Monday, May 14, 2012

Bitter Sweet Mother's Day

I can always tell when Mother's Day is approaching. I start feeling mellow and blue. I know this is not how Mother's Day should be, but to be honest it is.

Two years ago on Mother's Day my mother took a trip to visit my sister. I sort of pushed her to get out the house and head on over to see my sister's new place. So I went to my Mom's house early that morning, and helped her get ready for the trip. My Dad was hesitant, but I wasn't. I thought it would do her good to get out. (She had RA, and stayed home due to her illness.)

While my husband's family came over my house, and we celebrated with his family. I never knew I would never spend another Mother's Day with my Mom.

After my guests left I called my sister to see how my Mom's visit went. My sister was frantic on the phone, stating that my Mom was passed out on the ground, and she would call me back. Long story short my Mom's back broke after attempting to get back into my Dad's van to leave. She said she passed out from the pain, and it scared her to death. An ambulance came, and took my Mom to one hospital, and then moved her to another one.

I don't know if I ever had the chance to apoligize for insisting she go. My family tells me that no matter where she went next, that this could have happened, and yes I know that, but you know how it is...

Long story short, she died about five days or so later. So Mother's Day is hard every year.

I do enjoy being with my girls for Mother's Day, and I work hard to keep my "blue side" hidden for them, because I do enjoy my time with them. I also enjoy spending time with my In-Laws as well... I'm guessing it will take me a few more Mother's Day to get past the "blues"....

I have a great family who does understand, and I thank God for each moment with them.

This Mother's Day the hubby gave me a day of beauty at the spa, and my daughter's gave me a swim suit cover up to match my new bathing suit, a scent warmer and oil, and a pretty "C" decorative flag to put outside. We all spent the day with the In-Laws, and had a wonderful family lunch. I don't know what I would do without them.

Today, I'm back to my old self...(cause' that's how Mom would want it.)

Off to go write!
~ Dawn

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