want to miss this writers meeting!!!

SOLA-RWA Presents, "Investigating and Prosecuting Corrupt Public Officials" on Saturday November 20th @ 10am - East Jefferson Parish Library in Metairie, LA.

I can't give out too much info on this topic, but let's just say we are going to have an attorney present our November meeting who has investigated and prosecuted some of the top political cases in Louisiana. This guy can't speak about current cases, but he can talk about cases that are closed. I'm so excited I can't wait!

p.s. I wish I would've booked him sooner because I just finished writing a novel (BURIED BONES) that had a couple of corrupt public officials. (this novel is with a few NY publishers right now, and I hope the editors love the characters and story as much as I had fun writing them)

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you at SOLA.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Luncheon with Sherrilyn Kenyon and crew! And Nano!

This past weekend I went to Baton Rouge with a good friend, Debbie Dolme. We attended the Heartla Luncheon. This is the Baton Rouge RWA Group. What a nice bunch of ladies. I got to chat with Sherrilyn Kenyon, Deborah LeBlanc, Diana Rowland, Farrah Rochon, Barbara Colley, and several other wonderful authors. I was surprised to see some ladies that I'd met in RWA Nationals. (waving to the Leger ladies)

The lunch was really good, especially the dark chocolate cake. Yum.

The only minor bump we had was getting to the hotel - the LSU game was only minutes away and traffic was horrible. Matter of fact, we were in the hotel with the Auburn coaches, staff and players.

They put a curtain around our conference room so we wouldn't disturb the players, guess it didn't work. (grin)

Anyway, let's talk about NaNo. I'm a little behind with my goals, but I plan to do a really hard push tomorrow. I'm meeting up with a writing buddy and we will do some writing sprints at Starbucks. With all the caffeine (and chocolate) in my system, my fingers should fly across the keyboard with no problems...

If you are doing Nano - how are you coming along?