Saturday, August 29, 2009

What other people think of the books you have in your home.

Ever wonder what other people might think about the books you have around the house?

Being a writer I have tons of books stashed every where. But some of my books aren't books that I read for just pleasure, some are for research. I have to sometimes explain to people when they see a Voodoo spell book, a sprirts books, or psychic book that I'm not a Voodoo Priestess or a psychic.

Do I believe in ghosts?

Sure, why not. I'm open-minded, at least I try to be. Now, I'm more of the type of person that wants to debunk that its not a ghost. But, if I can't explain it, then who am I to say they aren't real.

Now my horror writer books with blood drops (not real ones) on the cover make people look at me differently. "I didn't know you like that kind of stuff."

Well, honestly I do. Thats why I'm researching how to write them. Only hard part is keeping the romance in a horror story, but I'm getting there. I think the romance sortof sits in the back seat to the suspense is all.

So do you have some really odd books hanging around your house? If so, what would people who didn't know you think they were about?

Have a great weekend.

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