Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cooking with a Cougar ~ Sounds dangerous....

A few weeks ago I went a friend's party. Well, it was really her childrens party, but that is where I met cookbook author, Rosemary Donnelly. I actually met her many many years ago when I was a teen. I hung out with her nephew and his friends. (although she doesn't remember me.)

Well, how often is it that there are two authors at the same party when it has nothing to do with books. I think pretty darn rare.

It was such a pleasure to chat with Rosemary about her new cookbook. I enjoyed listening to her stories, such as her fun photo shoot. (You have to check out her Cougar pictures.) She has a great personality, and I know by browsing her website, it shows.

I think Cooking with a Cougar comes out right after Christmas and the only place you can purchase it is from her website. (I think? Could be wrong.)...

So if you want some great receipes, and a fun time reading. I highly recommend her "Cooking with a Cougar" cookbook.

Rosemary's website is: www.cougarinstincts.com
Wishing you luck, Rosemary!!!

Happy Holidays,
Dawn Chartier
NOT AN ANGEL, coming out in 2010 with The Wild Rose Press


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