Thursday, January 5, 2012

Q&A Interview's for DIAMONDS (and see why I'm such a goof sometimes)

For my first interview(s) for my first contemporary erotic romance novella, Diamonds, I totally goofed. I scheduled two interviews on the same day, but that’s not the problem.

The problem is I thought they were the same blogger, and used one bloggers questions/answers for both blogs. Don’t ask. *shakes head* I saved the file as romanceinterview1-5. (Duh!)

This is authors (Or maybe it’s just me) need someone to set up blog tours for them. Thankfully, both bloggers got a kick out of it and were very understanding. (Thank you, ladies)

So if you get a chance, please stop by one or both places (If you dare to read it twice) and leave a comment for a chance to win Diamonds before it’s released. (Yes, I’m totally embarrassed! But I’m still thrilled with the upcoming release. I think the cover is pretty too, but it's my baby so who knows.) lol

DIAMONDS, coming Jan 18th –

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