Sunday, September 30, 2007

What's going on with me?

Well, not too much, but actually a lot. (haha)
I've been working on my voodoo story trying to get it up to par.
It was going so smoothly until the end, now I think I can get a better ending, but not exactly sure how just yet.

Other than that, don't laugh, I'm taking commercial acting lessons. Yeah, I know. You say "Dawn, your too old to do that stuff."..... I say. "No not really, look at commercials and they are all types of ages, sizes, colors and what ever....... If I feel I can get over my camera phobia, I might just have a chance... Never liked camera's!!! But, if you live in New Orleans film making is becoming very popular, I want to see if I might can fit in somewhere. You all know I write, maybe someone will need a script writer?? Hmmm... The big picture is I'm trying to stop working for my hubby. I need my own space. I want to work, but not full time. (cause I want to write full time) So a friend told me about commercials, and now I'm in there you go......I've already been a Extra on a movie, haven't seen the movie yet to see if I'm shown or not.... I went straight to video. The movie was called THE LAST TIME......Michael Keaton and Brandan Frasier.....anywho, gotto go.......just wanted to drop by and say hi.......

p.s. I so can't wait to October to get here.... K-Con in New Orleans, including Anne Rice's Vampire Ball......Whooo-Hoooooo!!!!!!


Monday, September 10, 2007

Update on GENUS

I received 1 pass on GENUS, but the same editor would like to take a look at my new story.
I'll take that as a good sign.

Now I'm polishing up my first 3 chapters of Voodoo Style and will send out to see if it grabs someone's attention. I hope so, I really like it. I think it's much better than GENUS (in a different way). I think GENUS actually would make a great's that type of action, none stop...... VOODOO STYLE I think would do good selling books. At least thats the goal...

Anywho, back to writing, just needed to stop by for a short break.

Dawn Chartier

Sunday, September 2, 2007

My book pitches

Just wanted to do a quick report for my friends.
My book pitches this weekend went well. I have 3 requests for my new story, which I'm thrilled about. I think this novel is much better than the last...

Heathers conference was great again.

Well, I'm tired, and I'm going to listen to some advice from a editor. She said to stop all the blogging. Write your book instead. Okay, KD that's what I'm going to do. Blogging will be minimum from now on...

So good night from New Orleans,