Saturday, November 17, 2012

The post office delivered WHAT?

Last week I was expecting two boxes of books from a friend, Barbara Vey. Well, one of the boxes came in and all was well.  Yay! A few days later I get another box. The box was still sitting on my front porch, and I wondered why the hubby hadn't brought it in. He proceeds to tell me he wasn't bringing that mess inside. Hmm. I had no idea what he meant be that.

So I go outside to bring the box inside, and found a very odd surprise. The box had multiple holes in it, and it had oily stains all over it.

I figured this box was accidentally delivered to me, so I proceeded to read the label and it matched the first box of books, but I could barely see where it had come from, but sure enough it was from the same address as before. 

I opened the box and found an engine. Wha???? Needless to say I was very puzzled.

My daughter suggested that Barbara was shipping the engine to a mechanic, and accidentally sent me the engine and sent the mechanic the books. Well, wouldn't he get a surprise if that were true... :-)

So I called Barbara and her voice mail picks up. I leave her a message that went something like this.
"Hi Barb - It's Dawn. Um. Did you send me an engine? Call me."

Anyway I left the engine on my porch because the stupid thing was leaking oil through the box, plus it must have weighed 40 pounds, which got me thinking, how could some one ship an engine for $10.95?  That's what the label read.  Man she got a deal. lol

Later I left for the mall with the kiddo to shop for her home-coming dress and shoes, and while she was trying on dresses, Barbara called me back.

"Hi Dawn.  I don't think I heard you right. Did you say, and she proceeds to spell it. "E.N.G.I.N.E."

I busted out laughing in the dressing room, and I'm sure people thought I was insane.  "Yep. That's what I said. The box was from you, but didn't have books inside. It had an greesy engine."

We laughed and she suggested I contact the post office.  So I called them and told them and the lady thought it was funny.  She told me the supervisor would call, but I haven't heard a word. The motor is still sitting on my porch, and it might still be there for Thanksgiving when all the family comes over. Wouldn't that make a great conversational piece. :-) "Er, Dawn. Why do you have an engine on your porch?"  

Were you ever surprised by a package before? 

Dawn Chartier
Diamonds, Amazon, Nook, Siren-Bookstrand
Not An Angel, Amazon

Thursday, November 1, 2012

On My Mind by, Sara Megibow (Agent) ~ from Newsletter Article

(This is an article from Nelson Agency - Permission was granted to me to repost by Sara Megibow)
On My Mind by Sara Megibow
My son is seven years old, and he’s short. I’m short, my husband is short. No big surprise there, right? Last month the kid and I were in line for ski passes. For those of you who don’t ski, please know that ski passes are not cheap. They range from $80 to $150 per day per skier. But we like to ski, so we budget for it. At the cash register, the total was much lower than I expected so I said, “That’s two regular-priced tickets, please, not one.” Cashier said, “Oh, I thought your son was five. He would have been free at five.” The woman in line behind me said (loudly), “Why on earth did you say anything? You should have taken the free ticket.” And all I could think to say was, “Because I don’t want to teach my son that honesty is only for rich people.” So, I paid full price, and my son was there to learn the lesson.Honesty.
When an author has a book for sale, one of our goals is to sell that book for money. Most authors will make a little money, some will make more money, and a verrrrrry few will make a lot of money. Regardless, in publishing, one goal is to bring in money. (Another goal is high artistic integrity, but more on that in another post.)
When readers pirate books for free, they are not paying the authors for those works. Those authors earn nothing for all their hard work. Now, I get that it's tempting to get a free book. And I also know that an author is popular if he/she is being regularly pirated. Pirated books can and probably do spread the word to legitimate book buyers. But that should not be the rationale.
Don’t take music files without paying for them. Don’t post pictures on your website that you don’t own. Don’t sneak into a movie without paying for it. Don’t lie to get cheaper ski passes. Be honest.
What's Hot by Sara Megibow
I spent a week in NYC this month. Mostly I was enjoying New York ComicCon and geeking out with 119,000 other comic-book fans. But I did manage to do some work between getting autographs and being a fan girl. What’s hot in the world of adult science fiction and fantasy right now?
Based on meetings I had at ComicCon:
  • The mash-up! Science fiction with steampunk, fantasy set in an historical time period with vampires, space opera with magic wands and prophecies. This is one reason Michael Martinez is getting such amazing advance publicity for THE DAEDALUS INCIDENT, his debut science fiction mash-up scheduled for early 2013.
  • Commercial, fun, high-action science fiction. Think spaceships, aliens, battles, cool gadgets--the works.
  • Epic fantasy with a unique story. A story bigger than “adventurers on an epic journey to find the magic object that will save the world.” Betsy Dornbusch has an epic fantasy called EXILE (Feb 2013) set in a totally unique world. This is what’s hot.

Visit Sara Megibow at:  (I was given permission to repost from Sara.)

Happy Submitting,
Dawn Chartier

Friday, October 26, 2012

Is the Election Driving You Crazy too?

I don't know about you, but this election is driving me insane.

I can't recall when I got so hung up over the media attacking this and that one, and I hate that it is pulling negative feelings out of me. I found myself caught up in moments where I made comments on other peoples posts, then I posts news articles, and then regretted my choice of words. This is not good. When this happens, it's time for me to take a step back, and put my focus elsewhere.

I'm normally pretty calm, collected, and not too verbal (most of the time), so I think what I'm going to do for right now is stay off of FB and Twitter for the next few weeks. I don't like getting this stressed over politics. I just want a better country like everyone else.

I'm almost done with my novella, Mixed Magic, so I'll bury myself in that until I"m done, and I'll see you after the election is over. 

Now go vote!

p.s. Here is a picture I based my character, Rayne Morgeaux on, she is in the first witch book, but her story is actually the 2nd book, Bare Bones. (the picture is Kate Beckinsale with blonde hair.)

Happy reading everyone,


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Placed Twice in The Dixie Kane Writers Contest...Woot!

Congrats to all the winners!

The Southern Louisiana Chapter of the Romance Writers of America is proud to announce the winners in the 2012 7th Annual Dixie Kane Memorial Contest

Romantic Suspense
First Place
In Shadows by Jaimie Bergeron
Second Place
Dream Wishes by Lynette Vinet
Third Place
Diamonds Most Deadly by Christina L. Huber
Honorable Mention
Villa de la Luna by C. J. Parker
Single Title Contemporary
First Place
A Place Called Grace by Frances D. Roberts
Second Place
Dancing Naked in Dixie by Lauren Clark
Third Place
Pearls by Dawn Chartier
Honorable Mention
Secrets in the Snow by Jerol Anderson
Novel With Strong Romantic Elements
First Place (tie)
Eli Caine, Thief by Bonnie Rehage and Quadroon by L. Mad Hildebrandt
Second Place
Kegan, Prince of the Gills by Heather Lynn Gibson
Third Place (tie)
Duel of Destiny by Lynette Vinet and Preservation by Carrie Christie
Honorable Mention
Everything to Gain by Kate James
First Place
Guarding Kate by Lynette Vinet
Second Place (tie)
Love Moves Mountains by Patricia Warner and Into the Grey by Bobbi Groover
Third Place
A Touch of Grace by Regina Jeffers
Honorable Mention
The First Wives' Club by Regina Jeffers

First Place
Last Woman Standing by Michele Mills
Second Place
Shift Happens: A Carus Novel by JC McKenzie
Third Place
Fire Dancer by C. J. Parker
Honorable Mention
Buried Magic by Dawn Chartier
Grand Prize: ($50 Cash Prize) Highest Overall Score in all Categories
Last Woman Standing by Michele Mills

Monday, October 8, 2012

Movie Review: Taken 2 - Liam Neeson

You had me at "Taken"...then lost me at "Taken 2."

While I don't normally review movies, this one just screams "review me." And I think it's because it's earned over 50mil. to date, and I can't figure that out. (some books are like that too.  You scratch your head and can't figure out why the heck its sold millions of copies, but you are still happy for the author, at least I am. :-)  (this is not really a review, more like WTH?)

My two daughters wanted to do movie night, and suggested Taken 2, because Taken (first movie) was really good, so this one should be too, right? Wrong.

We make the 8pm movie, and had to sit in the very front row because all the seats were taken. (no pun intended here.)  I couldn't handle my neck looking up at the big arse screen so we decided to go back to the ticket counter and beg for the next showing instead.   I should've known this was a bad omen.

From the very beginning of the movie to the very end, you knew exactly what was going to happen.  There were no surprises.  There were no thrills.  There really wasn't any suspense either. The acting was so-so. (Sorry, Liam.)

While I love Liam, and his sexy accent, it just didn't feel like he was into his character.
The scenes were unrealistic (more than usual) and I kept thinking in my head. "Are you serious?" and "Did he just say that?"  Really?

I'm not even sure if the writers were the same from Taken #1, but if they are, they must've been rushed into getting out another script. I hope they learned a hard lesson. 

Don't rush. Get it right.

And that writing friends can apply to all of us, including myself.  We often want our books out there NOW, and so we self-publish or accept contracts that are horrible. Well, before you self-publish please make sure you have at least 3 readers who are great at grammar (my critique buddies will tell you I suck at comma's), plot, characters, & overall story arc.  If you don't get help like this, you'll end up putting out a not-so-polished book (or movie like Taken 2), and no one will buy the next one. 

And if you accept the first contract that comes along without asking your friends in the publishing biz, then you might get stuck with the publisher from hell for a long time or forever. (Check out Savvy they have loads of info) And remember, don't rush a good thing.  Get it right.

I hope the next movie I see Liam in, he's much more into his character, and that his movie is not just a 50 mil. hit, but it's good movie too. :-)

So what is Taken 2 about you ask...Well, it's basically about an Ex-CIA agent protecting his family from bad guys out for revenge. 

However, just like good and bad books, we all have different taste. You might love Taken 2. You might think its the best movie ever.  I hope you do if you spend your money to see it. :-) 

And on the upside. I enjoyed being with my kiddo's, and I enjoyed eating popcorn mixed with plain (no peanuts) M&M's.  (if you haven't tried it, don't knock it.) LOL.

Have a wonderful day,
Dawn Chartier

Monday, September 24, 2012

Need help with PLOTTING? Well Suzanne Johnson and Sola Writers has a class for you....

When I took this class by Suzanne Johnson, I knew I had to have her teach it again for my local writers chapter. Well, this is a online class so anyone can join in...

Here's the info to sign up:

Date: October 1 – 25th, 2012 (on-line workshop)

Place: Sola’s On-line Yahoo Workshop Group (Invitation sent once payment received.)

Fee: $25 Sola Members / $30 RWA Members / $35 Non-RWA Members

Click here for online registration and payment information via PayPal.

To pay via Paypal go to this link

Course outline:

Do storyboards, sticky notes, spreadsheets and index cards give you hives? Does your manuscript wander in circles – yet you’re afraid a detailed outline will suck the heart and soul out of your writing?

All you need is a simple word-processing program to stitch together the perfect quilt of a plot to keep your novel on track and moving in the right direction – while still giving your muse room to play. We’ll use a six-step technique to plot a novel from start to finish, and give you a huge head-start on your first draft (and the dreaded synopsis). This will be a working course! Bring your best idea (the one that’s been bubbling in your brain for six months) or a manuscript that’s wandering in the desert, and we’ll shape it up and get it moving. We’ll also be deconstructing a novel into its outline as part of this class, and I’ve chosen J.R. Ward’s Dark Lover, the first in her Black Dagger Brotherhood series. If you have a chance to read it before the class, it will make the deconstruction more familiar, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

Over the course of the month, you’ll put together the perfect quilt, er, novel.

Classes will include:

1) Picking the Right Pattern. Just as a quilt uses small pieces that fit together to create a whole, a novel is created of the Big Idea–your overriding storyline–plus several Small Ideas, or subplots.

2) Choosing the Fabric. Your novel can have its pattern, but without the perfect fabrics, you won’t end up with a pretty quilt. In a novel, your characters are your fabrics. At this stage, you’ll decide who your dominant hero (or heroine) will be, identify the secondary lead character, and determine what roles your supporting cast will play.

3) Color Arrangement. Before beginning to stitch, the successful quilter decides how those squares of fabric will be placed to make the most effective use of the pattern. In our novels, this step involves identifying relationships, not just the relationship between a hero and heroine, but between all characters, and between each character and the Big Idea.

4) Basting. Here’s where we really start to have fun. We’ll choose the threads of our story through the relationships we’ve identified and start to think about how to put them together. Each relationship should have a story arc that progresses from start to finish.

5) Piecing the Quilt Top. We’ll take each of our relationship arcs and rearrange them into a single plot arc. At the end of this stage, each person will have a rough sentence outline of a complete novel. This outline will also serve as an easy foundation to writing the dreaded synopsis.

6) Backing, Batting and Binding. A quilt top is beautiful, but unfinished. In this final lesson, participants will go back through their plot arc and begin to flesh out scenes. The “backing and binding” stage can be as simple or as detailed as the author wishes; those who develop a more detailed, fleshed-out plot arc will find themselves well along their way in creating a first draft of their novels.

Author’s Bio:

Suzanne Johnson is the author of a new urban fantasy series beginning with ROYAL STREET and RIVER ROAD, both coming in 2012 from Tor Books, and ELYSIAN FIELDS, coming in 2013, also from Tor. A longtime New Orleans resident now living in Auburn, Alabama, Suzanne is a veteran journalist with more than fifty national awards in writing and editing nonfiction. She is a graduate of the University of Alabama, and a native of Winfield, Alabama.

During her daytime job, Suzanne is associate editor of Auburn Magazine, the quarterly magazine of the Auburn University Alumni Association. She has also worked at Tulane University in New Orleans, the University of San Diego, Rice University in Houston, and at the University of Illinois. Awards include: the Robert S. Sibley Award for the best university magazine in the U.S. and Canada, for the Rice University Sallyport; feature writing awards in 2009 and 2010 from Writer’s Digest magazine; and more than 50 awards in writing and editing from the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education.

Suzanne is an active member of Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America, Romance Writers of America, and is a member of the Georgia, Southern Magic, and Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal chapters of RWA. Find her online: Website: Blog:

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Getting the novella (prequel) done...

I'm taking a break from my witch series, Book #1 (Buried Magic) in order to write the set-up. (Don't ask.)

Here is the first sentence in Chapter 2,(Mixed Magic) which is basically what the entire book is about. Whatda' think?

"When Gwynn allowed herself to be talked into saving her covens’ future, sex with a witch killing warlock was the last thing she’d expected."

Er, yep. That pretty much sums up the novella. LOL

Now off to finish writing Gwynn's story...Wish me luck...


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Free ebook today and tomorrow ~ Not An Angel ~ Paranormal Romance

Well, I was supposed to do this big promotion for NOT AN ANGEL, due to Katrina's 7 year anniversary, but with Hurricane Isaac banging on my front door I didn't get a chance to write up a blog about it.

I still wanted to mention it though real quick. So if you hadn't already, please grab your FREE ebook copy today...(click the link above)

Stay safe and enjoy!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Authors After Dark 2012 ~ New Orleans

While I can't post much about the #AADNOLA convention because I was only there for one day. I will post a link here to Barbara Vey's blog on Publisher's Weekly.

I was supposed to go for the entire thing, but family matters come first. But when I got an email from Barbara asking if I would be there, I knew I had better try. Barbara is one of the nicest ladies and if she could fly across the US on a moments notice, then I could be there at least for a few hours... I'm so glad I went...

Anyway, here is the link to her take on Authors After Dark Nola Style...

Check out these babes with the Heart to Heart book club group and Barbara Vey at the head of the table! After lunch we went to the book signing where I met tons of new authors and I got to see some of my old writing buddies as well...(Hi Jae Lynne!)

And I can't forgot to mention all the men in red dresses that were in New Orleans. (see below) Men always find an excuse (or a good cause) to wear a pretty dress... :-)

Happy reading and writing,


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Giveaway & Interview over at Paranormal Addicts

Today I'm over at Paranormal Addicts. Come join me for a chance to win my vampire paranormal romance, NOT AN ANGEL.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Book Trailer for DIAMONDS...

To view the new book trailer for my lastest novella, DIAMONDS.

Here is the link. DIAMONDS.

This video was created by my baby girl.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Smiling at the new reviews in for DIAMONDS...Thank you, Reviewers!

I would like to send a shout out to these awesome reviewers! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. :-)

***Review from Faerotic Prose***

This book is definitely intriguing! I love that the main character, Holly is a strong, determined, hard-working woman; but with her own unique quirks. I enjoyed reading how the author portrays her very-human emotions and reactions to each situation. Holly is a woman who seems to "have it all," yet is lonely and desires what most people want - someone to love her for herself, not her wealth or what she can do for him!

Drake is a charmer, and drew my interest from the beginning. He poses as a wealthy man, yet is a professional thief near retirement. He is to steal from Holly, yet finds himself intrigued with her instead. As the story heats up . . . well, you'll just have to read it for yourself to see what happens!

The story was intriguing, fun, kept my interest, and most definitely steamy. There were a few parts of the book where I felt the wording didn't quite flow as smoothly as it could, otherwise it is well-written. The story has a good plot, the theme remains constant throughout and the characters are likeable. Diamonds by author Dawn Chartier is a great book to add to any erotic romance lover's personal collection.

***Review from That’s Erotica!***

Diamonds is the first book in the Stiletto Millionaire Club series. Holly and Drake are characters who compliment each other, making it easy for the reader to connect with them quickly. I really like that Holly’s character is a millionaire, yet she is very likeable; she is down to earth, and has a huge heart. Used to easily getting any woman’s attention, Drake is disappointed and frustrated that she holds her heart closely protected.

The story is different in that you already know what Drake plans to do, but you are left guessing at how the emotional side of the story will play out. There are some nice, hot scenes, but nothing that takes away from the story. Holly’s Sexsomnia problem makes some scenes rather humorous if you put yourself in her place and Drake certainly doesn’t have an issue with it.

I would recommend this story to anyone who would like a quick and steamy HEA read. Diamonds is a relatively short story, all of 82 pages, so it’s perfect for a day at the beach. Don’t let the short page count keep you from picking up this book; every page is well written and the story wraps up cleanly without feeling rushed. I look forward to reading what Dawn Chartier gives us in the next book of the Stiletto Millionaire Club.
*There is an attempted rape scene that may be difficult for some readers.*

***Review from Smitten With Reading***

B erotic

The hero is a thief. I wasn't sure that Dawn was going to be able to convert me to being happy with a happily ever after with those circumstances, but she did! Because Drake is most definitely a thief. He has been his entire life, from the time he ran away from home and his abusive father. He's uber-charming and very good at what he does, but he wants out. His handler has agreed to let him out if he does this one final job...steal the Heart Diamond from Holly.

Holly had an awful childhood. She has risen above that to become a self-made millionaire, but her childhood and men only after her money and influence have left scars. She doesn't trust often or easily, but Drake has snuck in under her walls and she's well on the way to giving him her heart.

This is an interesting premise and I was completely surprised by how Dawn worked out the story line. It was good and entertaining. It was a short novel, but I felt like there was enough depth to the story so that I completely connected to the characters. I enjoyed the book.


A big THANK YOU to the reviewers! I truly appreciate the time you took out to review, DIAMONDS! Thank you very much!


Monday, July 2, 2012

A few reviews for DIAMONDS...

The first review up is by Storm Goddess Book Reviews & More...
Feel free to visit this great site for more book reviews, etc.

Here is what Storm Goddess had to say:


REVIEW: Diamonds is a fast paced romance with some sexy scenes involving Holly and Drake. It's a mean world out there, and Holly has come far from her childhood days. Drake is sexy, mysterious and she's drawn to him. Too bad he has his own agenda. The two will go to lengths to figure their true feelings towards one another, but not before a starling betrayal is revealed.

This is a quick novella, but filled with a lot of emotion, action, and love. It's a great story, and I enjoyed having the chance to read it. I give this a four lightning bolt rating.

Thank you, Storm Goddess!!!

And here is another one received on the same day...
This review is from Steamy Reading...

My Review of Diamonds (5 Stars!!!)


When it says Scorching heat level, they aren’t kidding. WOW this was HOT. And better than it being hot? It had PLOT! I do love plot with my porn. Holly, a self-made millionaire who grew up homeless, is called Ms Frost by many of the men in her Florida town of Destiny. The thing is, Holly is anything but frosty, she’s just not interested in the gold diggers that are after her money. Then she meets mysterious, Drake Davenport and things change.

Drake is a professional thief who is supposed to be stealing the Heart Diamond from Holly, but while he is sneaking around her house in the middle of the night, he witnesses her having an episode of sexsomnia (a condition in which a person will engage in sexual acts while still asleep). Eventually, they end up on a date and come together in an explosion of heat and passion.

The plot is well written, the sex scenes are erotic and intense without being over the top vulgar. If you want a hot bedtime story, pick up Diamonds.

And thank you, Steamy Reading for this sweet review!!!
Readers please visit both of these blogs!

Thanks again!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Join me in July for DIAMONDS book blog tour...

Starting July 2nd thru July 9th, I'll be on a book tour for my contemporary erotic novella, DIAMONDS.

I'm not sure which blogger/reviewer will be giving away copies of Diamonds, so you'll have to swing by to find out.

Below is my book tour schedule. I hope you'll come keep me company along the way.

July 2 Guest blog
The Creatively Green Write at Home Mom
July 2 Promo and review
Steamy Reading
July 2 Review
July 3 Guest blog
Roxanne’s Realm
July 3 Promo
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July 4 Promo
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July 6 Promo
Saph's Steamy Book Reviews
July 6 Review
July 7 Guest blog
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July 7 Promo and review
July 8 Promo
Fang-tastic Books
July 8 Review
July 8 Review
Black Hippie Chick's Take on Books & The World
July 9 Promo
Reading on the Wild Side
July 9 Promo
Erzabet's Enchantments

DIAMONDS book tour is scheduled by Roxanne Rhoads, Owner of Bewitching Book Tours...

If you would like to have me guest blog, review or promo for DIAMONDS, please email me at dawn @ dawn chartier . com (no spaces) I'd love to be a guest....

Dawn Chartier

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Blog Stop Hop for Diamond Jubilee

Greeting readers,

In honor of my new release "DIAMONDS" an erotic contemporary romance, I decided to join the DIAMOND JUBILEE blog hop presented by Romance At Random with Sue Grimshaw.

Here is a little blurb from Romance At Random's blog:

Enter below (not below on my blog - on the left side) to win beginning 5/21 thru 5/31 – Romance at Random will be randomly giving away some of our jewels of romance, to celebrate the UK’s Diamond Jubilee including:

• 1 winner, 1 copy – Born To Darkness by Suzanne Brockmann
• 1 winner, 1 copy – The Proposal by Mary Balogh
• 1 winner, 1 copy – Darker After Midnight by Lara Adrian
• 3 winners, 1 copy of WITCHFUL THINKING by HP Mallory
• 10 winners, 1 copy of a PREVIEW from Net Galley of ABOUT LAST NIGHT by Ruthie Knox
• 10 winners, 1 copy of PREVIEW from Net Galley of DEEP AUTUMN HEAT by Elisabeth Barrett

That’s right, 26 winners in all!

Enter the hop using the Rafflecopter then visit all of the participating sites to increase your chances – winners will be randomly chosen and this is a big one . . . it could be you! US only for this one - Good luck!

OKAY, THE LINK IS ON THE LEFT SIDE OF MY BLOG...CLICK THE DIAMOND JUBILEE picture and it will take you there...Good luck!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Bitter Sweet Mother's Day

I can always tell when Mother's Day is approaching. I start feeling mellow and blue. I know this is not how Mother's Day should be, but to be honest it is.

Two years ago on Mother's Day my mother took a trip to visit my sister. I sort of pushed her to get out the house and head on over to see my sister's new place. So I went to my Mom's house early that morning, and helped her get ready for the trip. My Dad was hesitant, but I wasn't. I thought it would do her good to get out. (She had RA, and stayed home due to her illness.)

While my husband's family came over my house, and we celebrated with his family. I never knew I would never spend another Mother's Day with my Mom.

After my guests left I called my sister to see how my Mom's visit went. My sister was frantic on the phone, stating that my Mom was passed out on the ground, and she would call me back. Long story short my Mom's back broke after attempting to get back into my Dad's van to leave. She said she passed out from the pain, and it scared her to death. An ambulance came, and took my Mom to one hospital, and then moved her to another one.

I don't know if I ever had the chance to apoligize for insisting she go. My family tells me that no matter where she went next, that this could have happened, and yes I know that, but you know how it is...

Long story short, she died about five days or so later. So Mother's Day is hard every year.

I do enjoy being with my girls for Mother's Day, and I work hard to keep my "blue side" hidden for them, because I do enjoy my time with them. I also enjoy spending time with my In-Laws as well... I'm guessing it will take me a few more Mother's Day to get past the "blues"....

I have a great family who does understand, and I thank God for each moment with them.

This Mother's Day the hubby gave me a day of beauty at the spa, and my daughter's gave me a swim suit cover up to match my new bathing suit, a scent warmer and oil, and a pretty "C" decorative flag to put outside. We all spent the day with the In-Laws, and had a wonderful family lunch. I don't know what I would do without them.

Today, I'm back to my old self...(cause' that's how Mom would want it.)

Off to go write!
~ Dawn

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

4th Annual U.S. Military Wives Contest - Open for Entries...

I met author, Sara Humphrey's recently in New Orleans, and could tell right away that she was a very generous and genuine author.
So when I saw her blog event that she had on her website(blog), I knew I had to share her wonderful contest. This contest is just for Military Wives. Know any? Then please help pass the word... My father and brother both served in the military, and although I was too young to realize the impact it had on families, I do remember missing my brother a lot...

So here's Sara's contest!

For the past couple of years, as a special thank you to our service members and their families, I have held a contest just for Military Wives. It turned out to be an incredibly rewarding experience. I had the privilege of meeting several incredible women and their beautiful families. It’s so easy to forget that there are real people who are deeply affected by the conflicts overseas. Hearing the personal stories of these families helped me remember that our troops are husbands, fathers, brothers and sons who are immensely loved and sorely missed.

This contest will run from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend but start sending those entries in now! Who is eligible? Wives of any U.S. military service member may enter. Retired or active-duty. How do you enter? Send an email to with a picture of you and your family member in uniform. Tell us a bit about what branch he serves in, where you’ve been stationed, challenges and so forth. We want to hear your story! Please put “4th Annual Military Families Contest” in the subject line. Once a week, beginning Memorial Day weekend, I will pick one entrant to be highlighted on my blog. These weekly entrants are semi-finalists. Labor Day weekend I will select three winners.

Second Prize: A $25 Amazon Gift Card, Signed copies of Unleashed and Untouched.

First Prize: A $50 Amazon Gift Card, and signed copies of Unleashed and Untouched.

Grand Prize: A $100 Amazon Gift card and signed copies of Unleashed and Untouched

I hope you’ll help me spread the word about this contest. I look forward to meeting more incredible families! (Here is the link to Sara's website.)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Failing My April Goals...

Sometimes we set goals and achieve them, but sometimes we don't reach them. (at least not right now) Sure I'm disappointed with myself. Sure I'm a little blue for letting my peers down. Does this mean I'm giving up? Heck no! This just means I have a lot of catching up to do. So look out May because here I come. I will finish a book. (Not sure which book though. lol. I hope Buried Magic.) So have you reached your April goals or come close to it? I did write 7000 words in April, not a lot, (Buried Magic rewrite #3), but that's better than zero words, right? Okay, back to the day job...and then hitting the writing strong tonight... p.s. If you read DIAMONDS, please let me know what you thought...(good or bad)... ~ Hugs, Dawn Chartier DIAMONDS, OUT NOW...(Siren Bookstrand, Kindle, Nook) NOT AN ANGEL, OUT NOW...(Kindle)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Royal Street book signing! (Tuesday 4/10)

For those of you in the New Orleans area, come on out and support Suzanne Johnson for her very 1st book signing tomorrow 4/10/12.

She'll be signing ROYAL STREET at 5:30pm - 7pm at the Garden District Book shop off of St. Charles Ave. (you'll have to look up the address)

If you can't make it, don't forget to download it. I promise you'll love it!
I did!


Monday, April 2, 2012

Nominated for the 2nd Annual Boogity Boo Awards...

One of my writer friends is up for the Rita (Farrah Rochon) and one friend (Pamela Kopfler) is up for the Golden Heart. Well, they got nothing on me. Take a look at this nomination. I'm up for the 2nd Annual Boogity Boo Awards from the I Smell Sheep Blog. And get a look at this amazing trophy. Isn't it the best! I love it! LOL

I would love your vote. (just click the text above "I Smell Sheep") I'm under the catagory: Best Response Taken Completely Out of Context. :-)

Have fun voting! And thanks I Smell Sheep!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The First Review for Diamonds is in! Woot!

I try not to pimp my novel too much because I know how it feels when other authors go overboard on me. (not that I mind, but I know some people do.)

So, I try to save my pimping on my firsts. And today is a first. My first review on DIAMONDS. I began to wonder if the book just sucked so bad because not a single soul had reviewed it. I did see people purchasing it, but just not talking about it...(I guess no talk it better than negative talk?)

Okay, enough about that. A kind reviewer named, Cheryl with Manic Readers Reviews posted this about DIAMONDS. (the review site is
Diamonds is part of the Stiletto Millionaire Club series. This is the first time I have read anything by author, Dawn Chartier. This book was a quick read. Not just because it is a short novel but because the characters and story were so good. Holly and Drake steamed up the pages of this book. If I wore eye glasses, then they would have been fogged up. The banter they had with each other was also good. I plan to check out more books in this series and by this author.

p.s. I got a 4.5 stars out of 5! Not bad if she plans to check out more books in this series, right?

Crap, I better hurry up and finish the next book.

The next in the series is Moe's story...the beginning of the story is a big heart breaker, but Moe wins in the end...I promise...

(Cheryl, if you read this, Thank you for your kind review!)

That's all the pimping for this week...(sorry, but I had to share my first review.)


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

8 Tips for Planning a Writers Conference (Big or Small)

First, I'd like to say that I'm no expert, but after co-chairing a writer's conference in New Orleans this year, there were several lessons I learned along the way. And I hope to save you the trouble of finding it out the hard way. (Items listed below are in no specific order.)

Here we go.

Tip #1 - Give yourself at least 1 year to plan. (if you are thinking, oh crap, I only have 6 months, then get out while you can. Seriously.) You "really" need at least a year.

Tip #2 - Plan around the budget you have right now. (No guessing on future funds. No guessing that you'll have approx 200 people sign up or 100 people sign up, and then you are shit up the creek when only 50 or 75.) It could happen. Plan with what funds you have now.

Tip #3 - Conference Venue: This is so important. Make sure the location is perfect for the conference. If it's your first conference, don't start out too big. Find a nice place where there won't be 5 other big events going on in the same hotel. Make sure you visit the location prior to signing a contract. Is it conference friendly? Do they have a coffee shop? Or other things included with the conference rooms? (example: food, coffee, A/V computer connections, parking, podiums, screens, set ups, people to set up, etc.) If not in the contract, you will be shocked! (you might even pass out) These extras can cost thousands. Oh, before you sign, make sure you have someone who knows how to read/understand hotel/conference venue contracts. Very, very important. And get prices from at least 5 hotels in the area.

Tip #4 - Volunteers - Grab your volunteers as soon as you can. You'll need Pre-Conference volunteers and On-site Conference volunteers. (Make sure those who volunteer for on-site can travel to the conference, make sure they can afford to travel, that they have a babysitter for kiddo's, that they have a good car to get them there, etc.) Once you have all your key volunteers set up, make sure you have a "back up" person who can handle things in case your other volunteers don't show, get sick or God knows what. (extra volunteers for just in case is a good idea)And give your volunteers time to enjoy the conference too. Don't over use them.

Tip #5 - Set up a yahoo group or something similar (forums) so attendees who sign up can chat with each other, and make friends. This is where you can set up volunteer sign up, places to visit in the area, seek roommates, meet up hot spots, etc. Plus you can make important updates/announcements in one place. :-)(when a person registers, have this yahoo group address on the registration sheet/receipt, etc. and stress that they sign up)

Tip #6 - Promote: Make sure you get a street team of promoters. If you can get at least 6-10 people to promote on Twitter/FB/etc, then do so quickly. Have a blog/website where you can update your VIP's and presenters as often as necessary. There are some free places to promote conferences as well. I think one is called ??

Tip #7 - Get with the hotel event coordinator the day before the conference and go over room layouts, etc., and match your list with theirs to make sure they have the latest update. This can drive you insane if all the rooms are wrong. (do this hours or a day in advance)

Tip #8 - Have your presenters/VIP's/Keynote lined up at least 8 months in advance. (some agents/editors book a year in advance) Make sure you get all their workshop info at least 6 months in advance so you can start promoting the class. Also, make sure you have a contract with them because if they back out it could cost you big time. (and if you already paid for the flight, etc., you'll be out hundreds of dollars.) Contracts should be executed.

These are just a few things that might make your conference easier on you. Things can change at the drop of the hat, just roll with it and take one night (or maybe a couple of hours after conference) to relax/unwind just for yourself! You will need it. Good luck and have fun!

Feel free to email me if you want more tips...

Dawn Chartier
DIAMONDS, Siren BookStrand

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Scariest Paranormal I Ever Read ~ By Ann Montclair

Happy Hump Day everyone! Please welcome my special guest, Ann Montclair!

Since Dawn’s site is dedicated to the paranormal, and I write romance, I decided to blog about the best horror novel I ever read. I know, I know, paranormal isn’t necessarily horror, but the book I loved was paranormal—and also damned frightening!

Have you ever read Clive Barker? His book The Damnation Game was the scariest book I ever read.

I was a full grown woman, living in a house full of people, but I still had to sleep with all the lights on after starting Barker’s book. The lights stayed on for weeks after putting the novel down, too!

The novel features a lead character so well-drawn, so vividly developed, a reader truly empathizes with his plight. Even though he is an ex-convict and not a very good guy, in comparison to his nemesis, the lead is an angel.

The antagonist is a centuries old bad guy who is so evil, and graphically so, he’ll haunt your dreams for days.

One thing Barker won’t shy away from is description. His riveting plot is made more engrossing by grossing out the reader. If you can’t stand seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling a story, don’t even bother trying The Damnation Game.

You won’t find a more psychologically complex or compelling read; but when you read it, be prepared to be scared, to be queasy, to look over your shoulder and suspect the dark. Boo!

What’s the scariest story you’ve ever read? I’d love to hear. I’ll check back to this blog throughout the day and respond to your comments or questions.

Also, please feel free to visit me anytime:

FYI—I just published my first contemporary romance, The Billionaire’s Bauble, and it’s available at Soul Mate Publishing:


And Barnes and Noble:

Thanks for hosting me, Dawn! It was fun.

Thanks for stopping by, Ann... I'm going to have to check out The Billionaires Bauble. I think it fits right in with my Stiletto Millionaire's Club Series.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How I Keep My Motor Running ~ Robin Helm

Please welcome my guest blogger today, Robin Helm...

I started writing in earnest only about a year ago. Before last March, I dabbled a bit, but I was too busy teaching high school, working in music at my church, and traveling with my daughters’ sports teams and ensemble groups to have the necessary time to reflect and think enough to write a book. Empty nest syndrome combined with leaving my full-time teaching position provided me with the needed free hours, and encouragement from friends and family boosted my courage.

Writing my first book was fairly easy, though it morphed into a trilogy before I could tell the complete story. Guardian, my first book, had so many of my own life experiences woven into the narrative that it was mainly a matter of putting the words on paper and polishing the writing. My second book, SoulFire, was more difficult, because nearly all of it came from my imagination. I am now more than half finished with the third and final book in the series, Legacy, and I am learning how to keep myself motivated.

It is fortunate that I did not depend on making money to keep me writing in the early stages, because, though I published Guardian in August, I did not see any royalties until October, and those were very small amounts. When I published SoulFire in December, sales of Guardian shot up, and the royalties are now fairly significant for both books. Knowing that Legacy will further boost sales helps me to stay focused on writing, and I already have two more books planned in my mind to begin as soon as I finish.
However, money has never been a main motivator for anything I have done in my life. The approbation of friends, relatives, and other readers means more to me – particularly e-mails and messages from people whom I have never met. Particularly inspiring are the people who write me and say that my books have encouraged them and helped them in their everyday lives.

The actual act of writing itself requires a different type of motivation and inspiration. Oddly enough, typing the chapter heading on a blank document gives me a sense of accomplishment. I feel that I have begun when I see the name of the chapter and save it into my book file. After that, I usually look at my outline, decide what must be in the chapter to move my story toward the desired end, and begin to visualize the scene in my mind.

I write the scene as it unfolds in my head, not worrying too much about details or dialogue as I rapidly put the words on the screen. After an hour or two, I go take a shower or do a simple household task that does not require much of my attention, and I think about what is happening in that chapter. Within an hour, I am back at my computer, and I write for another three or four hours. Though I know where the chapter will go ultimately, the way that I get to that destination unfolds in my head as I write.

Mornings are the most productive times for me, so I usually begin to write as soon as I get out of bed three or four days a week. I am a disciplined person, and I write a chapter per week. Making myself stay on target keeps me from feeling anxious or pressured about accomplishing my goals: to publish Legacy by the end of April and to write and publish at least one more book this year.

I also reward myself. After I finish a chapter and send it to my editors, I allow myself a day or two before I begin to write again, and I do other things that I enjoy, such as reading or watching a movie. Thinking of that down time as within reach keeps me racing toward it. I know that if I allow writing to become a drudgery, I will eventually stop, and I have too many stories to tell to allow that to happen.

About the Author:

Robin Helm has published the first two volumes of a trilogy (The Guardian Trilogy), Guardian and SoulFire, and is presently writing Legacy, the third and final volume, posting as a work in progress on four different forums. She has also published three Regency short stories.

She and her husband have two daughters, the elder a Navy nurse stationed in Guam, and the younger a university senior. They live in South Carolina with their Yorkie-Poo, Tobey.

Ms. Helm graduated with a BA from Piedmont International University. She is a member of the Delta Epsilon Chi honor society, the American Legion Auxiliary, and the scholarship faculty of the United States Achievement Academy.

To find Robin's books click here:

Thank you for stopping by, Robin!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

First Magazine Interview...

Just wanted to share my very first magazine interview from a Baton Rouge magazine called, Town Favorites. The article was written by Josephine Templeton. (Thanks, Josephine!) I was told they couldn't use the sexy vampire on the front cover, but it appears he won them over. lol

Click on link to read all about it.

Monday, February 27, 2012

New Orleans Book Signing - March 4th 2012 (Loads of authors!)

I've been really bad with keeping up this blog, but I promise to get back on track after the FF&P (Fantasy On The Bayou) Writers Conference and Book Signing is over.

For those in the New Orleans/Gulf Coast region - check out this list of authors signing at the book signing on Sunday at 9am-11am at the Marriott -555 Canal Street - New Orleans, March 4, 2012.

Click this link from Octavia Books!

Just to name a few. Maggie Shaye, Bob Mayer, Kristen Painter, Claire Ashgrove, Diana Rowland, Farrah Rochon, Diana Avet, Leanna Renee Hieber, Kate Kaynak, Rebecca Zanetti, Angie Fox, Damon Stenz, and I could keep on going...but my brain is too tired...

Book signing is free to the public! Get there early, are you might miss out!


p.s. For the raffle winners of the Tavioli necklace, I will ship it next week. I didn't forget you. Sorry for the delay.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Diamonds excerpt tease for Naughty After Dark Blog Hop

Update: My paranormal romance, NOT AN ANGEL is FREE today over at Amazon. (Friday only)

Diamonds Excerpt for Naught After Dark Blog Hop...(see the blog hop list to the left) One commenter will win a ebook copy of DIAMONDS. Good luck.

------EXCERPT ---------

The rich, velvety voice from the next table pulled her from her
pity party, and she peered around the menu once more. The handsome
man spoke on his cell phone and laughed. The sound hypnotized her.
Their gazes locked, and the air in her lungs vaporized. He glanced
back at his iPad and continued his conversation as though nothing had
happened. A little stunned by him blowing her off, she sort of liked
the change.

Holly forced her gaze to Karen and whispered, “Don’t look now,
but do y’all know who that man is? The one in the dark-navy suit,
talking on the phone.”

At the same exact moment, all three women turned completely
around in their chairs.

Holly wanted to duck under the table. “Real subtle, ladies,” she
whispered, wishing she could vanish from the restaurant like a ghost.
Dammit. The hottie nodded once in their direction. His gaze turned on
her for a brief second and then moved his attention back to his iPad.
Her cheeks burned.

“Hot dog. He’s gorgeous,” Moe said. “Now I understand why
you’re distracted. It wasn’t work you had on your mind, now was it?”

She bounced her eyebrows.

Heat crawled up Holly’s neck and landed on her face. “Of course
it was.”

“Sure,” Staci said. She and Moe grinned like fools.

Karen smiled. “You’re blushing. Wow. It’s been a long time since
a man caught your attention.”

“He hasn’t, and I’m not. It’s hot in here. He looks familiar is all.”

Moe licked her lips. “Why don’t you go over there and introduce
yourself before he gets wind of the Ms. Frost rumor. You know how
fast this town spreads lies.”

“I don’t care what people think of me, Moe. If I’m labeled Ms.
Frost because of a few men in Destiny, then so be it.” Holly took a
deep breath. She hated the cold nickname a few bachelors in the area
had coined her because she wouldn’t keep dating them. She knew
what they wanted, and it wasn’t fair that she ended up the bad guy and
not them.

“You know I was kidding, right?” Moe asked.

Holly nodded. Yep. She knew. Maybe she needed to be a little
friendlier in public. She would give a try.

The waiter, Robert, approached their table, carrying a tray of
bottled water.

“Ms. Charleston, your usual today?” The tall, thin waiter tilted his

“Yes, but I’ll have the shrimp instead of grilled chicken.” She
raised her chin a notch. “I feel like a change today.”

Her friends regarded each other, and then Karen leaned over and
touched Holly’s forehead. “First, you size up that handsome man, and
now you want shrimp instead of chicken. You feeling okay? You
getting enough sleep? You do look a little pale.”

Enough sleep? She wished. That damn dream screwed with her
sleep again. She could never remember exactly what it was about, but
she had a clue. She always woke up naked. She squeezed her napkin.

--------End of Excerpt---------- (CHECK OUT THE LIST TO THE LEFT)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Update for FF&P Conference - New Keynote Speaker

It is with sad news, but Karen M. Moning's editor informed us that Karen will no longer be able to keynote for this year's Fantasy On The Bayou conference on March 2-4, 2012. I know, I was really looking forward to it too. But it is out of our hands.

As my conference co-chair says, all is not lost... (other than some hair and tears) lol

But just like magic, a wonderful woman who is an amazing author graciously stepped up, volunteering everything she can offer at a last minutes notice, and I will never forget the kindness of her heart!

MAGGIE SHAYNE! Yes, THE Maggie Shayne! Thank you, Maggie! You are a wonderful wonderful lady and I'm so excited to hear your keynote and hopefully I'll have time to attend your workshops. (yes, she offered to do 2).

So if you haven't signed up for the conference please do so now! We still have some room for workshops and pitches! And what better city to see Maggie Shayne in...really! Click Here. FANTASYONTHEBAYOU.BLOGSPOT.COM

See y'all in New Orleans,
Dawn Chartier

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Orleans Writers Conference coming to don't want to miss this one!

If you follow me on Twitter and FB you know I've been busy as heck working on the 1st FF&P "Fantasy On The Bayou" writers conference and book signing.

Where: Marriott 555 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA
When: March 2-4, 2012

Why you ask? Well, first it's because the New Orleans region doesn't get too many writers conferences coming into town. Normally we have Heather Graham's (which is wonderful by the way) for Labor Day weekend, and then the jubilee conference in Houma. Other than that, there is really nothing else that I know of. So, being a FF&P member,(no you don't need to be a member to come) I decided I would volunteer to help out. (that's what us southern girls do. lol) Well, somehow I'm now Co-Chair along with Staci McGlothlin who is amazing! And with the help of other FF&P members the moment has come. Woot! Can't wait!

And second, who doesn't want to come to New Oleans? This is the best place in the world to get inspired, eat the best food and the locals are just super friendly! Just don't stray into a dark alley with them...they might suck on your neck...

The conference starts off with workshops on Friday, a agent/editor panel Q&A and then for those who sign up a vampire/ghost tour. (I've been and loved it)

Saturday is filled with loads of things to do all included. Pitches/Workshops/Luncheon with keynote speaker, Karen Moning/Workshops/Dinner (cash bar not included) and then your on your own to party or write if you are inspired. (or just hand out with me) Sunday morning will be the book signing. Then back to the real world.

So if you want to join us, go sign up! There is still room available.

You never know. You might just meet your future agent or publisher!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Diamond Diva's over at The Book Boost today!

I totally forgot I'm over at The Book Boost today giving away the second (and last) Tivoli Heart Necklace (see pics of necklace on my older posts).

If you want to win, check out The Book Boost rules. (I'm chatting about the Golden Globe, but really more about the dresses.)

Good luck! And if you win, Diamonds (the ebook), please let me know what you think. I'm always happy to hear from my readers. Good luck everyone!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winners Announced for the Tivoli Heart Necklace and Ebook....

NOTICE::::MY GUEST POST ON THE BOOKBOOST BLOGSPOT HAS BEEN POSTPONED. I'll let you know when my post is up for your 2nd chance at the necklace and ebook. Sorry for the delay....

First, I want to thank everyone for swinging by my DIAMONDS Release Party and wishing me well. It truly means a lot! "Thank ya. Thank ya. Thank ya."

Second, if you haven't read my comments on some of the posts below, Not An Angel is up on Amazon for FREE, today only. Go grab your copy if you like Paranormal Romance.

Third, if you don't win the Tivoli Heart Necklace today, you have another chance! That's right. I have (2) Tivoli Necklaces and the 2nd one will be given away over at The Book Boost! (I'll keep you posted when the blog goes up)for another shot at winning!!!)

Okay, now on to the winners: (drum role please...........)

Susan Laine!!!! Winner of the Tivoli Heart Necklace.
(Susan, please email me your address - ) Congrats!

CherThib!!!! Winner of my novella, DIAMONDS. Congrats! I hope you enjoy!
(email me your

Winners please email me by Sunday (1/22/12) at midnight or I will have to pick another winner.

Good luck and Thank you again so much for all the support!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Diamonds Release Party ~ Win a Tivoli Heart Necklace or free ebook!

I'm so excited! Break out the Bailey's and Beignets! (or whatever you enjoy).

My second novella, Diamonds (1st novella in the Stiletto Millionaire Club Series) was released today and I want to celebrate with a gift for two people who leave a meaningful comment. Because the story is about Holly and her diamond necklace, the first prize is a Tivoli Heart Necklace and the second prize is a free copy of my novella, Diamonds. Good luck. Check back tomorrow to see who won.

(Isn't the locket cute!)

Blurb for Diamonds:

Self-made millionaire Holly Charleston has come a long way since her homeless days. Sometimes, she believes life would have been simpler before fortune and fame. With every man she meets imagining dollar signs, she yearns for the one man who sees the real Holly. A mysterious wealthy stranger may be the one, but she must control her sexsomnia and trust issues if she hopes for a real chance at love.

Professional thief Drake Davenport is ready to begin an honest life. However, his last assignment leads him to steal the heart diamond necklace from a woman known as Ms. Frost. But Holly guards her heart close and her assets closer. Once Holly thaws to Drake's seduction attempts, he finds himself in a position of protecting her from a hired mercenary or living the life he believes he earned. Drake realizes the challenge of stealing the diamond is nothing compared to the challenge of stealing Holly's heart.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Latest Reviews, Interviews and Blogs spots I visited....

This last week was insane. Seriously. I couldn't keep up with the reviews, interviews and guest blog spots. So instead of sending out a bunch of posts I decided to post it all in one blog.

Below are a few places where Not An Angel was in the spotlight.

Jan 12th - Interview -
Jan 12th - Review and Interview -
Jan 13th - Guest Blog -
Jan 14th - Guest Blog and Review -
Jan 14th - Review -
Jan 15th - Review -
Jan 15th - Review & Guest Blog -
Jan 15th - Interview -
Jan 15th - Review -


And coming up Jan 19th (Thursday) - I'm over at The Book Boost

Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Review in for Not An Angel from Place Of Reeds...

My latest review from Place of Reeds by Cana. (Thank you, Cana!)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Life hasn’t been easy for Kira. After loosing her husband and child, and her brother-in-law going psycho-obsessive, she finds herself on the edge of a bridge in an attempt to end her life.
Trace, a Poryria Vampire Guardian, was not expecting to save a woman, let alone not being able to leave her side. He struggles with the darkness of his past, and the potential darkness of his future.
It is only when they both accept their bond with each other and face the darkness together that they can win the battle, but will they figure it out in time?

I think this was a great book. It wasn’t a hard read, kept up a good pace, and had a good flow. I, of course, really enjoyed the characters through out this book. Kira was a great character. She has always taken care of herself, and has always been strong for herself. But through out this book, she has to learn how to depend on Trace to be strong for her as well as how to be strong for Trace. Trace is the big, strong, good looking vampire. Who doesn’t like that? But it is more than that. He wants to protect Kira, even sometimes against her will. But he isn’t perfect. He struggles with his own burdens about his past, and his potential of becoming a Vry.

I found some of the other characters great for additional entertainment. The Queen (loved the play on Scottish history! Best use of history in a paranormal novel for me in a while!) was a strong, controlling woman of power. She didn’t mind men, but the Queen B comes out when women arrive. Mike, brother dearest, I think is the character with the most potential to grow (a plus for the next book, hint hint). Mike’s attitude towards humans and towards Poryrias was an interesting blend.

I only had 2 disappointments with this book. 1, it wasn’t long enough. I could have gone with another 50-70 pages. I feel like some of the information they gave could have been expanded on (but, maybe this is just the opening for several more books!). 2, I would have loved a glossary of terms/traditions. There was so much about the Poryria and the Vry that I would have liked to have had a glossary to turn to for additional information.

On a whole, I really loved this book. I highly recommend this book to others.

Happy Reading!

Hugs to you, Cana for this very sweet review. And read the interview if too if you get the chance!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012

Bewitching Book Tours: Now On Tour Not An Angel by Dawn Chartier

Bewitching Book Tours: Now On Tour Not An Angel by Dawn Chartier


The Not An Angel Tour has begun. Yay!
Here is my schedule. If you would like to follow I would love to have the company.

Jan 9th -
Jan 9th - Laura Kaye Author -
Jan 10th - Rage, Sex and Teddy Bears -
Jan 11th - Reading Between The Wines Book Club -
Jan 11th - Picked By Poison -
Jan 11th - Ramblings from This Chick (must get the website/blog addy)

Those are just a few in the first few days...I've got

Hope to see you there! And if someone comes back to my blog here and comments on something they saw on those sites I'll enter you in a chance to win 2 books! Not An Angel and Diamonds! Woot! Good luck...


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Q&A Interview's for DIAMONDS (and see why I'm such a goof sometimes)

For my first interview(s) for my first contemporary erotic romance novella, Diamonds, I totally goofed. I scheduled two interviews on the same day, but that’s not the problem.

The problem is I thought they were the same blogger, and used one bloggers questions/answers for both blogs. Don’t ask. *shakes head* I saved the file as romanceinterview1-5. (Duh!)

This is authors (Or maybe it’s just me) need someone to set up blog tours for them. Thankfully, both bloggers got a kick out of it and were very understanding. (Thank you, ladies)

So if you get a chance, please stop by one or both places (If you dare to read it twice) and leave a comment for a chance to win Diamonds before it’s released. (Yes, I’m totally embarrassed! But I’m still thrilled with the upcoming release. I think the cover is pretty too, but it's my baby so who knows.) lol

DIAMONDS, coming Jan 18th –

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year! (with a sweet review!)

In a couple of weeks I'll be busy pimping 2 books at the same time.

Not sure how that happened, er, yeah I do. I screwed up. lol
I signed on to a week blog tour for Not An Angel, and it so happens to be the same week Diamonds is coming out. Diamonds was scheduled the first week of January, but it was pushed back. Oh boy. I can do it, no problem-oh. lol. I look forward to the challenge. :-)

Anyway, not sure if I shared this very sweet review of Not An Angel I found on Booked Up!

Or you can just read it here.

Reviewer: Dolce Amore
After I read the book summary I was very interested in reading the book. I mean, who can resist when the heroine is a damsel in distress and the hero is a vampire? Not me, I swear.

The book captivated me from the start; the descriptions were so impressive that I felt like I was there, seeing it all thru Kira’s eyes, suffering the pain she was feeling. And when she tried to commit suicide, I was there with her… understanding why she tried to do it. And who won’t understand it after losing her little daughter and her husband?

But Trace Stuart was there too and he saved her. Because of that a bond was created between them and they started to dream of each other, sharing their dreams. It wasn’t supposed to be able to happen with a human, but it did.

Then we find out that the death of Kira’s loved ones wasn’t an accident and a suicide, but murder and that the criminal wants her dead too. Trace discovers things from his past that now threaten his present with Kira. Will they succeed in fighting the evil that wants them dead?

It was a wonderful book, and I enjoyed it very much. I would have liked there to have been more details about the death of Kira’s daughter, this part was a little bit confusing to me, but the rest of the book was great. I will wait impatiently for the next book of Ms. Dawn Chartier, as she has become one of my favorite writers. I give it 4.5 stars.

Thank you so much, Dolce.