Wednesday, February 23, 2011

DFW Writers Conference - Learning and Pitching

Yep. I'm going to a writers conference in Dallas this weekend. Why? Well, because I've plenty to learn. (Always learn) You are already published - you say.
Sure. But I want to be published again and again.

This weekend I'm pitching my paranormal romance novel, BURIED MAGIC. I need to find an agent that will hear my voice in this story, and someone who will share the same dreams as I do. That dream is to have a long career with the same agent, and write plenty of books and make plenty of people happy...I want to give those readers a great escape.

So wish me luck. If anything, at least I'll come back with some new friends and more knowledge...I'll be back next week to give an update.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sola's next guest is VICKI LEWIS THOMPSON

I'm pleased to announce that Sola's next speaker is the great, Vicki Lewis Thompson.

As always - the 3rd Saturday of each month @ the East Jefferson Parish Library. Board meeting starts @ 10am and speaker starts @ 11-12.

Just a note...Last month our speaker Shirley Jump filled the house! The library turned people away (so sorry if that was you), but they have State Fire Marshal rules and gave us a capacity limit after the fact. Our little secret of a great writing group leaked out in the Times Picayune and tons of writers came out of the woodwork. (We loved having everyone and hope they join us again!!!)

So if you want to see Vicki - don't be late.


Friday, February 4, 2011

Free read by Suzanne Johnson --- Loved it!

I know most of my followers live in Louisiana, and for those who do you - must read this little short story from author Suzanne Johnson. The story took on a unique twist I hadn't seen coming...(loved it)...And if you are not from Louisiana you'll get a good glimpse of it through Suzanne's eyes...she couldn't have written it better.

Free read: "Chenoire," an urban fantasy/paranormal novelette by Suzanne Johnson set in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, in the world of Royal Street--a new series beginning April 2012 from Tor Books. http://suzanne- johnson.blogspot .com

(To find the rest of this short story you have to go to Suzanne's website, which I think it listed on her blog.)

Enjoy. I know I did.