Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Writing Contest - Deadline July 15th - Sola-RWA

Are you a new writer? Have you been writing a while but with no feedback? Are you curious what other's think about your writing, but your too scared to put your work out there?

Well, here is the great part of Sola's Writers Contest. No one needs to know it's your writing. You can enter the contest under a made up name. You'll get awesome feedback from professional writers and published authors. What more could you ask for, well if it's great then it could go in front a agent and/or a New York publisher.

All you need is the first 5 pages (that's easy!) and a 1 page synopsis (synopsis is not judged so if you don't know how to write one, then don't worry about it. Just say this is my Hero's goal, motivation and this is what stops him from getting it. Same thing with the heroine.)

So, the deadline for this contest is now July 15th 2009 - They extended because they need more entrees, that means yours has a better chance at winning!! If it doesn't win, then you still have feedback on your writing from someone who has no idea who you are..........

So there! Enter the contest..........go to www.solawriters.org and look for the Dixie Kane writers contest button and enter........Just Do It!!


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