Thursday, May 9, 2013

May 11th and June 22nd - Writing Events in the New Orleans Region

This Saturday at 10am to 3pm Sola Writers is having a small fundraiser ($10 members / $15 non-members) in Westwego, LA (at Salaville Perk - Sala Avenue) (15 minutes from New Orleans).

It's more about getting writers (any writer in the NOLA/Gulf Coast area) to come on out for a day for writing and/or plotting. Giving each other ideas to help you move past just an idea, etc.  Can you imagine if 5 or more authors gave you 5 to 10 ideas on where you can take your story next? Or maybe you are stuck on a character? Or maybe just the plot. Whatever it is, these writers will help. And you'll help them right back.

OR if you rather just sit and write - going 20 minute writing sprints, then we will make sure that is what you do. :-) (anyone can attend...) (Lunch not included.)

For more info you can go here...

Self-Editing Class::::You don't want to miss this Self-Editing class on June 22, 2013.  Sr. Editor, Liz Pelletier with Entangled Publishing is going to be teach us how to self-edit our novels before they are sent to a publisher or before we self-publish. (This is an opportunity you don't want to miss!) 

This is an all day class in Metairie, LA - Lunch and Lite Breakfast included. (10 minutes from New Orleans) and it's worth a drive from where ever you are... (You do not need to be a member - anyone can sign up.)

For more info go here...

Can't wait for these events... I hope to see lots of people attend...

Happy Writing,
Dawn Chartier

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