Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The First Review for Diamonds is in! Woot!

I try not to pimp my novel too much because I know how it feels when other authors go overboard on me. (not that I mind, but I know some people do.)

So, I try to save my pimping on my firsts. And today is a first. My first review on DIAMONDS. I began to wonder if the book just sucked so bad because not a single soul had reviewed it. I did see people purchasing it, but just not talking about it...(I guess no talk it better than negative talk?)

Okay, enough about that. A kind reviewer named, Cheryl with Manic Readers Reviews posted this about DIAMONDS. (the review site is
Diamonds is part of the Stiletto Millionaire Club series. This is the first time I have read anything by author, Dawn Chartier. This book was a quick read. Not just because it is a short novel but because the characters and story were so good. Holly and Drake steamed up the pages of this book. If I wore eye glasses, then they would have been fogged up. The banter they had with each other was also good. I plan to check out more books in this series and by this author.

p.s. I got a 4.5 stars out of 5! Not bad if she plans to check out more books in this series, right?

Crap, I better hurry up and finish the next book.

The next in the series is Moe's story...the beginning of the story is a big heart breaker, but Moe wins in the end...I promise...

(Cheryl, if you read this, Thank you for your kind review!)

That's all the pimping for this week...(sorry, but I had to share my first review.)


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