Monday, July 26, 2010

RWA Nationals, here I come...

I'm not leaving yet, but I'll be there soon enough. I can't wait to learn tons, meet new people and see old friends. I'm excited about The Gathering party too. I get to meet all the FF&P groupies...should be fun.

Anyway, BURIED BONES, my romantic suspense with paranormal elements is hoping to find a home with an agent and then with a wonderful publisher. Now to get my pitch down to a science. I've only changed it twenty times. Must leave it alone. haha...

I'll have a couple USB drives (they have cute little skeleton heads on it) with a sample of the first 30 pages just in case. Must go prepared. One never knows when the opportunity will arrive.

If you see a brownish-blonde, curly hair woman - that might be me. Come say hello.

Have a great time if you are going. If not keep reading or working on your book.

Nationals bound, baby!