Friday, June 1, 2007

Todays the day - Hurricane Season Starts and Fast Draft

Shhh. I'm really not supposed to be on the blog. I need to be doing my fast draft pages today. (back to that later)

(Shivers) Today is the first day of hurricane season, and yes their is a tropical depression already out there. Scary thought. Am I prepared?? Well no, not exactly. I do have a plan though. Load up my travel trailer and high tail it out of here. Okay, so I need to equip the trailer with items such as food, (important stuff) etc... but the main thing is I have a bed to sleep in this go round that is not in a dumpy cheesy dangerous motel. Now, I'm not being picky at all. I mean sleevyville motel that you see on t.v. shows where you are scared to death to sleep because gangs are right out side your door kind of dump. (thats where I was last Katrina go round). My family wasn't happy either but we have a family pet and it was the only place that took him in, and I could see why...

My plan is to get a list from our local news station and get all the necessary items as they suggest and then I'll be ready freddy. No need for a evacuation order from our mayor/parish president. I'll be long gone.

Okay back to the fast draft thing. This was started by Candace Havens, and it's called Fast Draft, you actually write a book (280 pages) in 14 days....or longer if needed, but thats the goal. 20 pages a day. I did it once (in 15 days) and it was the best feeling in the world. (thanks Candy, now fellow readers go buy her awesome books) I allowed myself to write utter crap, my internal editor was turned off and I just rode the wave that it took me on. That's how GENUS: SPECIES was created. In two weeks. Well, it took my about 6 months to revise it, but that wasn't all straight time, I took alot of time off in between that. (just so you know )....Candy also has a revision class, which I didn't take, but needed to...Next time!!

Alright, I gotta get back to my fast draft pages. Wish me luck!!

Dawn Chartier
Fantasy on the Rocks!

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