Saturday, November 17, 2012

The post office delivered WHAT?

Last week I was expecting two boxes of books from a friend, Barbara Vey. Well, one of the boxes came in and all was well.  Yay! A few days later I get another box. The box was still sitting on my front porch, and I wondered why the hubby hadn't brought it in. He proceeds to tell me he wasn't bringing that mess inside. Hmm. I had no idea what he meant be that.

So I go outside to bring the box inside, and found a very odd surprise. The box had multiple holes in it, and it had oily stains all over it.

I figured this box was accidentally delivered to me, so I proceeded to read the label and it matched the first box of books, but I could barely see where it had come from, but sure enough it was from the same address as before. 

I opened the box and found an engine. Wha???? Needless to say I was very puzzled.

My daughter suggested that Barbara was shipping the engine to a mechanic, and accidentally sent me the engine and sent the mechanic the books. Well, wouldn't he get a surprise if that were true... :-)

So I called Barbara and her voice mail picks up. I leave her a message that went something like this.
"Hi Barb - It's Dawn. Um. Did you send me an engine? Call me."

Anyway I left the engine on my porch because the stupid thing was leaking oil through the box, plus it must have weighed 40 pounds, which got me thinking, how could some one ship an engine for $10.95?  That's what the label read.  Man she got a deal. lol

Later I left for the mall with the kiddo to shop for her home-coming dress and shoes, and while she was trying on dresses, Barbara called me back.

"Hi Dawn.  I don't think I heard you right. Did you say, and she proceeds to spell it. "E.N.G.I.N.E."

I busted out laughing in the dressing room, and I'm sure people thought I was insane.  "Yep. That's what I said. The box was from you, but didn't have books inside. It had an greesy engine."

We laughed and she suggested I contact the post office.  So I called them and told them and the lady thought it was funny.  She told me the supervisor would call, but I haven't heard a word. The motor is still sitting on my porch, and it might still be there for Thanksgiving when all the family comes over. Wouldn't that make a great conversational piece. :-) "Er, Dawn. Why do you have an engine on your porch?"  

Were you ever surprised by a package before? 

Dawn Chartier
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Deb Franklin said...

Nothing on that level! Did get some mail that looked like it had been in a dog fight with gobs of tape all over it. Included was a tape notice from the post office saying they found it in a machine.