Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Dream-Hunter -- My review

I just finished reading the Dream-Hunter novel by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I have to say I'm going to have to re-read it because I was half way reading her novel and half way trying to write mine.

I will say this, you have to change your Dark-Hunter mode and realize Dream-Hunters are a totally different breed. Being use to her Dark-Hunters I sort of thought they would be like them, but they are not. Was this a bad thing? No, of course not. I truly enjoyed the book and got hooked into another world of Kenyon's imagination. Geary and Arik are both very likeable characters, and the secondary characters you just know need to have their stories told as well. At least I know Kat's story will. Just remember turn off your Dark-Hunter mode and think less "Hunter" in my opinion, more of a nice guy (at least Arik was), which is not a bad thing.

Looking forward to reading her next one, in any of her series.


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