Thursday, March 5, 2009


Argh...I still need to pack for the conference. I haven't started because I always debate on what to wear. I could dress up or I could just dress up jeans, maybe I could just could go el'cas-u-al...I know, who cares....(me!)

I've never been to Nola Stars, but a fellow Sola writer, Pamela Kopfler, said it was pretty good. I enjoy smaller conferences because you really get to meet people. Bigger conferences you tend to feel a little lost, too much of everything.

But, if I were a big time author, then that would be a totally different story! (I'll get there.)

All I want to do is learn all I can about the craft. Meet some people who like to write, and maybe meet a few agents or editors, put some feelers out there...

Anywho, gotta get my butt out of this chair and start packing for the conference. If you are going, come say hi... I'd love to meet you.

Dawn Chartier

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