Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Investigating and Prosecuting Corrupt Public Officials

If you are in the New Orleans area on 11/20/10 - you don't want to miss this writers meeting!!!

SOLA-RWA Presents, "Investigating and Prosecuting Corrupt Public Officials" on Saturday November 20th @ 10am - East Jefferson Parish Library in Metairie, LA.

I can't give out too much info on this topic, but let's just say we are going to have an attorney present our November meeting who has investigated and prosecuted some of the top political cases in Louisiana. This guy can't speak about current cases, but he can talk about cases that are closed. I'm so excited I can't wait!

p.s. I wish I would've booked him sooner because I just finished writing a novel (BURIED BONES) that had a couple of corrupt public officials. (this novel is with a few NY publishers right now, and I hope the editors love the characters and story as much as I had fun writing them)

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you at SOLA.

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