Monday, March 31, 2014

My first Trip to San Francisco and Sonoma

On the 19th of March the hubby and I went to San Francisco and Sonoma. We both fell in love with both cities even though the start of our trip didn't start off too well.

We never fly first class, but this was a special trip (our anniversary) so we splurged a little, and thank God we did. Our butts were stuck on the plane for 2 hours before it finally got the go ahead to leave. Something to do with computer problems. BUT, there were free drinks in first class. Well worth the extra money. :-)

Here is a picture of me, no make-up and a little tipsy with the hubby while we waited for hours on the plane. (He was feeling no pain as well.)

Once we finally arrived we went straight to bed after checking in. It was 2am our time, midnight San Fran. time. We were exhausted to stay the least.  So the next day we ventured out on our own. We were staying at The Tuscan at the Fishersman Wharf area, and walked to the piers where we heard there would be seals.  And guess what? There were seals! (See them on the docks?)
So we strolled around took pictures, got a few drinks, and took a street car into the city, then got off when it came to the end, and then walked into China Town for lunch. We had one of the best lunches at Great Eastern (I think that was the name.) It was sooooooooooo good. The best Chinese food I've ever eaten.
That is not a picture of the restaurant, but I loved this building, so I had to take a pic. of it. LOL Then after lunch we hiked up the hilly streets to catch a trolly. I guess that's what they call them there? That was fun! The guy had to keep braking and I thought he'd lose his grip or something and we would end up all flying off. But no such luck.  And man was grew up in the same area I was from. Odd. Yes. We chatted about good ole' Louisiana politics.  (I'm still not sure how he knew where we were from, but he did.)

Then we strolled through some art galleries, then saw across the street, Ghirardelli's chocolate factory. OMG! We ran there! LOL We ate Salted caramel chocolate fudge ice cream. Killer stuff! I can still taste it. Sooooo good!

The next day we took a tour on the bus, and then walked through Muir Woods. Big Ass Trees! They reminded me of the trees in Twilight when Edward grabbed Bella and they flew through. Yep. They were huge. If you ever go to San Fran. this is a must see. Here is a sample below.
The hubby looks like a ant next to the tree. :-) It was truly a special trip through the forest and we needed more time, but our tour bus driver almost left us. Gah. Then he dropped us off in the small town of Sausalito. We ate at the Spinnaker for lunch which was nice, but probably geared for the older crowd or maybe it just seemed that way that day. But the view of the water and boats, and the food were really good. We then took a ferry back to San Francisco, but along the way the ferry made stops at all the islands, and we enjoyed the relaxing ride.
That night we didn't do much other than walk to an Irish pub, and I forgot the name of it. But we had a good time, didn't eat dinner, and passed out!  The next morning we had to get up early and pack for Sonoma!

We hired a personal tour driver from a Napa Private Tours, and he really knew his wine! I mean really know his wine. Meaning he studied them. Got a degree and all that. And he has the pin to show it. When people saw his pin at these wine places they were very impressed. "Is that what I think that is?" said one guy pouring our wine. LOL (Our tour guides name is Austin Smith, request him!) Austin actually just started his own wine tour company, but we hired him from Napa Private Tours, he was filling in for Javier. Austin's company is called, Noble Wine Tours. Austin or Javier (Napa) are both great! And I would recommend them both! Austin drove us to I think 5 wineries.  We hit Ram's Gate (Beautiful), Jacuzzi, Bartholmew, (I'm forgetting one), but the last one was amazing, it was called Ledson. We even joined the membership. LOL.
After we were worn out from drinking all day, we headed to the hotel which was also beautiful (MacArthur Place) and the room was perfect! We ate at their restaurant called Saddles, and called in the night.  The next day we played golf at the Stonetree Country Club. Not sure why they call it that, but the views from the course was amazing. They even had these huge rabbits that I thought were baby deer. Ha. I couldn't get a good picture of them they were quick.  That evening after golf we got a couples massage which was OK. I didn't get what I requested so I was a little disappointed because the guy who massaged me I thought would break my shoulders in half. I'm sensitive what can I say.

Other than that, all was well, and I'd love to go back and see more of California. Our trip was too short, but we filled it with lots of adventures. And hope our next trip will be even better.

And look what came in. Woot! Our first shipment of Ledson wine!  Six bottles for me. Six bottles for him. We share like that. :-)

~ Have a great day~


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