Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays...

Tonight I'm sitting in bed with a tummy and back ache. Both were self-inflicted. First, I ate too much at our office luncheon party (corn and crab bisque. Yum!), then I came home and wrapped gifts for several hours straight.

As I look around my bedroom, I realize it looks like a tornado hit or like my daughter switched rooms with me. lol

Boxes, bags, wrapping paper, tissue, name tags, and gifts are everywhere. It took me 10 minutes just to clear off the bed so I could get in. Insane I tell ya.

And what is even more insane is getting my 2nd round edits today. It shouldn't be a real problem though because it doesn't appear to be much. However, the holidays are here, and we are having Christmas at our house this year. It will work out - it always does.

Okay, eyes are closing. I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday!
Hoping you find some really awesome books to read or a sweet contract!

Not An Angel, Out now! (Amazon)
Diamonds, Jan 2012 (Siren Bookstrand)


Bart said...

Great cover, Dawn. Good luck with the new release!

I still love your logo.

Dawn Chartier said...

Thanks, Bart...