Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tips on Promotion "Hot Topics"


I keep hearing certain things over and over again when it comes to promotion.
Lots to do with "hot topics" that are in the media's eye, and finding out if your book has those topics in it. So, I researched a few of those "hot topics" in my lastest MS, and looky here. I do have some of them. They say editors/agents would take more interest in it. (not sure about that) And I also hear that I need to come up with a great tag line. I'm sure I could do that. (we will touch that subject in another post)

Overall, I believe if the writer doesn't know how to capture your interest (at least for me) right away, then I tend to put the book down. No matter how much you push your book on people, will they ever want to buy another one if it isn't good? Would they suggest a friend buy it? No. Probably not. So my advice to myself and to others is to write the best you can. Make it interesting right up front. Draw me in. Keep me in. Then when it's over, make me want to buy the next book. That to me is the best promotion there is.

As for as the media hype, it's good to have that too....For example: My romantic suspense novel I'm polishing contains hot topics such as: Flawed politicians, Economic recovery (more specifically, recovery in a battered Louisiana) and add to it a female contractor who is having a hard time in a man's industy, then a murder to solve, a ghost to put to rest, and a love interest who is her client and is off limits....okay, you get the picture.... You can see how the hot topics in this story can be played up...

So what was my tip? haha...Don't try and rush a product out there because it is a hot topic, but find the hidden hot topic in your ms, and try to promote from different angles. But most important, revise your ms until it is the best it can be...then send it out....(don't be shy, go ahead and send it!)

Just my thoughts...

Dawn Chartier
Not An Angel, (soon to get a release date, I hope!)

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