Friday, June 29, 2007

3 Chapters

Well, I sent my three chapters & synopsis to Julie Kenner yesterday for critique on my story Voodoo Style. Hopefully she gives me some good pointers/advice or maybe she'll just say it's "Great" haha.. that would be nice too..

I also sent a partial out yesterday to a editor in NY. Yep, I know this NY editor is swamped & it'll be awhile before I hear anything back. The partial was GENUS. I sent it next day. Does anyone do that? I know it cost a few more bucks, but I just like knowing it got there instead of lost in the mail. Now the waiting game begins. I'm excited. I'm looking for some feedback.

If it's rejected, so be it, I'll try again. And I know editors don't have time to give everyone a letter explaining why. Too busy, I know...but I can dream can't I??? --- Anyone who sent out submissions lately, Good Luck to all of you....

Yikes, I'm getting more excited about the RWA Nationals, can't wait to meet some great ladies who like the same things I do. Reading and Writing!!!! Can't wait to meet my roomies too....


~Nothing happens unless first a dream~

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