Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Marketing For Writers....

Now that my release date is getting closer, I can't help but feel a little nervous due to the promotion end of the "authors" job. (not that I mind it, but its something new to me.)

I've put the question out there on a few authors groups, "What's the best way to promote your book?" I got so many answers my head spun. (grin) Bottom line is that I need to find my own way. What might work for them, may not work for me. True. Just like writing - everyone has their own style and voice.

I plan to try out different methods and see what works. My plan is to "Blog Swap" with other authors. Mostly, new authors, but I'm open to anyone with a book coming out or just released. So if you know of any new authors that want to swap blogs - send them my way...

Mainly I think writers need to be *friendly* to anyone who crosses their path. I heard Deborah LeBlanc state this over and over again. She says to put others first. Help those around you. If you go to Deborah LeBlanc's website you'll see how she helps others. What a great lady!

FYI: I'll have a few guest bloggers once they are back from RT, and then I'll be on their blogs. I'll let you know once all the details are completed.

Lots of luck to every author ready to promote!

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