Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Checking in....Update...

Hey y'all,

It's been a while, and yes of course I'm still writing. lol

So what's been happening with everyone? Good things I hope.

Me? I took a little time away from my witch novel, giving it room to breathe, then I'll pick it back up and work on it with fresh eyes. But while Buried Magic is relaxing, I started a new novella and finished writing it. I'm in the critique mode right now, it's only 20k so it won't take long. Maybe a week.

I'm also reading books again, which I neglected to do while writing Buried Magic. You gotta keep reading - that is a must.

Anyway, just wanted to shout out to my friends that I'm still alive. (a little sick with Sinus problems, but alive.)

Oh, and I'm not going to RWA this year. (boo-hoo) Yes, I'll be at Heather Graham's workshop (www.writersforneworleans.com) and yes, I'll be at Mary Buckham's one-day workshop in NOLA as well. (www.solawriters.org) Looking forward to both of those writers workshops. Oh, and don't forget the Dixie Kane writing contest is going on now. That is on the Sola website too.

Happy Summer y'all!
Not An Angel, out now!

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