Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer time! Time for Reading on the Beach...

I can't wait to get back to Florida and relax with the family on the beach. Yes. I'm a beach bum! I don't fix my hair or put on any make-up, it's just plain Jane me. Flip flops and all that. (Plus a few extra pounds, but whatever.) 

So far since the kiddo's school's out (Well, she's out for good. Now heading off to college. Boo hoo!), I really hadn't had time to kick back and chill out. I did, however, go to my publishers conference in Las Vegas, where I mixed business with pleasure. Mostly pleasure I'll admit.  (I tried posting pictures but they were all sideways. Sorry.)

I had a great time putting names to faces finally. I know many EP authors and staff but only from Twitter and FB. Oh, and I had the best roomie, Tonya Kuper, she's a YA author, and her book *Anomaly* comes out November 4th, 2014 with Entangled Teen. Can't wait to get my hands on this book. (Wish it were out now so I could read it on the beach. Darn. Maybe I could ask to beta-read it for her. Hint hint. or I'll have to take another beach trip in November. Plot Beach party!!!)

What else is going on? Let's see. If you hadn't heard me screaming from the Louisiana bayou, then you may not know about my Witch novel being acquired. Yep. My Vieux Carre' Witch sister series set in New Orleans got an offer last week. Not just 1 book, but also for book #2 and #3... I'm soooooo thrilled, and it still hasn't totally sunk in yet. I can't wait to see the cover. Love paranormal romance covers. I think this book will be out end of this year or early next. My first deadline is nine days away. (Let the fun begin.)

BUT, before BEWITCHING THE ENEMY (Book 1) comes out, I have another book (novella) that is releasing maybe August or September. It will be part of the new Entangled Publishing *Lovestruck* line.  (Y'all this line is going to be killer!)

This novella is fun and sexy, and part of the Vegas continuity series which includes, Gina Maxwell, Jade Lee w/a Kathy Lyons and me so far. Woot! (Can't believe I'm even mentioned in the same sentence with these two talented authors. My author idols!)  My slice of the series is titled, MASQUERADING WITH THE CEO, (though the title could change) it will be third to release.

And I'm just as excited about this book as I am with my Vieux Carre' Witch series. Probably because I can't wait to read all of these books and read about the surprise ending that none of the authors will know about until the very last author writes it. I think there will be about 20-30 Vegas books? Maybe. That's lots of fun! And sex! LOL 

Then while attending the publishing conference I find out more good news. I can't announce yet, but it's all good. (Those who attended the conference heard, if they were paying attention that is.)  2014 has been one of the best years for me writing wise and personal wise. Keep positive people. Whatever your dreams are - don't ever give up. Reach for what you want. Such as going on vacation to read on the beach. Can't wait! (Sharks stay away please!)

So what do you look forward to reading this summer?

MASQUERADING WITH THE CEO, Entangled, Lovestruck (coming soon)
BEWITHING THE ENEMY, Entangled, Covet (coming soon)
DIAMONDS, Siren, B&N, Amazon Kindle (Out!)
NOT AN ANGEL, Kindle only (Out!)

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