Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year Goals ~ Do you have one, two or more?

I'm sitting here thinking about my goals for the new year, and my first goal is to continue learning the craft on writing by taking more classes this year. I signed up for a class on editing. Yep, I want to learn how to edit my own work. I want to know how to fix those pesky things that editors look for. Don't need any simple reasons for editors/agents to reject you.

Another goal is to read more. Yes. It's very important to keep up on the current trends and I haven't been reading as much as I'd hoped for 2010. 2011 will be the year I read lots and lots of new books and new authors. Let me know of any new books out there that you love.

And last, my next goal is to work on eating healthier this year. I've been picking at food all year instead of actually eating a good balanced meal. I'll grab whatever when writing or on the road not realizing how much unhealthy food is going into my system. I know when I eat better I feel better and I think I actually write better???? Maybe. LOL.


Friday, December 3, 2010

Today I'm over at E.H. on Books and More! Please come join me!

Over at E.H. on Books and More! Lots of great author interview's there! Come check it out. I'm there today....

Stay warm,

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Blogging at Savvy Authors today...

Today I'm over at Savvy Authors blogging about something I've blogged about before, but this something is sooooooo important.....

Have a great weekend!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving and Nano goals

I sure hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving day. I held up pretty well, better than I thought I would. Most of you know my mom passed away in May this year so these holiday moments are tough. Really tough. But I found if I talk to her (in my mind) then I feel a little better. You know, I say things like how much I miss her, and how I wish she were still here. I'm guessing this is normal, I don't know, but if it makes me feel a little better then that's what I gotta' do.

My daughters are in Georgia this Thanksgiving with their dad and relatives, so it was a little lonely without them too. However, I did spend time with the hubbies family and then later that night with my sister and her kids, my aunt, cousins and my dad. Everyone seemed to be holding up pretty well under the circumstances.

Today has been a lazy day for me. Yes, I did write a lot of words, but not much else. Oh and to update you on my Nano count - I ran into a road block and ended up taking a detour on a short story just to keep my writing going. I'll detour back once I find the right fork in the road.

And to all of you Black Friday shoppers --- you can have it. I've seen the insane crowds crush people trying to get into those Target doors. No thank you! I'll shop in the safety of my home from the internet or early on week day mornings.

One last note - Sola-RWA will not have a meeting in December, (we have a party instead!!!) and our speaker for January is the very talented author, Shirley Jump. If you are learning how to write, you should attend the January meeting.

Have a great Thanksgiving week.
Hugs to you all,

Friday, November 19, 2010

NaNoWriMo ~ Can I do it?

Sure I can. Yesterday was the 18th and I hit the 1/2 way mark to 50,000. My total is actually a little over 26,000. Which means if I write about 2,000 words every day I can still manage my goal.

However, people always ask where do you find the time to write. Well, I don't just find it, I make time for it. Everyone can. Think of things you do all day long that isn't work related, and instead of doing that (watching tv, reading emails, surfing the internet, reading a book), write instead. Well, that's how I do it, plus I get up at 5:30am and write before I go to work. (yes, get up extra early) No, I'm not a morning person, (just ask the family)but I do what it takes to get it done.

If I set my mind on a goal, I do everything in my power to achieve it. I'm stubborn that way. Like right now, I'm using mind control to tell those editors to love my story submission and send me a contract. (haha) Just kidding. Wouldn't that be cool if we could do that? My current novel I'm writing now, the heroine, RAINE, she can do just that. Boy does it get her into trouble.

Listening to: Nothing but the pups snoring. (no that is not a song title)

Have a great weekend and if you don't hear from me on the blog it's because I'm buried in trying to meet my goal!

Dawn Chartier

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Investigating and Prosecuting Corrupt Public Officials

If you are in the New Orleans area on 11/20/10 - you don't want to miss this writers meeting!!!

SOLA-RWA Presents, "Investigating and Prosecuting Corrupt Public Officials" on Saturday November 20th @ 10am - East Jefferson Parish Library in Metairie, LA.

I can't give out too much info on this topic, but let's just say we are going to have an attorney present our November meeting who has investigated and prosecuted some of the top political cases in Louisiana. This guy can't speak about current cases, but he can talk about cases that are closed. I'm so excited I can't wait!

p.s. I wish I would've booked him sooner because I just finished writing a novel (BURIED BONES) that had a couple of corrupt public officials. (this novel is with a few NY publishers right now, and I hope the editors love the characters and story as much as I had fun writing them)

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you at SOLA.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Luncheon with Sherrilyn Kenyon and crew! And Nano!

This past weekend I went to Baton Rouge with a good friend, Debbie Dolme. We attended the Heartla Luncheon. This is the Baton Rouge RWA Group. What a nice bunch of ladies. I got to chat with Sherrilyn Kenyon, Deborah LeBlanc, Diana Rowland, Farrah Rochon, Barbara Colley, and several other wonderful authors. I was surprised to see some ladies that I'd met in RWA Nationals. (waving to the Leger ladies)

The lunch was really good, especially the dark chocolate cake. Yum.

The only minor bump we had was getting to the hotel - the LSU game was only minutes away and traffic was horrible. Matter of fact, we were in the hotel with the Auburn coaches, staff and players.

They put a curtain around our conference room so we wouldn't disturb the players, guess it didn't work. (grin)

Anyway, let's talk about NaNo. I'm a little behind with my goals, but I plan to do a really hard push tomorrow. I'm meeting up with a writing buddy and we will do some writing sprints at Starbucks. With all the caffeine (and chocolate) in my system, my fingers should fly across the keyboard with no problems...

If you are doing Nano - how are you coming along?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


My heart broke when I saw this.

I don't normally blog about sad things or request help, but I have to for the lives of these animals. I feel really strong about this and in my latest unpublished novel "BURIED BONES" that I'm currently shopping, my story deals with over-crowding animal shelters such as this one.

Please see the attached link.

(If the link doesn't work - google it. This is in Louisiana. I also posted this on my facebook, you can connect by going to my website and click on the FACEBOOK link at the bottom)

If you can help these poor little guys, then do what ever you can.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Louisiana Bayou Ghost Story & Starbucks!

I blogged about a haunted bayou (now a National Preserve Park) near my Louisiana home.

Here's the link:

P.S. Did you know that Starbucks now has FREE wi-fi? I didn't know that until today.
Good move, Starbucks!

Dawn Chartier

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Like Ghost Stories??? Books set in the South???

I love ghost stories! The more real they seem the better.

Do you enjoy books set in the south? Or maybe just the authors that live in the south? (grin) Well come on over to the Southern Fried Gothic blog where a few southern authors post stories, reviews, interviews or whatever they are up to.

See you there!
Dawn Chartier

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Author Jade Lee and update on Query Process

Author Jade Lee will be at our RWA Sola writers meeting this Saturday @ 10am. (Metairie, LA) Please join us for a great presentation. I've taken a class by Jade before at Heartla's conference and she is amazing...

Lil' update ~
Well, I've been playing around with my "Pitch blurb" for what seems like forever. Who would have thought a little old' paragraph description would be so darn hard???? And the strange thing about this is the first two books I ever wrote (which were pretty good stories, but not so good writing) I put together a truly awesome pitch for those stories. They were easy to do for some reason. I sent it out to two people and got requests from both. They loved my pitch, but was kind enough to say I wasn't there yet and said I could resubmit something again later. Sweet. But now that I'm feeling it, feeling this story like I have never felt before, I mean really emotional, NOW I'm having a hard time narrowing it down to the bare bones. Why is that? And now an agent who requested a partial wants a synopsis with it. What???? Synopsis? Really? Geesh, you'd think she'd asked me for my first or second born.

Okay, I can do this. I will get that syn-poop-sis done! And a better query letter too. I will - I will - I will... Readers don't realize the stuff authors have to go through, and authors don't realize the stuff agents and editors have to go through. Maybe I should have kept this to myself...(nah...)

p.s. I just want to thank who ever it was that gave me such a sweet review on Amazon. It makes it all worth while. Seriously! Big hugs to you!

Have a great day!
Dawn Chartier (who is now alligator free!)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Night Owl Reviews?

Happy Halloween Hunt or is it Haunt? If you are on the hunt for NIGHT OWL REVIEWS, you are in the right place...(look very careful...unknown's are lurking in every corner!)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Author Jade Lee ~ At the SOLA October Meeting

This month you can't miss our October speaker, Jade Lee. She's an awesome author and a great teacher. As usual it's the 3rd Saturday @ 10am - East Jefferson Parish Library off of Clearview and W. Napoleon.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Started The Query Process

Sometimes authors are just so excited when they get the call from an agent that they just agree to the terms and don't truly understand what the relationship is going to be like. Writers, do your research before accepting. Take a little while and ask the agents authors how the like their agent.

Is an author crazy to turn down an agent? Nope. Not at all.

What if you don't feel like it's a good fit?
What if you didn't see she/he representing books like yours, yet they want to rep you?
What if they are not hands-on and that's what you wanted?
What if they are not easy to talk to?

So many things to think about and ask when interviewing agents. And yes, you must interview, just as they interview you. The arrangement is like a marriage and you must have the same goals in mind. At least that's how I feel.

So don't settle, find the perfect "fitting" agent. The only reason I'm talking about this is I've started the query process this week. So wish me luck. I didn't flood the market with queries, but I did send out a few.

Good luck to all you writers submitting,
Dawn Chartier

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sola Writers Meeting - 9-18-10

For information about the Sola's September writers meeting on Saturday please visit ---- Hope to see you there....

Dawn Chartier

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Missing In Action (not really)

So where have I been? Well the last few weeks I've been at my other part time job. Although, I was there full time instead. Our office manager had surgery and I needed to fill in. So, therefore I was missing in action.

Then I went to Gulf Shores/Orange Beach Alabama for vacation. A much needed vacation. We normally do vacation during the summer, but because of my mom's injury and then passing away we put the vacation on hold. I almost put it on hold again because I wanted to attend Heather Graham's wonderful conference in New Orleans, but I knew the family needed a break. So we went to the beautiful Alabama beach. The water temperature was perfect. The beaches beautiful. The weather the best I've seen in a long time. With the exception of a few oil balls, and a few stains on our bathing suits it was worth it.

The condo we stayed at had this fun lazy river, a water slide for the kids and some adults. There were 40 of us sitting in our beach chairs which the umbrella guy made into this huge "U" shape gathering.

Now I'm back and I missed writing. I revised another chapter today and hope to knock out several more this week. With a new critique partner, things are looking up. She tells me like it is, and I'm so thankful for that.

Now that I'm refreshed from vacation the writing is flowing much better. And I'm working on a piece for the Southern Fried Gothic blog (once it's up and rolling), but I'm having trouble getting ghost facts from the locals, seems the new generation only remembers bits and pieces. Need to find some older folks and see what they remember. I can't wait to put this piece out. It's pretty scary. Just in time for Halloween.

Currently reading: Absolute Fear by Lisa Jackson (another story set in the New Orleans area).

Listening to: Dogs barking and workers in the yard. (no that is not a song title)

Happy reading,

Friday, August 27, 2010

Remembering Katrina ~ Part II

So where was I? Let's see, oh yeah, I hadn't gone home yet, but the hubby had. Once he cleaned up a little around the house, scheduled his workers to come back, cleaned out the yucky refrigerators, then he came back to get me from Morgan City. Before going home we bought a generator, lots of groceries, waited in line for about an hour or two to fill up gas cans we borrowed from my aunts camp and then headed home.

On the drive back which is about an hour and thirty minutes, I started seeing signs of destruction. Billboards laying on the roads. Trees down. Road blocks from the military. We had a hospital pass so they let us in. Most people were turned around after they waited in traffic for hours to get back home.

Once we made it past the check point things began to hit me. The only life I saw was helicopters flying above, military in hummer's, large military trucks with tent covering the backs of the trucks. And a few utility trucks. As we moved closer to our home I saw houses missing parts of roofs, chimineys, sheds & fences blown down, trees on top of cars, houses, and all over the road. I knew the military or utility company had already cut a path down our main highway so we were able to get home. I knew I was quiet on the ride back. My hubby grabbed my hand as I took in the ghost town. Very eerie. Most of the westbank didn't get near the damage New Orleans and Plaquemines Parish had. They had major flooding, like over 10'-20'in some areas...

We pulled on our street and I couldn't believe the mess, trees down, we couldn't drive to our house, we couldn't go down our street. Our house is first on the street, so we couldn't see our neighbors homes. However, the hubby had already checked and for the most part, their houses were okay other than one tree landing on our neighbors roof, but it was actually not too bad.

Once I saw everything was okay with the house, other than a small crack in my daughters bedroom wall, the garage doors looked like they were sucked in, the house couldn't have been better. The yard would take a long time to clean, but we were great! Thank you God!

After the relief washed through me, we checked on family and friends houses. Both our parents houses had severe damage. Roof and flood damage. My brothers house and my brother-n-law's house had major damage as well. My brother never came back to Louisiana.

I went back to Morgan City, my parents picked up my girls for me and we all stayed in Morgan City. (Except my hubby stayed home to work) I enrolled the kids in school, not knowing how long we would be there, because our house had no electricity other than a generator. And no water. I drove back and forth when the hubby needed food and gas. That didn't last long because I had enough real quick and wanted to be home with him. The girls wanted to be home too, school or no school we went home. I found a closer grocery store and gas station, and we lived without things I never thought were possible. It was like camping, but under our own roof.

Our office (we have a construction company) was flooded. We worked in filth for months while we fixed everyone else's homes, businesses, hospitals, buildings, then after all that was done we began work on our office.

I skimmed so much of my Katrina moments, but there is too much to tell.

But, there were some moments that stick out in my brain that I won't forget: There is a church across the street from our home and a statue of Mary sits in a little praying area on the church's grounds in the woods. Mary was covered by trees as though the trees fell on top each other to protect her. Not one tree touched her. It was the oddest thing in the world. Then months after the storm I remember Dominoes Pizza opening. OMG! They were the only fast food around. It was the best damn pizza in my life and we waited for 2-3 hours to get it. It cost I think about $30, but we didn't care. It was Pizza! I remember driving to a few hospitals with my husband for work, and one hospital had so much mold in it I couldn't believe how fast it had spread. It was like a jungle of mold up the walls, on furniture, it was like everyone up and left in the middle of lunch, and a jungle of mildew took over.

While the New Orleans and the gulf coast will never be the same, some things are better and some things are worse. Life goes on, and you have to just lift up your head and think there are people out there who have it a lot worse.

I'll tell you a story of hurricane Gustav another time.

Now keep your fingers crossed no more storms hit the gulf coast for a long time. Especially with the oil out there right now. What a mess that would be.

I attached a link of Then and Now photo's from WWL TV.

Thanks for reading,

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Remembering moments from Hurricane Katrina - Part I

I was torn about posting anything related to hurricane Katrina, it's so depressing, yet I feel in ways that it helps to talk about it. (Excuse the typo's, I'm writing this on the go.)

I have to say up front that my life wasn't destroyed like many people's were, so I can't complain. But the memories are rough at times, especially around the anniversary. It's almost 5 years already. 2005 was a year of huge moments in my life.

January we moved into our brand new home. March got married. August Hurricane Katrina. What a year!

I'll try and skim as best I can, but I'll start from the beginning and post on this topic a few days this week to spread it out.

Hubby and I were watching the news/weather and a hurricane had re-organized after going through Florida and was heading our way. I felt something bad in my gut. It was going to be bad. I couldn't believe the New Orleans Mayor hadn't insisted on people getting the hell out. Other town Mayor's told people leave and leave now! I was stunned at Mayor Nagin! I think too many close calls had the city thinking nothing will happen as usual.

Unfortunately, my husband was one of those people. However, I knew in my gut this was it. My hubby didn't want to leave, but I insisted we had to for his parents. We had to get them to safety just in case it did hit us. I packed for about a week, when most people packed 2-3 days max. At the last minute we ended up heading to Texas. We sat in traffic for I can't remember how long. (maybe 12 hours?) The traffic was a nightmare, but at least we were out of there. We found a sleezy hotel that took pets (we had a golden at the time) and I can't remember if we slept at all or not. All I can remember is staying glued to the tv. At first it appeared the hurricane jogged to the east and missed New Orleans, but then a day or so later the levees broke, and the water poured in trapping thousands in their homes. Killing over a thousand people.

One of the local hospitals called my husband, asking him to come back to repair some damage to a much needed space in the hospital. The hospitals in New Orleans were under water and destroyed. This hospital that called my husband was not, but had damage and if it could be repaired they needed the "bed" space for the overflowing patients. We left the hotel and headed closer to New Orleans, but yet still far enough away that we had grocery stories open and running electricity. We stayed at my aunt's camp for 1 night in Morgan City, but my husband still had to get back asap. He had his hospital pass, but I kept hearing horror stories about power line people and helicopters being shot at - it was a war zone and I didn't want my husband to be in the middle of it. - He was upset he hadn't brought his boat because he wanted to help rescue people. A neighbor of my aunts gave him a gun to come home and he did. Alone. He wouldn't allow me to go back with him. One for my safety and two because he didn't know if we had a home left or not. Cell phone service was hit or miss, and I remember talking to him as he came through town. He said I wouldn't believe it. He said it was like a third world country. Destruction everywhere.

He couldn't drive down our street because of huge oak trees covering the road. When I say huge, I mean almost as tall as me while they are laying on the road. He had to walk the rest of the way to the house. We live on three acres of wooded land so you can imagine what we thought we would come home to. As he neared the house he told me he would call me back. He didn't want to be on the phone with me as he examined the damage. Tons of trees and debris laid on the ground surrounding the house, but it appeared no major damage. He called me, and the relief in his voice I can't describe. He said it looked like a giant weed wacker cut off the tops of all the trees. Broke them clean off without doing any damage to our home. (A tornado had to have come through). The brand new house still stood. The damage was minor. Amen!

My husband met with facilities from the hospital and immediately began scheduling the sub-contractors to get to work, at least the ones he could find. I wanted to get home. I had to see everything for myself, but I was stuck at the camp without a car until he came back for me. I knew there was something he wasn't telling me.

To be continued..........

(see attached video from WWL TV news for some local updates)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Author Jess Haines talks about Editing a Novel Prior to Submission

Hello there! Jess Haines here. I’m the author of the new urban fantasy HUNTED BY THE OTHERS (link:, and its upcoming sequel TAKEN BY THE OTHERS (link: (to be released January 4, 2011 by Kensington). I’d like to take a moment to talk to you about the editing process.

First, I’m going to start with telling you about what my own writing process is like–BEFORE passing my work on to my agent or editor. (If you’re curious what happens once your work gets passed on, in my case, my agent lends me a hand by looking the manuscript over and offering her input on things I can improve. After that’s done, I pass my work on to my editor, who gives me his input on any changes to the storyline that are needed, or scenes that need bulking up or more explanation. This is followed by a round of edits from the copy editor, who tears into it with a red pen marking up spelling and grammar errors. Sound like a lot? It is.)

Remember: even if you have an agent, editor, and a copy editor who are going to help tighten up your novel, that’s no excuse not to do the best job you can on your own. To help you with that, I’m going to give you some tips on what to look for.

Note that the self-editing process is different for everyone, and you shouldn’t take my guidelines as gospel. This is wholly and only for your info.

My writing process generally goes something like this:

1) Write the whole story. No… no. NO! DO NOT go back to edit! BAD AUTHOR! BAD!

2) Okay. First draft is done. Reread.


4) Fix all the #)($ spelling, grammar, continuity errors I can find.

5) Read it again.

6) How the heck did I miss that?!

7) Fixfixfix.

8) Repeat 5-7 about 10 more times.

9) Beta #1 time! (Betas are people who act as a second set of eyes, looking over your work specifically in search of grammar, spelling, and/or continuity errors. I have three. Two for general, “Does this work? Did I miss anything glaringly obvious?” This is their step. Beta #3 is my grammar-nazi. No dangling modifiers for you!)


11) Beta #3′s turn!


13) Usually, at this point, I’m done and ready to pass the buck on to my agent and/or editor.

Now, for what this post is really about! Here are some examples of what I am looking for and what I am fixing AFTER the first draft is written:

– Spelling errors. You need to read your stuff start to finish so you have it all in context, or this won’t work. Microsoft Word (which is the program I use) is notorious for missing things or deciding that you meant Word X when you really meant Word Y and sneakily ninjas Word Y in there when you’re not looking.

– A sub-heading to the above is the search for homophones and other such nonsense (e.g., “night” vs. “knight”; “to” vs. “too” vs. “two”; “your” vs. “you’re” — get the picture?).

– Grammar errors. These can be devious. Personally, I am TERRIBLE at catching some of this stuff on my own, but knowing my weak points helps me spot them. An example? I have a tendency to use “that” instead of “who”—e.g., “the person that spoke” instead of “the person who spoke”—so I know to be on the look-out for this.

– Replacing/rephrasing redundant words/phrases/sentences.

– Removing unnecessary words (overuse of “just,” “almost,” “a little,” “really,” etc).

– Continuity errors. (“Okay. In this paragraph, Dude A shapeshifts and his pants get torn apart.” Continue reading. Three paragraphs later: “Where’d those pants come from?!” Yes, this really happened. Yes, it was removed before the final version made it into the hands of the reading public.)

– Failure to properly express what was going through my head at the time I wrote the sentence(s). Ever do that? You’ve got a fabulous image in your head of how a scene is playing out, and you furiously type it all out–only to reread it later and realize you left out 3/4ths of what should have made it on paper?

– Occasional rewrites of entire scenes. For example, I deleted 5,000 words from novel #3 in the H&W Series because I didn’t like how a scene was coming along. Rewrote it in its entirety. It’s much better now—and I don’t regret losing those words.

– Sometimes I fail to get an idea across, and someone will point it out–for example, in my first book, one of the things my editor wanted me to fix was a “glossing over” of the relationship between Shiarra and her ex-boyfriend. By adding a few paragraphs here and there to beef up the back story, it helped explain some of her actions and thoughts enormously.

What about you? What do you look for when you’re editing your own work?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Author Laura Hogg - New Releases

A little information about the talented author, Laura Hogg's latest releases:

Deadly Karma: Three Speculative Tales (three short paranormal stories, electronic format)

Available with Midnight Showcase:

Karma: Karma’s Time Machine: A mean college girl learns a lesson she’ll never forget when she stumbles upon another dimension.

The Deadly 50/50: She is neither good enough for heaven, nor bad enough for hell. Now it’s time to take a stand. Given a task that sends her to the gates of hell, success seems possible; then she sees who the gatekeeper is.

Karma: The Blue Dress: One woman must make a sacrifice to insure the future. Another must give up something to save the past. What happens when the 21st century meets the 19th for a dual tale across time?

Full-length historical romance, available with Moongypsy Press. (electronic, and soon to be available in print)


Duncan Amberley has come back from war, fighting Napoleon's men on a ship. Clarissa Hale is a lovely shopkeeper with a great sense of humor. A heroic heart rests inside this insecure, intelligent beauty, and she will be called to prove it. Clarissa and her love are pitted against each other for the sake of their families and some terrible accusations. She will be in constant peril as she gathers evidence to convict Duncan's dangerous brother of a harrowing crime. Duncan's heart breaks when he discovers something about Clarissa's sister. Can their love survive the results of their investigations? They devise a dangerous plan to get to the truth, which brings them into the heart of Napoleon's camp in 1812 Russia as spies. Risking everything, they must get to the truth.

Laura lives in Colorado and has various stories out with different publishers. They range from short stories to full-length novels. Most are romance. Laura likes to write historical, some sci-fi, and paranormal, especially time travel fiction.
Her links:

Friday, August 6, 2010

RWA Orlando Pictures and Memories

Yes, that's me in a red top hat! (It's a costume, so don't get all worried)

As I promised in my last post - I have a few pictures to share plus a few memories as well...

Wednesday morning Debbie Dalme' and I hop on a jet plane (not really) and fly to Orlando. We arrive at the Swan, which by the way was a very nice hotel. We unpacked, registered and eat not such a good sandwitch at a buffet in the Dolphin. At this point we didn't care, we'd eat anything. While we were in line waiting, we chatted with this lady who looked really familiar. I even told her she looked familiar. She said she was Susan Elizabeth Philips. Yes, really...

That night was the "Readers for Life" Literacy signing. OMG! About ninety percent of the authors that I read were there. It was amazing. Debbie and I ran around the rows of authors signing and tried to get signatures for a chance to win a Nook or a Kindle (can't remember), we didn't win, but we did get to chat and buy a few books.

I'm trying to remember what we did that night, but I can't remember for the life of me. Anyway, the next morning we had breakfast with author Shirley Jump, (see picture above) Farrah Rochon, and other great writers and friends. The restaurant made this cute lil' Mickey Mouse waffles that Farrah ate. She took some pictures of them - I'll have to see if I can get my hands on them.

Then later that day at noon was the keynote speaker with the one and only NORA ROBERTS. I wasn't expecting such a wonderful inspiring talk, but she let us know she worked hard to become who she is today and working so hard is what makes it all the sweeter.

Then was the PRO RETREAT which was wonderful. Donald Maass was the keynote speaker and I could listen to him like forever. He shared such wisdom. After the PRO RETREAT I met the wonderful Sara Megibow with the Nelson Agency. She is sweeter in person. Truly a down to earth kinda gal. Later that night a few friends and I had dinner at a Japanese restaurant.

Friday was a day full of classes. I took as many classes and hit as many spotlights as I could. I wanted to know the inside scoop of what the editors wanted and the trends they saw happening. Just so you know, paranormal is still really hot right now. They don't see a change coming anytime soon. At the Pocket spotlight they want new authors and new types of paranormal. They want a edgy YA paranormal too. They also opened up a online community called which I haven't been to yet. I plan to soon.

Friday night was the Future Fantasy and Paranormal -FFandP Party and Awards party. A lot of people enjoyed dressing up for this event. Including me.

Saturday was a day full of classes, then there was the Gold Heart and Rita Award Reception and then that was all she wrote. I was exhausted. Oh one more thing, Sabrina Jeffries was the emcee (sp?) and she was a hoot...

I'm hoping I can make RWA 2011 in New York! Cross your toes...

Dawn Chartier

Sunday, August 1, 2010

RWA party scoop from Barbara Vey (Publishers Weekly) blog

Run over to Barbara Vey's Beyond Her Book blog....See some great RWA party insiders scoop...(plus my buddies and I are posing for a picture for her)...My eyes look closed, but yep thats me...worn out, yet still so excited to be there...

I'll post my own blog when the fog clears from my head...

Monday, July 26, 2010

RWA Nationals, here I come...

I'm not leaving yet, but I'll be there soon enough. I can't wait to learn tons, meet new people and see old friends. I'm excited about The Gathering party too. I get to meet all the FF&P groupies...should be fun.

Anyway, BURIED BONES, my romantic suspense with paranormal elements is hoping to find a home with an agent and then with a wonderful publisher. Now to get my pitch down to a science. I've only changed it twenty times. Must leave it alone. haha...

I'll have a couple USB drives (they have cute little skeleton heads on it) with a sample of the first 30 pages just in case. Must go prepared. One never knows when the opportunity will arrive.

If you see a brownish-blonde, curly hair woman - that might be me. Come say hello.

Have a great time if you are going. If not keep reading or working on your book.

Nationals bound, baby!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

First 5 Pages Contest - Sola RWA

I've been meaning to promote this writers contest, but I've been a little busy.

Anyway my local RWA (Sola) chapter is holding a writers contest and it's a wonderful opportunity to get feedback on your first 5 pages. The entry fee is cheap $15.00 (I believe) and the knowledge you learn is very valuable. Go to the website to find more information. Several unpublished authors are now published because of the great feedback from authors.

Good luck to those who enter.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Barbara Vey's question got me thinking...(scary, I know)

Barbara Vey posted a question on Publisher's Weekly "Beyond The Book" blog recently, asking when do you put the book down if you are not into it?

As a reader I replied that I put the book down after the first chapter. But then I started second guessing my answer. Sometimes I put the book down much sooner. Maybe 10 pages into the story and yet sometimes it gets a second chance when I'm in a different mood. Often I'm glad I gave the book a second look, but sometimes I can't get into it no matter what.

So how did this get me thinking you ask. Well it's because my mood changes all the time. Some days I want light and funny, like Janet Evanovich or Karen Wells. Other days I want my heroes torchered like in J.R. Ward's or Sherrilyn Kenyon's books. Some times I just want to read a cool YA such as P.C. Cast. And sometimes I want to read about a kick-ass heroine such as Karen M Moning's Fever series or even Charlaine Harris's Sookie series or maybe something serious like Jodi Picoult.

I'm trying to find a common thread in these book, and why sometimes I like the mystery, humor over a paranormal romance, and other times I want the dark paranormal romance over the light mystery. I'm guessing it's the same reason why one day we want to watch a scary movie or a comedy or a action packed thriller. It all depends on our moods.

So my thoughts is this. Do you think editors and agents have moods as well when reading submissions? One day they love your story and voice and then the next day they aren't in the mood for it? I know you are wondering where are these random thoughts are coming from. Heck, I don't know. Just some weird crap that goes through my mind is all.

Now on a totally different subject. If you are a TrueBlood fan, what do you think of Alcide Herveaux? OMG! I know. He is the hottest Mississippi redneck I've ever laid eyes on. (now don't get offended if you're from Mississippi and I called Herveaux a redneck, he's not really a redneck, he's a sexy-ass werewolf. Plus my dad's from Sugalock Miss. so I get the privledge of using the redneck term, and I once lived in Jackson for a total of 3 days. (grin).

That was all. I'm still counting down until I leave for RWA Nationals, and I'm super excited to meet some awesome agents, editors and new and old friends....(claps hands excited) One week from tomorrow!!! Yay.....


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gearing Up for Nationals


Where has the time gone? Only two weeks and 1 day before RWA Nationals and I'm getting more and more excited. This will be my second time going, the first time was in Dallas. It was so overwhelming, but I had the time of my life. I made some wonderful friends and I know I'll meet many more.

Nationals is a great time to learn from the best editors, agents and authors. And if you have pitch appointments make sure you can sum up your story in one line, two lines and three lines. It helps if you can do this, at least thats the buzz. Make sure you point out why your romantic suspense (insert your genre here) stands out from the rest of the pack, and remember the editors and agents are people just like you - looking for a great book to entertain them.

Remember to talk to them - not "at" them. Tons of people will be pitching, you want to be the person who they remember. It's okay to be nervous, but don't forget to ask them questions too. Don't you want to know what their goals are too?

If you are shy this is the time to speak up. Don't waste all that money you spent (and maybe the best manuscript pitch ever) sitting in your room, wishing you were out there with everyone else. Get out there! If you don't know anyone, come seek me out. I'm shy too, but this is your have to get over it.

Good luck to those pitching! Don't forget to have fun! Soak up all the workshops you can.

And even though I missed the sign up slot for pitches, I'll be looking for that special agent that fits me & my goals and crossing my fingers that I fit theirs too.

Dawn Chartier

Monday, July 12, 2010

SOLA'S July meeting presenter is Dr. Jeffrey Long - Near-Death experiences

At Sola's July writers meeting Dr. Jeffrey Long will discuss his research in the area of "near-death" experiences. (See bio below)

Jeffrey Long, MD is a physician practicing the specialty of radiation oncology, which is the use of radiation to treat cancer, at Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center at TGMC. Dr. Long completed medical school and did his radiation oncology training at the University of Iowa. He moved here from Gallup, New Mexico where he practiced radiation oncology and also worked extensively, both professionally and in public service, with the Navajo Nation. Dr. Long lives in Houma and practices there full-time.

In addition to Dr. Long’s professional interests, he has an interesting hobby. Over 10 years ago he began studying near-death experiences. He recently published his research findings in the book “Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences”, which became a New York Times bestseller.

Dr. Long has discussed near-death experiences extensively with the media in the past, including appearances on ABC Evening News with Peter Jennings, NBC Morning Show, The O’Reilly Factor, Discovery Health, and The Learning Channel. He has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, and In Houma, Dr. Long is a member of the Rotary and is participating this year in Leadership Terrebonne. He has given a number of community talks on both cancer and his research that led to his book.

The findings are presented in his groundbreaking book.

SOLA’s July meeting begins at 10am on July 17th, 2010 at the East bank branch of the Jefferson Parish Library at 4747 Napoleon Avenue in Metairie, LA.

Hope to see y'all there.
Dawn Chartier

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fourth of July Scare...

I know I'm supposed to post about writing stuff, but I had to share my excitement over the holiday weekend.

My hubby and I decided to take a last minute trip and we ended up flying to Sanibel Island, Florida. The hubby wanted to rent a car, but I said we probably wouldn’t need one.

I was wrong.

We ended up renting bikes. We rode the bikes a lot. Good for our health right? We rode to the movie theatre (8pm) and then to dinner which was a few miles away, and we had to ride through a beautiful scenic Wildlife Nature Park on this cute little trail. It was really nice. (above is a picture of it during the daylight)

When we got to the movies, we were 10 minutes late, we saw Eclipse because it was either that or Toy Story 3, and I already saw TS3. (loved it too!) After Eclipse we rode our bikes (in the rain) another block further to eat at a place called ??? (darn the name escapes me).

After dinner we got back on the bikes, and headed back. As we entered the nature Wildlife Park (four foot wide) trail it was pitch black and I couldn’t see sh*% - It hit me. OMG! Wild Animals live in Wildlife Parks!!! I told my husband I would rather take my chances with the cars on the highway then ride in the woods with alligators, snakes, wild bob cats, and lord only knows what else. He said, no we are safer on the trails. The old bikes we rode didn’t have reflectors and when I say it was dark, I mean I couldn’t see squat, only the back tire of my husband’s bike. Argh!

While we peddled quickly, blindly through the long dark trail with my heart beating out of my chest, my body shaking so bad that I thought I would fall off the bike, and I almost fainted from fright, I glanced up after hearing noises in the woods only a foot from me. I couldn’t see anything, panicking I knew a damn wild cat would jump on my back. My heart leapt into turbo speed, crawling up my throat, and my pulse beat frantically through out my entire body. To the left I heard another noise and I yelled “go faster - go faster” He couldn’t see either so it was hard to tell which way the trail curved. He kept saying he wasn’t scared. Well, I was. I knew we would run on top of an alligator. Then the crickets sang louder and louder and louder, and I kept hearing the bushes move. I glanced to my left and saw large perfectly round orange eyes staring at me at about the height of a child. I truly thought I would pass out. I found a clearing and jumped on the highway. Yes, a few cars were coming but at this point I’d rather die from a car. My husband said to get back on the trail once we found a clear spot. I was scared to death, but I eventually got back on the dark trail.

Needless to say we made it out of there alive, but I’ll never ever forget the how frightened I was and how the sounds of crickets gave me the creeps. And now this creates a big problem. I live on 3 acres of land with plenty of crickets. Every time I hear them, I think of that terrible horrible bike ride through the jungle, I mean Wildlife park. (grin)

Care to share something that scared you so bad you thought you would pee on yourself?
p.s. We ate at The Thistle Lodge at the resort, and it was the best Lobster Bisque I've ever eaten. Just thought you should know. (grin)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


How can I be at two places at once for two days???

Ha. I'm not sure either...(grin) But I'm at a couple places today and then a couple tomorrow....I will give away one ebook (NOT AN ANGEL) at two of the blogs listed below, but I won't say which ones. (grin) You'll have to post a comment to be eligable to win. Sneaky huh...Kinda like gambling but with no money involved. Good luck.

(((TODAY & TOMORROW, maybe Friday too?))) - Over at Naughty Novelists with a HOT excerpt from NOT AN ANGEL.

(((Today))) Author E.J. Stevens blog - "From The Shadows"

(((Tomorrow/Thursday))), Author Rachel Brimble's blog.

Would love to have you stop by!!!

Dawn Chartier

Monday, June 28, 2010

Deep POV...

I found a wonderful article on deep pov over at
The author Karin Harlow has some great insight that every author should think about when writing their characters. If you ask her a related industry question you might win her new release.

Sorry guys, I hope I win it...she sounds like a awesome author!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Author Karen Rose visited Sola ~ See what she had to say!

Romantic Suspense author Karen Rose spoke at our local RWA chapter this past Saturday and then she did a special "after class" presentation as well. What a great lady to go all the way out like that and give us writers extra time to learn from her experiences.

Anyway, I took some notes and wanted to share a few things I learned. There was so much she went over, but these few things are still fresh in my mind.

One thing that stuck in my mind is to make the villian as real as the hero/heroine. Don't make them cardboard like. You need to know the villians back story. What makes him tick? Chilling villians are great. Give them goals, motivation and conflict just like you do your H/H. Greed and Revenge are good motivators. But they also need to have a vulnerable side to them as well.

Karen also talked about Secondary characters and how they add so much more to a book. They can provide a richness to a story. A neighbor for example. They can be funny, scary or crazy. They can give insight into your main characters. They can be a professional expert in a field that the hero or heroine happens to need or the can provide conflict.

I had the opportunity to spend some time with Karen, and I enjoyed every second. If your planning to go to Nationals, stop by Karen's book signing and tell her hello.

Dawn Chartier

Monday, June 21, 2010

On The Authors Couch Interviewed Me....

Writer Cornelle Keveen interviewed me over at "On The Authors Couch"... If you want to check out Cornelle's unique sensual charm, then come on over....

Cornelle asked some great questions...Not your "average" questions eithers...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

JOKE OF THE WEEK....(for readers)

I can't take credit for this joke, but it is cute. Enjoy!

One morning, a husband returns his boat to the lakeside cottage after several hours of fishing and decides to take a nap.

Although not familiar with the lake, his wife decides to take the boat out.

She motors out a short distance, anchors, puts her feet up, and
begins to read her book.
The peace and solitude are magnificent.

Along comes a Fish and Game Warden in his boat.

He pulls up
alongside the woman and says,
'Good morning, Ma'am. What are you doing?'

'Reading a book,' she replies, (thinking, 'Isn't that obvious?')

'You're in a Restricted Fishing Area,' he informs her.

'I'm sorry, officer, but I'm not fishing. I'm reading.'

'Yes, but I see you have all the equipment.

For all I know you could start at any moment.

I'll have to take you in and write you up.'

'If you do that, I'll have to charge you with sexual assault,' says the woman.

'But I haven't even touched you,' says the Game Warden.

'That's true, but you have all the equipment.
For all I know you could start at any moment.'

'Have a nice day ma'am,' and he left.

Never argue with a woman who reads.
It's likely she can also think.

Monday, June 7, 2010


On JUNE 9TH - WEDNESDAY, Join me at The Minxes of Romance blog. You might learn a few things about me you wish you hadn't. (just kidding...)

(If you saw this post earlier, I meant to say Wednesday instead of Tuesday..sorry bout' that.)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Honored at Coffee Time Romance - But not for my writing...

This email arrived this morning from Coffee Time Romance and More.'s not another review....(hey! I've only had two so for.) Anyway, here is what is says....


I am contacting you on behalf of Coffee Time Romance & More. Your website has been chosen as this month's winner of the Caramel Corner.

Every month, our committee gets together and looks at a number of websites that have been nominated to be a spotlight website. We look at a variety of things, features, aesthetics, and functionality.
Have a wonderful month!***** Text of Critique follows:

When one thinks of the paranormal, grave stones, bats, a full moon, and a spooky Louisiana swamp definitely fit the bill. While visiting Dawn Chartier's website, soak up the atmosphere, learn more about the author on her bio page, check out her recent release, Not an Angel, and investigate New Orleans on her Links/Writer's Tools page. Here's hoping the ghost she's writing about in her newest work in progress, Deadly Destruction, won't follow you home ~ but if you'd like to "follow" Dawn, she has easy links to her Facebook and Twitter pages. So, come step inside The Graveyard, I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay.

Pam Skochinski
Review Editor, Coffee Time Romance~

Kewl...What an honor! Thank you CTR...
And a big ole' thank you to Chuck. (my web designer, see my website for his info)

Now off to write....

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My character tried to commit SUICIDE

When I wrote Not An Angel, my character Kira was very depressed. Her baby died and her husband killed himself because of the babies death. At least this is what Kira thought. (You'll have to read the book to discover the truth) But I've done some research on suicide and thought I'd post a few WARNING SIGNS & ADVICE on SUICIDE for parents or young adults who maybe have come across some one with these signs.

Please don't ignore them. Let your friend or child know you are there for them. Listen to them carefully. Avoid criticism. Ask them directly if they are thinking about suicide. Be direct and let them know you want to help.

Now here are a 10 changes in their behavior that are sometimes warning signs:

1.) Crying often for no reason.
2.) Lack of Energy
3.) Increase or decrease in appetite.
4.) Nothing seems fun anymore.
5.) Sleeping a lot or not enough.
6.) Loss of interest in things they once enjoyed.
7.) Work or grades suffering.
8.) Giving away possessions.
9.) Tying up loose ends such as planning a funeral, writing an obituary or will.
10.) Risky behavior - Drugs, alcohol, sex, self-harm, and violence.

If you know of someone and can't talk to them, tell a trusted adult who can seek action. Take every threat seriously. Encourage your friend/child to talk. Stay with your friend/child until someone can get there to help them. And don't handle this alone. You are not responsible for the outcome.

I hope this helps someone & remember tomorrow is a new day.
Dawn Chartier
Not An Angel, out now!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

OMG! Awesome!!! Review for NOT AN ANGEL (Mind-Blowing!!)

Being new at this publishing business I'm not sure if posting reviews for my book is a good or bad thing. I'm not trying to toot my own horn, but this is the second review that I happened to find while googling my name. (searching for reviews of course) Anywho, I'm tickled to death to see "someone" actually enjoying my book. Well, that is two "someones" now...(grin) So if you care to read the review please do...but if you think "how tacky" then just ignore me....
Other wise I'm sqeeeeeeeeing....when I see the words "mind-blowing" in a review - I gotta sqee....I'll email my sqee to all my buddies too so they can roll their eyes at me...haha...

Hugs to all!

4 cups
"Ms. Chartier creates an intense read that keeps the reader totally engrossed. I could feel for Kira and Trace with all their conflicts they each endured. Kira was deeply grounded in her love for her family and that definitely shined through in the story. I love the way Trace fights all obstacles to protect her. Not An Angel is a captivating read. The dialogue is wonderfully penned, the emotions mind-blowing; so incredibly sincere that the reader cannot help but have their heart pierced by the way Kira and Trace always make contact in this stirring read."

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

Friday, May 28, 2010


I always look forward to Sara's words of wisdom when it comes to queries and publishing. Here is her take on her first client and why she signed up Allison Rushby...We wish Allison much luck with her new sale Paparazzo Jo....(thanks for allowing me to share, Sara)


I am truly thrilled to be able to announce the sale of PAPARAZZO JO by Allison Rushby to Stacy Cantor at Walker!
Allison emailed us a query at the end of 2009 – yup, she was a slush pile find! Also exciting is the fact that this is my first sale as an agent! What an honor to be working with Allison – she is charming, enthusiastic, responsive, hard-working and VERY talented! PAPARAZZO JO represents the 117th book sale for the Nelson Literary Agency.
Please look her up at (there is even a teaser excerpt of JO in her News section)
So, what made PAPARAZZO JO stand out to me? First of all (and above everything else) – Allison’s query letter was professional and well-written. Great writing always stands out! Second, the concept felt unique to me – Jo is a talented 16 year-old living in LA who earns money by taking pictures of the rich and famous. Yup, she’s a paparazzo. She wants out, badly, and is offered a gig that will earn her the money to enroll in her dream classes in Paris. Unfortunately, she is going to have to betray the only star she’s ever liked.
Naturally, I asked to see the sample pages and the rest is history! I am particularly excited that Stacy Cantor will be our editor. Walker Books is the publishing house working with our client Simone Elkeles whose RULES OF ATTRACTION has been repeatedly hitting the New York Times Bestseller list. Super excited to be a part of the Walker team!!!

Congratulations Allison!

Sincerely,Sara Megibow
Associate Literary Agent

(This story sounds really great, I look forward to its release!)

Dawn Chartier
Not An Angel, TWRP

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Hi everyone,

For my new paranormal romance ebook release "Not An Angel" I'm giving away a free book to someone who posts a comment on my blog about the excerpt. (See blurb and excerpt below)


Kira McCoy wants to die. Losing her husband and daughter tragically left her without hope. Now her disturbed brother-in-law will stop at nothing to have her for himself. All she wants is to find peace, but instead finds herself on top of a bridge ready to end her suffering.

Protector of the Poryria, Trace Stuart is called to defend his race or embrace death. Defending humans is not part of the plan, but he cannot stop himself from saving Kira.

Realizing that he shares a special bond with Kira, Trace defies his Queen and rushes into the heart of darkness in order to rescue the woman he loves. Will Kira be able to reach past her own pain to pull them both into the light?


As he measured her, his gaze warmed the consuming chill that had invaded her body. She glanced down, holding the material out. Nothing she could ever afford. Standing next to him in his stunning black suit, gave her more confidence than if she wore plain clothing.
“I wouldn’t have picked it out for myself, but you have good taste.”

“I know.” Trace’s gaze traveled down her torso, to her exposed toes and slowly up to her face.

“And you take my breath away.” He kissed the inside of her wrist.

Heat shot up her inner arm overpowering any nervousness she may have felt earlier. She leaned into him and whispered, “You breathe?”

Trace half smiled. “Sometimes.”

She blinked. “Oh.” That meant sometimes he didn’t breathe either.

Trace stiffened, then glanced toward the entrance flanked with four massive columns.

It took a moment before she heard footsteps in the foyer. Five men entered the parlor. All dressed similar to Trace, except their cold penetrating eyes made her worry. Scared was more like it. One man strode toward her, eyes narrowed, mouth pulled down in a frown. She swallowed, then took a deep breath and squared her shoulders. They will not get to me. I will be strong.

“He won’t hurt you. Will you, Dev?” Trace stepped forward and crossed his arms.

Dev smirked and stared through his long dark lashes. “Depends.”

An eerie rumble vibrated the room. Kira advanced toward Trace. The sound of a wild cat drifted in the air. She tilted her head, glanced at Trace and realized the noise came from him.

“Boys. Boys. Boys. Dev won’t touch her, but I might.” A slender brunette appeared out of thin air and stood directly in front of the other men.

Oh hell.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Blog On Hold ~

My blog will be inactive due to a death in my family.
I will return next week.

Thank you,
Dawn Chartier
Not An Angel, TWRP

Friday, May 14, 2010


Last night I found an email in my inbox, and I had no idea who it was from, but I decided to open it anyway. I was so glad I did. It was my very "first" review....

Click here to see what it said...

Dawn Chartier
Not An Angel, TWRP

Thursday, May 13, 2010

FORGOT TO MENTION -- I'm at Romance Books R Us today

I'm being interviewed for the first time.

If you feel like drop by.

They asked some really fun questions....

Not An Angel, out now...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I know most of you already know this but in case you haven't heard Not An Angel is finally released.

Although this is a very exciting moment, I haven't had the time to truly let it sink in. My mom is not doing very well right now and I've been focusing on her and trying to make her as comfortable as possible. So if I don't respond to you or post on the blog right away, I hope you understand.

Thanks again to all of you who helped me along the publishing way...I couldn't have done it with out you.

Big hugs,
Dawn Chartier
Not An Angel, OUT TODAY!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Over at Musetracks today!!!

I'm over at Musetracks today. Come join me.


Monday, May 10, 2010


Today we have author Laura Bickle talking about world-building. Welcome Laura and thanks for being here tell us a little bit about world building. (something I know I need to brush up on myself)...

Laura Bickle, Author of Embers

One of the things that I really enjoyed in writing EMBERS was world-building.
Many world-building guides parked on library shelves that tend to be heavy on hard sci-fi and sword-n-sorcery. If urban fantasy or magical realism is mentioned at all, it's quickly glossed over. This lack of attention suggests that world-building isn't really necessary in a book or story that has its roots in reality.

I've gotta disagree with that approach. An urban fantasy or magical realism world needs some lovin' attention from its creator. The world has to consistently adhere to its own rules, no matter how mundane or fantastic they are. The world also has a history before the story, and will have a future afterward. It should breathe and move...essentially, the world is another character that needs to be profiled. The world isn't just a set piece for the actors to charge through. It interacts with the characters with its own moods, restrictions, and atmopshere.

In writing about Detroit, I had the opportunity for my husband (a Detroit native) to play tour guide. We visited places like the Detroit Museum of Arts that became places in my story. I gathered every last clipping I could find about the Detroit Salt Mine that stretches under the city - in my mind, it was the perfect location for a dragon lair. Slowly, the city became a character in itself, as much an important character as my protagonist.

I keep notebooks dedicated to worlds. I pull out magazine pictures of buildings, maps, and articles about cities I'm inspirted by and paste them in. I make lists of magical rules to answer questions rattling around in my notes: Is holy ground a deterrent to the ghoulies and ghosties? How far can fairies fly on those stubby little wings, anyway? Can my vampires cross running water...and if not, what about that bridge in the middle of town? These are really ugly notebooks, full of scribbles and pages stuck together with glue, but they make sense to me.
But they allow me to work out the limits of my urban fantasy world. It's built up in my mind, brick by brick. Sometimes, it spills out organically on the paged. But it's always present, in every scene, and deserves a large amount of real estate in my head.

Laura Bickle is the author of EMBERS, coming April 2010 from Pocket-Juno Books. Writing as Alayna Williams, she's also the author of DARK ORACLE, coming June 2010 from Pocket-Juno Books. More information is available on her websites, and

Publisher's blurb for EMBERS:

Truth burns.

Unemployment, despair, anger--visible and invisible unrest feed the undercurrent of Detroit's unease. A city increasingly invaded by phantoms now faces a malevolent force that further stokes fear and chaos throughout the city.

Anya Kalinczyk spends her days as an arson investigator with the Detroit Fire Department, and her nights pursuing malicious spirits with a team of eccentric ghost hunters. Anya--who is the rarest type of psychic medium, a Lantern--suspects a supernatural arsonist is setting blazes to summon a fiery ancient entity that will leave the city in cinders. By Devil's Night, the spell will be complete, unless Anya--with the help of her salamander familiar and the paranormal investigating team --can stop it.

Anya's accustomed to danger and believes herself inured to loneliness and loss. But this time she's risking everything: her city, her soul, and a man who sees and accepts her for everything she is. Keeping all three safe will be the biggest challenge she's ever faced.

Thanks everyone for stopping by. Thank you Laura for sharing your world building experience with us.
p.s. Later today I'll be over at Musetracks guest blogging about not giving up. (writing)

Dawn Chartier
Not An Angel, TWRP May 12, 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Border's Romance Blog - Sue Grimshaw

I've been meaning to blog about this for at least two weeks, but I got side tracked with the oil spill stuff, RWA stuff, and my stuff (a writing class with Shirley Jump).

Anyway, a while back I posted on Sue Grimshaw's Border's blog, and then I happened to go back to her blog later and noticed that I won a book. I was so thrilled, so I emailed her about it and she said that I won more than 1 book. Really? That's great. I spend way too much money on books, but when they come free, hey that is icing on the cake....

So last week I see a package on my porch, and I notice it's from Sue. I open it up and to my surprise there was (6) books, and (2) of them are Arc's...(Advanced Reader Copies)...

I was totally stunned. I've never received an ARC before, although I know what they are and I've even sent one out to a reader who won one a ARC from me, through Barbara Vey's contest.

Anywho, if you want to win some awesome books - go on over to Sue Grimshaw's blog, read the post from the authors and comment. Today she has Elisabeth Naughton, and Elisabeth is talking about her research at a striper (sp? I always get confused with stripper and striper, ha!) club. She has a new series called "Eternal Guardians" and the first book is called "Marked."

Tomorrow ROBIN WELLS, is going to be on the blog. This woman can write some funny romance. If you need a laugh you have to buy her books. And talk about a sweet person. Yes, I know Robin, but seriously her books really are fun to read. I wouldn't lie about that.

Oh, and here is the list of books I won...Boy am I lucky!

On Fire, Carla Neggers
Strong, Sleek, and Sinful, Lorie O'Clare
Archangel's Kiss, Nalini Singh
The Border Lord's Bride, Bertrice Small
Conquering Mr. Darcy, Abigail Reynolds (ARC)
The Fire Lord's Lover, Kathryne Kennedy (ARC)

I can't wait to dig in... Thanks Sue (Borders) and the authors...

Dawn Chartier
NOT AN ANGEL, May 12, 2010

Friday, April 30, 2010

The Writing Process, Special Guest Author Sara Creasy

As a new author, my goal with this blog is to help other writers, and I decided that I want to start by adding some valuable information from other authors.

My first guest author, we have Sara Creasy joining us to talk about her writing process. First, Sara, I want to congratulate you on your first release, Song of Scarabaeus. I also want to thank you for stopping by to discuss your writing process with us. I know many aspiring writers and authors will be able to relate. Welcome, Sara.
Hi everyone, and thanks Dawn for inviting me to guest blog. This has been an exciting few days for me, with my debut science fiction romance novel Song of Scarabaeus hitting the shelves on 27th April. Today I mailed off a few copies to various friends, and the postal clerk got excited when he realized the name on the book was the same as the name on the return address label. “This is your book?” What a wonderful feeling, when a complete stranger shares your excitement!

Dawn asked me to talk about my writing process. As writers, we all have different hurdles to overcome as we churn out those words. For me, it took a long time to realize that my day job was holding me back. For many years I worked as a text book editor, and I loved it. Editors have a different relationship to words than writers do. Writers, of course, need to wear their editing hat at certain points in the process – it’s a learned skill that I recommend any writer cultivates. But for me, my editing hat was attached to my head with superglue, and that wasn’t conducive to creative writing. That was my hurdle.

I would agonize for hours over a single paragraph while my inner editor berated me for writing such awful prose. No wonder it took me years to complete a first draft. It’s difficult to keep writing when you’re so unhappy with what you’ve already written. For people like me, it’s almost impossible to resist the urge to revise every sentence a dozen times before moving on, only to go back ten pages a few minutes later and fiddle again.

The key, I realized, was to clearly delineate the writing and editing stages of the process. First drafts are supposed to be awful, and completely unfit for another’s eyes. (Seriously, don’t show your first draft to anyone!) So take off that editing hat, get your first draft down, and know you will come back later to wrestle it into shape.

This is something I’m still learning to do. The inner editor dies hard! To some extent, you have to stop caring so much about the writing and instead focus on the story that’s bursting to get out of your imagination and onto the page. When I force myself to just keep going, I often find that when I read over the work the next day, it’s really a lot better than I thought at the time. It’s less labored, more natural, more exciting, more genuine. And it’s words on the page, which means it’s that much closer to “The End.”

I’ve written a few writing and editing articles on my blog,, for anyone interested in more tips.


Thank you, Sara. And thank you to our readers for visiting and feel free to comment or ask questions.

Below is a blurb of Sara’s debut novel, Song of Scarabaeus. You can buy Sara's novel at all the usual places, including Barnes & Nobles, Amazon, etc.

Sara's website is

Blurb: Song of Scarabaeus

The best cypherteck in the galaxy, Edie can reinvent planets with little more than a thought. Trained since childhood in advanced biocyph seed technology by the all-powerful Crib empire, her mission is to terraform alien worlds while her masters bleed the outlawed Fringe populations dry. When renegade mercenaries kidnap Edie, she's not entirely sure it's a bad thing… until they leash her to a bodyguard, Finn—a former freedom fighter-turned-slave, beaten down but never broken. If Edie strays from Finn's side, he dies. If she doesn't cooperate, the pirates will kill them both. But Edie's abilities far surpass anything her enemies imagine. And now, with Finn her only ally as the merciless Crib closes in, she'll have to prove it or die on the site of her only failure… a world called Scarabaeus.

Thanks again for stopping by...

Dawn Chartier
Not An Angel, May 12, 2010


(Posted with permission from Sara Megibow - for more info check out


This year I will be attending the Romance Writers Convention in Nashville (July) and World Fantasy in Columbus (October). Some other conferences may yet come up, but that's my schedule for right now. Amazingly, I am already preparing for RWA even though summer feels light years away. At these conferences, I hope to meet writers shopping for an agent and I've been thinking of ideas to help smooth that process.

1. If you have a completed work of fiction ready to submit, prepare a two sentence blurb that you can rattle off at any time (in the elevator, after a workshop, in a pitch session - whatever). Know your word count and your genre (and subgenre) and practice reciting these things out loud. (Example "FRANK is a completed historical romance at 100,000 words. It's about a hero who is driven to shun society at the impetus of a mysterious and sexy bar wench.") (I just made that up, no laughing please.)

2. Have access to your work. Who knows, I may be impressed with your pitch (the one you've just successfully rattled off to me while waiting in line for coffee). If I ask for 30 pages, it would be great if you could say - "heck, I have them right here on my iPhone - can I send them to you?" Have two versions ready to send electronically - the first 30 pages as one document (labeled with your name, the title of the work, genre, word count and your contact information including email address). Also, have the full manuscript ready to go (with same info attached at the beginning of the document). Save them and have them in microsoft word format (no pictures, no headshots, no weblinks) and at the very least have access to them in your hotel room.

3. Update your writer website and blog before the conference and include the addresses of those tools in anything that you submit. Yes, that means you should have a website and a blog - make sure they are professional, accurate and engaging. An update doesn't have to be fancy - just make sure you have a recent blog entry (example, "I'm off to RWA - looking forward to finding an agent for FRANK") and that your website mentions your writing (better yet, there is a blurb on your completed manuscript already loaded and accessible!)

I am looking forward to this year's conferences. I enjoy meeting and talking to writers and am actively looking for new talent to represent!
Sincerely,Sara Megibow
Associate Literary Agent

* A note from me. Make sure Sara represents your genre' before you sign up to pitch to her. And I wish I had a i-phone, darn...Also, if your pitching to other agents, take a look a what they might want ready, it could be different from Sara's list.*

(Thanks for letting me share these helpful tips, Sara!)

Good luck to all those pitching!!
Dawn Chartier
Not An Angel, May 12, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Marketing For Writers....

Now that my release date is getting closer, I can't help but feel a little nervous due to the promotion end of the "authors" job. (not that I mind it, but its something new to me.)

I've put the question out there on a few authors groups, "What's the best way to promote your book?" I got so many answers my head spun. (grin) Bottom line is that I need to find my own way. What might work for them, may not work for me. True. Just like writing - everyone has their own style and voice.

I plan to try out different methods and see what works. My plan is to "Blog Swap" with other authors. Mostly, new authors, but I'm open to anyone with a book coming out or just released. So if you know of any new authors that want to swap blogs - send them my way...

Mainly I think writers need to be *friendly* to anyone who crosses their path. I heard Deborah LeBlanc state this over and over again. She says to put others first. Help those around you. If you go to Deborah LeBlanc's website you'll see how she helps others. What a great lady!

FYI: I'll have a few guest bloggers once they are back from RT, and then I'll be on their blogs. I'll let you know once all the details are completed.

Lots of luck to every author ready to promote!

Friday, April 23, 2010

*Free Chapter* to read of Deadly Destruction (my romantic suspense - WIP)

If you are not over the age of 18, this is not for your eyes......Do not read....

I've never posted a free chapter before, but I enjoyed this one due to the conflict between the Hero and Heroine. I hope you enjoy reading it too...This is from my romantic suspense novel "Deadly Destruction" still in draft form....(excuse any typo's and formatting problems)

Chapter 10 - Deadly Destruction

A woman stood at the Museum’s grand entrance and offered to take Storm’s clutch. She refused the offer, needing something to hold on to, something to help her relax.

She hated functions like this. Hated anything that would make her stand out. She sighed. Who was she kidding? Redheads always stood out.

She searched the main room for Harper. “Just look for a large crowd gathering around,” she mumbled.

Bingo. And there he was. Handsome as ever in his black tux. She smiled. He made a fine looking mayor. With his charm and supporters, he’d definitely be re-elected.

Harper spotted her, winked and held up a finger indicating he’d be a minute. Senator Long stood next to him, his eyes glued to a woman’s cleavage. Argh. She turned around, grateful Harper didn’t need her. She didn’t want to have to shake Senator Long’s hand or have to dodge a kiss.

A waiter with slick black hair walked by, and she snatched a glass of champagne from his tray. The tray almost tilted out of his hand.

“Thank you,” she said when he glared at her.

She held her clutch in one hand and the drink in the other as she strolled into the next room. Beautiful artwork hung perfectly displayed on the walls, and she couldn’t help but be enthralled by some. A piece of art stopped Storm, she stared at the beautiful picture wondering if it would cost a small fortune, she moved on to the next piece, and bumped glass first into someone.

“I’m so sorry.” Embarrassed, she glanced up, noticing a tall man with dark hair. He had a very handsome face, but now the poor guy wore a wet jacket.

“I’m not normally such a goof,” she said. “I’ll get some napkins.”

The man smiled. “No need. It’s dark and no one will notice.” He shook his hand dry, then put it out for her to take. “I’m Paul Stuart.”

Storm noted his wet hand and waved a waiter over. “Nice to meet you, Paul.” She grabbed a handful of napkins off the waiter’s tray, then dabbed at Paul’s jacket.

She nodded to the waiter, then glanced at Paul. “I’m Storm Morgeaux, the klutz of the fundraiser.”

Paul’s eyes widened. “You don’t say.” He laughed. “Well, if you’ll excuse me. It was lovely to meet you.”

Storm narrowed her eyes. “You too.” She lowered her chin and sniffed close to her arms. Deodorant’s still working. She glanced at her dress. No technical mishaps. She shrugged and continued studying the artwork as she moved into the next parlor.

A loud laugh in the larger room caught her attention. She glanced up to see Paul whispering into a man’s ear. That explained why he ran off so quickly; he thought she was trying to pick him up, but obviously he’s gay. Then Paul turned and pointed at her. Her breath caught as the other man turned and she saw his face.

“Doctor Davis,” she groaned.

Cursing beneath her breath, she couldn’t think straight. She tilted her head, and could help send him a pleasant, fake smile. What the hell was he doing here?

When he didn’t return her smile, she turned and bumped into Harper, spilling the rest of her drink down the front of her gown and some on him as well.

“Oh God,” she said. “I’m so sorry.” Harper waved to the same waiter that helped her earlier. The waiter shook his head, napkins in hand. Storm scowled at him.

Harper grabbed a handful and began blotting them on her dress. “Thanks,” he said, dismissing the waiter.

When his hand lifted higher, near her breasts, she stopped him and moved his hand back to his side.

He smirked. “Just making sure you weren’t wet - yet.”

She hesitated. She wanted to tell him she had to leave, but she couldn’t do that just yet. “Thanks. I got it from here.” She took the cloth from him and finished drying herself.

Harper chuckled. “No fun.” He lowered his head, and kissed her. “I’ll have to lick it off you tonight,” he whispered.

She felt her face flush knowing Nate was probably still watching. She took a step back. “I’ve been clumsy all day. Lack of sleep I guess.”

He wrapped an arm around her shoulder and walked her into the main dining room. She turned sideways, curious to see if Nate saw her, but he was gone.

"Looking for someone?” Harper asked, scanning the room.

“Yes. I saw a waiter with some crawfish pies. I’m starved.”

Harper pointed to the right. “Over there. Let’s get you some food.”

On the way toward a buffet table someone pulled Harper to the side.
He whispered in her ear. “I’ll only be a minute, you mind?”

Storm shook her head and pointed to the food. “I’ll be buried in the pies or jambalaya or maybe gumbo.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Be careful,” he said, then winked, turned, and continued his conversation with another political man who vaguley looked familar. Inhaling the delicious scents, she stepped in that direction.

Jazz music blared over most conversations as she made her way to the pirogue filled with boiled shrimp. She breathed in the smell of the seafood. She felt her stomach rumble, glancing down, she patted her tummy. “Shh.”

“What? The Mayor doesn’t feed his girlfriend?”

She knew that distinct thick drawl that melted her insides. “I’m – she started to tell him she wasn’t Harper’s girlfriend, but decided against it. “He feeds me just fine.”

She turned and Nate’s sad blue eyes surprised her. Was he jealous?

“Guess I know your secret now,” he said sarcastically. “Why didn’t you just tell me you were Mayor Harper’s lover?”

Oh God. She wanted to take his hand, yank him outside, and kiss the hell out of him. The seriousness in his eyes had her pulse racing.

What could she say? She was the Mayor’s lover on occasions, but only when she wanted him to be. No, that would sound pathetic. Hell. She was pretty, damn pathetic. “I’m sorry.” The only thing she could think to say.

He forced a smile. “So am I. But at least I know not to waste my time anymore.”

He whirled to leave but before she realized it, she grabbed his arm. “Wait.”

He twisted half way around. “Why?”

The hurt in his eyes was unmistakable, but there was something else. Attraction. He still wanted her.
Nate couldn’t believe his luck. He came to the fund raiser, drank the right amount of whiskey to forget her, and here she was, standing in front of him, holding his arm. “I asked, why?”
She owed him an answer. Especially after witnessing the mayor kiss her. He deserved an answer.

And by the desire in her eyes, he could tell she still wanted him too. A spark still flared between them.

He watched Storm, clutching her purse against the green dress that clung to every sexy curve. How he remembered molding those curves with his hands and mouth. Her taste still lingered on his tongue long after he’d dressed for work that morning. He’d watched her sleep for a few moments before he’d left.

But tonight he noticed her soft red curls, dangling in spirals several inches past her shoulders, and her make-up, she was actually wearing some. As a natural beauty, she didn’t need it.
He forced himself to control his hunger, temper and his breathing, but all three were slipping from his grasp. He had to get the hell out of her - here. Damn it. Here.

Why’d she have to lie to him? If she wasn’t interested in him, all she had to do was tell him to get the fuck lost. But she hadn’t. Instead, she had sex with him.


He stepped toward her and leaned near her ear. “If this was some kind of sick joke.” His eyes bore into hers, searching. The faint scent of her perfume brought back images he’d tried hard to forget.

He closed his eyes, remembering her mouth and hands all over him, and her smooth, silky skin sliding beneath his. “I don’t get it.”

She released his arm. “Nate, I wasn’t playing games. What happened was unexpected. I hadn’t planned that to happen.” She glanced around. “This is awkward. Can we go somewhere to talk?”

“No. I gotta go.” He pivoted and left her standing alone. She called out to him, but he had to keep walking. It was the only way. He marched to the bar and stood next to Paul. “I need a double Chivas on the rocks.”

The barmaid nodded.

“I don’t think you should.”

Nate didn’t care.

“Women, again?” Paul asked, knowingly.

“Nope. Never. Ever. Again.” Nate downed the drink in one long gulp. How the hell had he allowed himself to feel something for this woman so fast. It wasn’t like they’d been dating or anything. One fuck doesn’t count for shit, but try telling that to his jealous heart.

Seeing Mayor Harper kiss Storm twisted a knife in his gut. The pain hurt like hell. Then when the Mayor put his arms around her waist, he wanted to run over and knock Harper on his political ass. He groaned under his breath.

“Slow down, man.” Paul patted Nate’s shoulder. “I need a sober partner marketing our new surgery center. That’s why I bought those expensive tickets. Most of these people are loaded and they could be future contributors or even clients.”

Nate glanced at his friend.

Then Paul lifted his chin, indicating for Nate to look behind him. He turned and saw a slender, sexy brunette standing behind him, staring. The slit on her dress rose almost to her thigh, and the v shaped neckline around her overflowing breasts landed almost on her naval.

He ordered another drink. “Marketing.” He could tell his words slurred just slightly, confirmed by the grin on Paul’s face.

“Go get em’, tiger.” Paul laughed. “But don’t scare her off.” He pushed Nate toward the woman.

Nate stumbled. The lady in red smiled when she noticed him approaching.

“Hi there, sweetheart.” Her southern accent dripped heavily as she sized him slowly.


She put her hand out and Nate lifted it to his mouth and kissed the inside of her wrist.
The woman’s smile widened. “Let’s say we go outside in the garden, shall we?”

Nate took her hand and placed it across his arm. “Lets shall.” He didn’t make a lick of sense. His gaze traveled across the room and found Storm watching. Her arms crossed just under her chest. “It’s crowded in here,” he said.

He’d get Storm out of his mind one way or another. If good ole’ Mr. Scotch couldn’t do it, maybe the brunette could. All he could do was try, plus he’d let Paul believe he was outside, marketing.

Once in the garden, the woman backed him into a wall. She forced her lips on his. “Whoa. Slow down.” He pried her hands from around his neck.

“Why, darlin’?” She lifted her face and puckered her lips. He turned his head and she sighed. “I thought we both were on the same page.”

He thought he was as well until she threw herself at him. It almost sobered him. “We are. But let’s go for a walk first. Get away from prying eyes.”

He had to try to keep her from trying to seduce him. Clasping his hands, she grabbed his arm and wrapped it over her shoulder.

“You can feel me and no one would ever know.” She angled his hands on her breasts. For a split second, he allowed himself to enjoy her warmth, but it didn’t take long to realize he didn’t care one way or another. Not that she was ugly, though her beauty didn’t do a thing for him. They walked across the garden and came to a gazebo.

“Shall we?” she asked.

With a casual nod, he followed. “I think I gave you the wrong impression – Ms?” He didn’t even know her name.

“Mary Long,” she ran her hand along his chest. “And you are?”

Long? That name sounded familiar. The only Long he was familiar with was Senator Christian Long. Holy hell. Was she his wife? Damn. Damn. Damn.

“I’m Davis.” He didn’t dare give his full name.

Bugs buzzed between them. He patted his face as though something had bit him. “We better get inside quick. I’m allergic to mosquito bites.” He stood and put his hand out for her.

She tilted her head. “Seriously?”

“Oh yeah. If one of those blood suckers bite me I swell up the size of a watermelon.” He knew by her look she wouldn’t dare be caught in public with a man who had a large watermelon head. He slapped his face. “Oh no.”

Mary’s eyes rounded the size of quarters. “My God. It got you?”

“Oh God.” He gasped.

She ran away faster than he thought she could in those spiked heels, not even bothering to look back to make sure he was following.

“Nice meeting you too,” he whispered. What the hell are you doing? You don’t want to touch another woman, and especially not the senator’s wife. Damn it.

Rubbing his face, he moaned into his hands. Storm Morgeaux ruined him. One night with her, and his life was done with.

He snorted. “Drunk and pitiful.”

Storm twisted the ring around her finger, aching to leave the fund raiser in a bad way. She paced the front parlor, then searched for Harper. Instead of finding him, she found good ole’ Dr. Davis hitting on the Long’s wife.

She scanned the room and found the senator eyeing a young waitress. Those two deserved each other, and the Senator would deserve whatever he got. Nate on the other hand -.

What the hell was he doing? Did he have a death wish?

A shot of jealousy moved through Storm when Mary hooked her arm around Nate’s. Storm ached to pounce on her like a wild cat, wanting to claw the woman to pieces. A pang of regret settled in her bones for blowing him off, but it was for the best. Wasn’t it? It had to be, but why didn’t it feel that way?

She twisted the ring again and again while her temper rose. She glanced to the left and saw Harper buried deep in conversation with more politicians. She hoped he hadn’t spotted her staring at Nate.

She had to warn Nate that Mary was married to someone that could squash him and his career. She could at least do that much for him. Especially since he seemed to think she was a total liar. In some ways, she had become one. It poisoned her, and hurt to realize she comprimised the standards and morals she had built herself around. Gone.

How had she lost sight of who she was?

Okay, she’d let him in on Mary, then leave and go home. She thought about Chevy and hoped to God he’d been the perfect gentleman without her. At least she hoped she still had a sofa to sit on. She continued to the back door, when Paul Stuart stopped her.

"Hello, Ms. Morgeaux. We meet again.” He stood in her way.

“Hello, Paul. Excuse me.” She stepped around him.

“I wouldn’t go out there right now if I were you.” He raised his brows. “You might not want to see the view.”

Storm crossed her arms. “You are not me, so move it.” She so was not herself either, but she blasted the door open and Mary ran inside, her face flushed, her hair a slight mess.

Mary gasped. “Oops. Sorry.”

Storm watched the senator's wife run into the ladies restroom. Damn, that was fast. They couldn’t have. They hadn’t. Or had they? Heat sucked the breath from her, and flushed her face as she stepped outside.

“Looking for me?” Nate called from the right.

Storm narrowed her eyes at him. “No. I’m looking for Harper.”

“Sure you are.” He strode toward her, his body tilting toward the side like gravity was pulling on him. He stopped, adjusted his tie and his stand.

“Do you know who that woman was?” She pointed toward the door and didn’t let him answer.
“That’s Mary Long. You know, the senator’s wife. Have you no couth?”

He stepped inches from her. “Look who’s talking!”

Her temper gnawed for release, and she tried to keep her cool by biting her top lip. She held her fist close to her sides. “Is that what this is about? You screwed her because I’m here with Harper, my date?” If he was trying to get to her, he had suceeded.

Nate’s brows creased. “Date? You said he was your boyfriend.”

“I did not. You said that.” She crossed her arms so she wouldn’t hit him.

He took a step closer, his eyes narrowed, and his chest rose up and down. “Why did you come out here?”

Screw it. It was clear he didn’t want her around. Hello! You dumped him, it was for the best, remember. Frustration flared through her, thinking about Mary touching Nate and Nate touching her. God only knows what STDs the senator gave her, and what she might have given to Nate.

Hell, why had she come out here in the first place? To stop him from making a complete ass out of himself, or was it to stop Mary from having Nate. Damn, she didn’t know anymore.

Nate glared at her, waiting for her reply. He stumbled a step back, and then two steps forward.

She shook her head. “Are you drunk?” She sighed and gave in to the truth. “I was only trying to help.”

Nate inched closer, his knees bumping her legs. She shut her eyes, aware his face was inches from hers. The smell of whiskey and man mingled in the sultry air. Her gut clenched. She suspected if she tasted him, she would get high. Would it be from the alcohol or the man?

Light-headed and dizzy, she rubbed her temples. Standing so close to him, she was overwhelmed by the memories of his seductive kiss. How she’d melted beneath his touch.

His breath brushed her face and strands of hair tickled her neck, spreading shivers down the slope of her back. God, she wanted him to touch her right now.

As though he’d read her mind, his hand roughly cupped underneath her chin, and lifted her gaze to meet his. “And just who were you trying to help, Storm?”