Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Week of Revision Hell

Yesterday I started my second week of Revision Hell.
I only took one day off last week, only because I revised 40 pages on Sunday.
I can't remember who many pages I had last week but I want to say it was near 150 pages.

Yesterday I revised 27 pages, and I'm up to Chapter 13. Not bad if I can say so myself. I'm hoping this puppy will be done at least by Sunday...... Then I'll send out my submissions as requested......(I already sent one, only because I know they will take a little while, shh..don't tell you are not supposed to do that, but no worries, I'll be ready!)

One more little note, Saturday I was appointed Co-Director of Sola RWA. (I'm just filling till the end of the year.) --- Now I best get busy........

Have a great week.
Dawn Chartier

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