Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A cruise to remember!

Just got back from a wonderful cruise on the Carnival Valor. Although, I wouldn't recommend 7 days on a ship to anyone. At least, that is not my idea of a great vacation. Next time I'm flying to an island, skip the boat scene....4 to 5 day cruise would have been plenty of sailing for me.....

I got plenty of writing idea's from this trip, and no it's not going to be about a cruise. It's more of an tropical island mystery thriller. I only say this because after our trip we heard our driver happened to sort of be a sly fellow, I won't go into details, but let's say his day job was a cover-up. He didn't tell us this, but the locals did. Maybe they were joking to give us a thrill, but boy did idea's pop into my sunburned head...

Then we ended up on a nude beach, stunned. We had no clue. You can imagine our surprise. We ended up snokeling in St. Thomas and St. Maarten, what beautiful beaches they have....Wow!!! We also visited Atlantis in Nassau. Gorgeous!

Now its time to get back into the writing, and stop crying about how tired I am and how much weight I gained on the trip...(did someone say diet?)

Okay, anyone in the New Orleans area want to attend a SOLA writers meeting please do. 2 meetings are free...and in August we have a great author speaker, "Diana Rowland".

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