Thursday, September 4, 2008

Home Sweet Home NOLA

Gustav came and left. Some areas hit harder than others.
My home survived. I believe Houma and Baton Rouge areas got hit the hardest this time.
I have friends and family in both areas and they say this was the worst they've ever seen.

Our worries were the levees on the Westbank, but good news, they held tight. A few leaks, but the Corps are working on them to get them good as new.

We lost some trees, and the yard and pool is a mess, but overall we are safe and sound.

I dreaded evacuating, having to miss Heather Graham's writers conference, but I heard the hotel kicked them out Saturday morning. All those authors and editors had to leave. Sorry guys, but that's how it goes in New Orleans. Better to get out than to stay where it's not safe.

Kathy sorry I missed your Divorce party, next year lady...I'll be there come rain or shine....
Erin, missed seeing you, Kathleen, Kate, Adam, and the Sola group.....I'm thinking about squeezing in another conference, maybe we will catch up then........

Dawn Chartier

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