Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sola's April meeting presenters are - Candice Proctor (C S Harris), Agent Pam Ahearn & Barbara Colley

When our regular speaker had to cancel due to a conflict in her schedule, my co-program partner, Pamela Kopfler went to work right away and found a wonderful speaker or shall I say speaker(s) for Sola's April meeting. It's going to be fab!

Candace Proctor (w/a C.S. Harris), Agent Pam Ahearn, and Barbara Colley all agreed to be on a panel to discuss, WRITING A SERIES. This couldn't be better timing for me because I'm about to dive into my second book in my Vieux Carre' Witch Series. (which I'm already plotting) So thank you, Pamela!

Show up early because space is limited. April 16th @ 10:00am
For more info, click on this link:

I hope to see you there,
Dawn Chartier

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