Sunday, May 16, 2010

Blog On Hold ~

My blog will be inactive due to a death in my family.
I will return next week.

Thank you,
Dawn Chartier
Not An Angel, TWRP


韋于倫成 said...


Cornelle said...

Just stopping by to let you know that those whose lives you've touched in even the smallest ways hold you and yours in our prayers.

"Your tears are just a temporary release of the pain, sorrow and grief. They're expressions that just can't be controlled. But don't worry. God's gonna wipe all of your tears away."

Cornelle Keveen

Pepper said...

Sorry to hear about the death in your family. I know how hard it is to go on with life after someone you love dies. Hang in there.

I wanted to enter your contest for a free book, but the link isn't working. I loved the excerpt.