Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Review in for Not An Angel from Place Of Reeds...

My latest review from Place of Reeds by Cana. (Thank you, Cana!)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Life hasn’t been easy for Kira. After loosing her husband and child, and her brother-in-law going psycho-obsessive, she finds herself on the edge of a bridge in an attempt to end her life.
Trace, a Poryria Vampire Guardian, was not expecting to save a woman, let alone not being able to leave her side. He struggles with the darkness of his past, and the potential darkness of his future.
It is only when they both accept their bond with each other and face the darkness together that they can win the battle, but will they figure it out in time?

I think this was a great book. It wasn’t a hard read, kept up a good pace, and had a good flow. I, of course, really enjoyed the characters through out this book. Kira was a great character. She has always taken care of herself, and has always been strong for herself. But through out this book, she has to learn how to depend on Trace to be strong for her as well as how to be strong for Trace. Trace is the big, strong, good looking vampire. Who doesn’t like that? But it is more than that. He wants to protect Kira, even sometimes against her will. But he isn’t perfect. He struggles with his own burdens about his past, and his potential of becoming a Vry.

I found some of the other characters great for additional entertainment. The Queen (loved the play on Scottish history! Best use of history in a paranormal novel for me in a while!) was a strong, controlling woman of power. She didn’t mind men, but the Queen B comes out when women arrive. Mike, brother dearest, I think is the character with the most potential to grow (a plus for the next book, hint hint). Mike’s attitude towards humans and towards Poryrias was an interesting blend.

I only had 2 disappointments with this book. 1, it wasn’t long enough. I could have gone with another 50-70 pages. I feel like some of the information they gave could have been expanded on (but, maybe this is just the opening for several more books!). 2, I would have loved a glossary of terms/traditions. There was so much about the Poryria and the Vry that I would have liked to have had a glossary to turn to for additional information.

On a whole, I really loved this book. I highly recommend this book to others.

Happy Reading!

Hugs to you, Cana for this very sweet review. And read the interview if too if you get the chance!

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