Saturday, February 4, 2012

Update for FF&P Conference - New Keynote Speaker

It is with sad news, but Karen M. Moning's editor informed us that Karen will no longer be able to keynote for this year's Fantasy On The Bayou conference on March 2-4, 2012. I know, I was really looking forward to it too. But it is out of our hands.

As my conference co-chair says, all is not lost... (other than some hair and tears) lol

But just like magic, a wonderful woman who is an amazing author graciously stepped up, volunteering everything she can offer at a last minutes notice, and I will never forget the kindness of her heart!

MAGGIE SHAYNE! Yes, THE Maggie Shayne! Thank you, Maggie! You are a wonderful wonderful lady and I'm so excited to hear your keynote and hopefully I'll have time to attend your workshops. (yes, she offered to do 2).

So if you haven't signed up for the conference please do so now! We still have some room for workshops and pitches! And what better city to see Maggie Shayne in...really! Click Here. FANTASYONTHEBAYOU.BLOGSPOT.COM

See y'all in New Orleans,
Dawn Chartier

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