Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving has come and gone...Are you ready for Christmas?

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I did for the most part. I enjoyed my turkey dinner with my In-Laws. And I got to visit my family in Folsom, LA that night as well. However, I'm still in that, "I miss my mom mode." Especially during holidays.

Holidays are the hardest. I'm always thinking about her and how we would celebrate. She'd always cook certain dishes like oyster dressing, coconut-orange balls (don't ask), fruit salad, and even though my sister and/or brother would try to make those dishes, they never come out the same.

My father has a new wife, and while she is a sweet lady and makes my dad very happy, (I'm grateful for that)  I still miss my mom's company, ya know.

So enough about the holiday blues. So what is going on you ask?

Woot! I just got my contract from Entangled for the Vegas novella, and I'm super excited to start on edits and the whole process. Some authors fear the edits, etc.  I look forward to them. This is the part that I feel like I grow the most as an author. I try and absorb from the masters of editing. :-)

(Yuck! I just ate a nasty jelly bean! Sorry for the interruption. Back to the blog.)

Anyway, while I was waiting on the contract I was writing. It helps to pass the time, plus you have another book being created while waiting.  Did it take my mind off the contract? Hell no. LOL  But it certainly kept me sane. (Liz might say otherwise because I bugged her to death, checking in on the status more often than I should have. I should be lucky she hadn't changed her mind or maybe she had. Hope not.)

So, what else? I took my baby girl on a college tour. That was fun! I asked the people if I could attend too. The college was fantastic. I just need to write faster and sell some books so I can afford to send her there. Yep. Expensive. But its hard to say no to your kids dream, esp. when you know you missed out on the same exact one. And esp. since you know they will do great there. We also did her Senior pictures which came out great. I'll post once I get them back.  She's a gamer and captain on her school bowling team, so she wanted to take pictures with those items. They came out really cute.

What else? I threw my oldest daughter her baby shower at the house. It took about 2 months to get the house in shape. Glad it's over. We invited about 80 people, thinking 1/2 would show - don't ever count on that. We had about 80 people show up. I only had about 40 or so chairs set up. But the shower turned out beautiful and my daughter had lots of family and friends shower her with love. :-)  My grandbaby isn't due until February 4th, but I had to get the shower done before the holidays began.

Now on to Christmas. Have you started shopping yet? I have a few things bought, but normally I'm a last minute shopper.  I like to put myself through hell I guess. LOL 

Oh yeah. I got my tree up on December 1st, but as you can see we had a problem with the lights, so there are no decorations up yet. Maybe I'll just leave it like that. Not. Family is coming over Christmas day. Guess this tree has seen its last Christmas.

p.s. If I disappear for a while you know I've gotten my edits to work on.

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!


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