Saturday, May 29, 2010

OMG! Awesome!!! Review for NOT AN ANGEL (Mind-Blowing!!)

Being new at this publishing business I'm not sure if posting reviews for my book is a good or bad thing. I'm not trying to toot my own horn, but this is the second review that I happened to find while googling my name. (searching for reviews of course) Anywho, I'm tickled to death to see "someone" actually enjoying my book. Well, that is two "someones" now...(grin) So if you care to read the review please do...but if you think "how tacky" then just ignore me....
Other wise I'm sqeeeeeeeeing....when I see the words "mind-blowing" in a review - I gotta sqee....I'll email my sqee to all my buddies too so they can roll their eyes at me...haha...

Hugs to all!

4 cups
"Ms. Chartier creates an intense read that keeps the reader totally engrossed. I could feel for Kira and Trace with all their conflicts they each endured. Kira was deeply grounded in her love for her family and that definitely shined through in the story. I love the way Trace fights all obstacles to protect her. Not An Angel is a captivating read. The dialogue is wonderfully penned, the emotions mind-blowing; so incredibly sincere that the reader cannot help but have their heart pierced by the way Kira and Trace always make contact in this stirring read."

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More