Sunday, September 30, 2007

What's going on with me?

Well, not too much, but actually a lot. (haha)
I've been working on my voodoo story trying to get it up to par.
It was going so smoothly until the end, now I think I can get a better ending, but not exactly sure how just yet.

Other than that, don't laugh, I'm taking commercial acting lessons. Yeah, I know. You say "Dawn, your too old to do that stuff."..... I say. "No not really, look at commercials and they are all types of ages, sizes, colors and what ever....... If I feel I can get over my camera phobia, I might just have a chance... Never liked camera's!!! But, if you live in New Orleans film making is becoming very popular, I want to see if I might can fit in somewhere. You all know I write, maybe someone will need a script writer?? Hmmm... The big picture is I'm trying to stop working for my hubby. I need my own space. I want to work, but not full time. (cause I want to write full time) So a friend told me about commercials, and now I'm in there you go......I've already been a Extra on a movie, haven't seen the movie yet to see if I'm shown or not.... I went straight to video. The movie was called THE LAST TIME......Michael Keaton and Brandan Frasier.....anywho, gotto go.......just wanted to drop by and say hi.......

p.s. I so can't wait to October to get here.... K-Con in New Orleans, including Anne Rice's Vampire Ball......Whooo-Hoooooo!!!!!!


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