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On My Mind by, Sara Megibow (Agent) ~ from Newsletter Article

(This is an article from Nelson Agency - Permission was granted to me to repost by Sara Megibow)
On My Mind by Sara Megibow
My son is seven years old, and he’s short. I’m short, my husband is short. No big surprise there, right? Last month the kid and I were in line for ski passes. For those of you who don’t ski, please know that ski passes are not cheap. They range from $80 to $150 per day per skier. But we like to ski, so we budget for it. At the cash register, the total was much lower than I expected so I said, “That’s two regular-priced tickets, please, not one.” Cashier said, “Oh, I thought your son was five. He would have been free at five.” The woman in line behind me said (loudly), “Why on earth did you say anything? You should have taken the free ticket.” And all I could think to say was, “Because I don’t want to teach my son that honesty is only for rich people.” So, I paid full price, and my son was there to learn the lesson.Honesty.
When an author has a book for sale, one of our goals is to sell that book for money. Most authors will make a little money, some will make more money, and a verrrrrry few will make a lot of money. Regardless, in publishing, one goal is to bring in money. (Another goal is high artistic integrity, but more on that in another post.)
When readers pirate books for free, they are not paying the authors for those works. Those authors earn nothing for all their hard work. Now, I get that it's tempting to get a free book. And I also know that an author is popular if he/she is being regularly pirated. Pirated books can and probably do spread the word to legitimate book buyers. But that should not be the rationale.
Don’t take music files without paying for them. Don’t post pictures on your website that you don’t own. Don’t sneak into a movie without paying for it. Don’t lie to get cheaper ski passes. Be honest.
What's Hot by Sara Megibow
I spent a week in NYC this month. Mostly I was enjoying New York ComicCon and geeking out with 119,000 other comic-book fans. But I did manage to do some work between getting autographs and being a fan girl. What’s hot in the world of adult science fiction and fantasy right now?
Based on meetings I had at ComicCon:
  • The mash-up! Science fiction with steampunk, fantasy set in an historical time period with vampires, space opera with magic wands and prophecies. This is one reason Michael Martinez is getting such amazing advance publicity for THE DAEDALUS INCIDENT, his debut science fiction mash-up scheduled for early 2013.
  • Commercial, fun, high-action science fiction. Think spaceships, aliens, battles, cool gadgets--the works.
  • Epic fantasy with a unique story. A story bigger than “adventurers on an epic journey to find the magic object that will save the world.” Betsy Dornbusch has an epic fantasy called EXILE (Feb 2013) set in a totally unique world. This is what’s hot.

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