Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Karen Marie Moning "Fever Series Fans" Lunch in New Orleans with Jericho's z-lo (not with Karen)

(sorry for posting this again, had a error on last one)

A friend of mine has set up a World Tour Z-Lo lunch for fans of the "Fever series".

Why you ask? Well she has in her hands the Z-Lo. This is Jericho Barron's version of the MacHalo. We don't know why Jericho has this Z-lo? I'm guessing the answer will be in Karen's Dreamfever book coming out on August 18th.

So if anyone wants to join us:
Place: Port-Of-Call
Date: July 11th
Time: 11:30am
Address: 838 Esplanade Avenue,
New Orleans, LA 70116

(I tried posting a link to a map, but it didn't work. Go to google maps and search the address listed above, sorry.)

Debbie D and I would love to meet other Moning fans, we will take pics with the z-lo before we send to the next lucky person.....

"Stay to the lights!"
Dawn Chartier

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