Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gearing Up for Nationals


Where has the time gone? Only two weeks and 1 day before RWA Nationals and I'm getting more and more excited. This will be my second time going, the first time was in Dallas. It was so overwhelming, but I had the time of my life. I made some wonderful friends and I know I'll meet many more.

Nationals is a great time to learn from the best editors, agents and authors. And if you have pitch appointments make sure you can sum up your story in one line, two lines and three lines. It helps if you can do this, at least thats the buzz. Make sure you point out why your romantic suspense (insert your genre here) stands out from the rest of the pack, and remember the editors and agents are people just like you - looking for a great book to entertain them.

Remember to talk to them - not "at" them. Tons of people will be pitching, you want to be the person who they remember. It's okay to be nervous, but don't forget to ask them questions too. Don't you want to know what their goals are too?

If you are shy this is the time to speak up. Don't waste all that money you spent (and maybe the best manuscript pitch ever) sitting in your room, wishing you were out there with everyone else. Get out there! If you don't know anyone, come seek me out. I'm shy too, but this is your career...you have to get over it.

Good luck to those pitching! Don't forget to have fun! Soak up all the workshops you can.

And even though I missed the sign up slot for pitches, I'll be looking for that special agent that fits me & my goals and crossing my fingers that I fit theirs too.

Dawn Chartier