Thursday, May 8, 2008

Just chatting

I had to take a break at work, so here I am.
I'm really getting excited by going to Pen to Press Writers Conference at the end of this month.
I think it will really help (at least I hope it will) with my writing skills.
The classes will be tought by authors, and then we will get the chance to pitch our stories to a few agents/editors at the end of the conference.

Well, if I have a lot to learn from this conference and many changes from that, I'm not sure I'd like to pitch a story that needs work, if that makes any since at all??

I also wanted to ask writers out there is there a certain place you seem to get most of your ideas from. Say example: After I drop my daughter off at school and I'm driving to work, I turn on this side street I think it's called Central Ave. I always seem to get book ideas........then I forget this morning, I grabbed a pen and paper and jotted down one of the ideas...Does this happen to you?? I wonder why on Central Ave I get things that pop into my head?? Strange, huh.

On another note: Things I've read lately - Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer - Loved the book, but not liking where the ending led to...guess we have to wait for book #4 - Autumn Dawn...(p.s. This is a YA book along with the others in this series, first book was Twilight, it is a very clean book with all kinds of paranormal, it's great)

Till next time, good luck writing and reading....
Dawn Chartier

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