Friday, February 1, 2008

Parade got rained out

Well, last Friday we got rained out for our parade.
But, we rode Wednesday instead, and the weather was so much better, thank god!

We had a great time. My arm is sore from throwing stuff, and my fingers are dried up from wet beads, but other than that I did good.

Tonight, I'm jumping back on the writing wagon since all the chaos is over with for me....Mardi Gras is not over, but for me it is......(at least I hope)

Books I'm reading right now are: Dark Succubi, Glory In Death, and one by CL Wilson, sorry forgot the name of the book but it is a excellent read, I'll post it later.

Well, my pup Samson is still hanging in there though I got up at 3am for some reason thinking he passed away, I found him on the den floor, he didn't move, I turned on the light, he still didn't move. I put my hand on his chest and he suddenly stretched out......scared me!!! I know he's slowly going, but I'm so not ready for him to leave...... I love him so much....he's my lil boy!

Okay, enough depressing stuff......... and back to my day job!

Fantasy on The Rocks!

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