Friday, November 27, 2009

Recap on Sola's November Meeting with author, Robin Wells

Robin did a excellent job at our last month Sola-RWA meeting. She went over a lot of things that are so important to all writers. Here is a recap on a "few" items she mentioned.

Significant Details is something that reveals characters, such as, tapping fingers, rolling eyes, blinks too much. There are a lot of other details you can add to your story such as something that illustrates a theme to the book (symbolism) like, the weather, mountains, a streetcar, etc. or you could add something that means a lot to the character, ex: a ring the characters mother gave her. This item could trigger an emotional response.

Details can be: A thing, a person, a action or a place. But, make them important to the character. Something emotional will go a long way.

Details should be strong verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs.

Robin gave us an assignment as well, you might want to try it out.
Your character opens a closet. What does she or he find? What does it mean to them?

There are tons more details that power the significant details, but this will get you started. If ever you have the chance to buy Robin Wells books, she will give you many examples, and a enjoyable read too. Her next book I believe is How To Score.

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