Thursday, April 14, 2011

Writing a series....and what you like or don't like when you read them.

Do you enjoy series? I do too. I love them, but sometimes I find that after book 6 or maybe 7 I stop reading them. Am I the only reader out there that feels this way?

I don't blame the author. I think it's just because I'm bored with the character and their world. Okay, maybe it's the author. Don't know. Maybe it's my mood. I might want to read something fresh and new. I do get bored easily.

Usually this happens when it's a series surrounding one main character. (like I said around the 6th or 7th book) However, if the series has different main characters for each book, then I can usually read them all. Usually.

So, now that I'm planning my Vieux Carre' witch series, I want to make sure each book stand on their own, and have threads that are completely different, but they will still keep the same theme, and you will see each sister in all the books. But only the main character will have the camera on them, and their journey.

I can't wait until Saturday. I'll be taking notes on Barbara's, Candace's and Pam's advice. I want to know what to watch out for, like writing yourself into a corner and not being able to change things in the next book or getting stuck with something maybe you would have done differently - like not killing someone off. lol

Happy reading y'all!

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Meredith said...

I agree with series comment. I find I enjoy them more when I read all of them within a few months. It also depends on the day I've had!
Meredith Tague