Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Been a long time --- I'm back....

Man, has it been forever since I blogged.
Been busy of course as always. I'll just give you one small hint.
"Teenagers"..... yep, those who have them I don't need to explain.

Other than that, I've been touring New Orleans, getting books of voodoo and searching for items and such for my voodoo book. Yeah, I know I should have been done long ago. Well, I am done basically, I just need some really good info on voodoo, gotta get it right....

Other than that, lets see, hmm... Oh, I went to K-Con (Sherrilyn Kenyon's conference) It was so great. She is such a amazing lady. I got to meet another sweet lady at the conference and her name is Barbara Vey. She is with Publishers Weekly and she blog's about books and such. Maybe one day when I'm pubbed she'll blog about me too. (hint hint Barbara).

The Holidays are among us, and I love it. Yes, it is stressful, but it is so great to hear Christmas music and mostly everyone is much nicer...(mostly)...

Well, gotta go!
Wish the Saints good luck against Houston, unless you are from Texas that is.


1 comment:

Barbara Vey said...

Hi Dawn,

It was lovely meeting you, but if you really wanted to butter me up you'd include my blog address and add a link to my site (hint, hint)

And you're a friend on MySpace, what more could I ask for.

Get that book done and sent to me, so I can read it. :)