Friday, June 22, 2007

What am I working on?

Well today (or was that yesterday) I can't keep up. I sent 3 chapters and a overview of my story Genus to Lori Handeland to critique for me. (yeah I cannot believe it either) I bid on her expertise from Brenda Novak's auction and I won. I know she is a wonderful author, I just hope she's not over there laughing her head off at my attempt to write. Yes, I'm still new at this gig, and have doubts as all new writers do. No biggie!

I honestly feel GENUS is a terrific story, and a very unique story with plenty of action and twists. What I worry about is they way I venture off on a tangent without filling the reader in on what my mind is thinking.. Ever do that?? I write from the hip, and it is my biggest down fall when plotting. I hope she can give me a few tips on the first three chapters so I can hook me a editor or agent. I know I have great stories in my head, I just need to polish up my techniques on a few things that I know can be learned. It will be learned.

I also bid on a critique from Julie Kenner and won. I haven't read her stories yet, but I plan to. She is going to receive 3 chapters/synopsis on Voodoo Style, my haunted house/voodoo story. I just have to hurry up and tidy up my synopsis to send to her and that is what I'm working on right now.

I'm enjoying this writing process. Okay, I know it gets really really really hard when you receive rejection after rejection, and I'll probably ball my eyes out. Yes, I won't lie I know it is going to hurt. But, not now. At this time, I think if I get a rejection I'll try and look on the bright side of things, and say well now I can apply for PRO. Woo-Hoo, I finished an entire book.... That has to count... At least it does to me...(then I'll cry a little) I only hope that the agent/editor can say why they didn't think it fit with them. That would help...

I so can't wait for Nationals, this will be my very first. I hear you learn so much and meet so many fellow writers/publishers/agents and just everyone who loves the same things I do. Reading and writing of course!

Well, I better go back to work on that synopsis. Wish me luck.
I feel great today.

Dawn Chartier (still loving my site, thanks Chuck!)
Fantasy on the rocks!

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